Johnny Spanish – What It Do (prod. SMKA)

Artwork: Esperanze-ATL.

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  • rockett

    This is pretty dope.. Never heard of dude.

  • victor

    Spanish the man, glad to see him on one of my favorite sites.

  • b.

    he's 2-0 for me. keep it up.

  • sayimlying

    kinda sounds like some maroon 5 bruh

  • preciate the support folk...happy holidays from the A

  • uofville

    Haha ville on the map!

  • The Savior

    my lil bruh killin it! 502 and beyond we goin 2 The Top!

  • Shawnice

    His voice reminds me of Outasight, alittle...Never heard of him, but I like!

  • Shy

    'up in the clouds' was very dope.
    Ima check this out

  • The Ceaze

    killed it homie....502 all day everyday

  • airrboii

    puttin tha ville on tha map foreal. thats some dope ass album artwork too. go cards!

  • BCutta

    Louisville on 2DB?!?!? I see you Spanish! Stand up Louisville!

  • Kuby

    This is so sick


    J Spanish sounds like MIKE POSNER off some syzurp LMFAO HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! The beat goes hard tho.

  • kid

    502 ON THE MAP

  • @sayimlyin

    he sounds like johnny spanish

  • I think Johnny Spanish is doing all these comments...This GUY ain't that GOOD ya'll niggas need to check your ears.

  • nigga go to sleep it's fo thirdy in the mornin...talkin shit n ain't brushed ur teeth yet!

  • @trifeckta it ain't 4:30 over here and wtf are you talkin' bout nigga

  • fofeckta

    trifeckta go to sleep it's fo fordy in da mornin...talkin' shit n u ain't whipe ya ass yet!

  • decent

  • averag..he could be ok but idk nigga sounds too much like macy gray...for a guy that aint good.

  • funky

  • HHL

    "kinda sounds like some maroon 5 bruh"

    LOL. Yeah it does.

  • Songs a fucking banger listen to the can't go wrong freestyle on YouTube . Dope

  • CrackMusic

    This nigga is garbage..2ddope start posting good music.

  • Whatzhappening

    This record is fiyah! Clean ya ear if you havent realize that already!!


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