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Shing Shing Regime – Queen of the Last Monarchy

blame it on Shake December 17, 2010

Something new from the Hamilton (*sigh*) representatives.

DOWNLOAD: Shing Shing Regime – Queen of the Last Monarchy

  • JaySpaceE

    This is hella smooth def worth a listen.

  • sax


  • Rece

    Omg where is this beat from? it’s killin me right now? nice ish tho for sure

  • fuego

    hamilton representatives?…….whatchu mean shake?

  • rt1011

    Great Track!! n @ Rece its a wiz khalifa track 4get the name

  • JaySpaceE

    You are thinking of “Good Dank” from “Kush and Orange Juice”

  • The_Anon

    Sounds like Statik Selectah/Reks’ ‘Big Dreamers’ sampled the same thing too.

  • SHING SHING!!!!!!

  • Hank Savage

    percee p ghetto rhyme stories madlib remix.

    but this is smooth too..that sample is crack.

  • Nagaz Champa

    Really refreshing considering all the other weak shit out.. no offense.

  • Ben

    voli used the beat too, sped up.

  • this is dope
    meka u shudnt sigh at this one did u listen to it? its dope!!

  • LandonJ

    These guys are like the Canadian Wu-Tang! I listened to their other songs on youtube. DOPE DOPE DOOOOPE!

  • breaker19

    whats the original sample? dope track!

  • Lito

    Currensy – On My Way has the same sample..

  • Lito

    and the sample is..
    Johnson, Hawkins, Tatum & Durr – You Cant Blame Me


    This is def worth the DL.. Good Music is Heaven!

  • WhatsDatFUNK

    Whats with the *sigh*?

  • Godintheflesh

    Yea break down the sigh? For realz Yo this track is crazy!! And it ain’t Hamilton it’s STEEL CITY BABY!!
    Peace to the Gods!!!

  • StiRCraZy

    Mr.Hamilton probably produced the beat…idk…wild guess