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Lil Wayne x Eminem x Saturday Night Live (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas December 19, 2010

Lil Wayne and Eminem took to the SNL stage to perform solo sets of “Won’t Back Down”, “6’7′” (above), “No Love” (w/ Lil Wayne) down bottom. Courtesy of Jose3030.

  • mai

    ight so ?

  • The Don

    SMH @ Em…that dude is just a beast wit it. #realtalk.

  • Sunlarge

    excuse me whilst I vomit




    EMINEM ? Not feelin him , but Slim Shady , I miss that guy. Aint seen him since the marshall mathers lp but he was DOPE.

  • nah_dude


  • darth vader

    oh no wayne got the v necks back on and poppin

  • Umm. . . Unknown

    What Was That Dumbass Stutter Step In The Beginning? Hahaha.

  • hmmop

    this is that eminem show type shit. yee

  • big545

    6’7 sounds much better live

  • NephewOfUncleRuckus

    What @big545 said. That guitar in the song sounds kinda nice too.

  • yeah that JUST happened

  • 32424

    somone needs to rip the 67 live song, the guitars and his raw voice is stunning
    u can hear his passion and anger still

  • corey

    Its no love (with lil wayne)

  • mmkayy

    lool ppl are bitter for no reason

  • Kapono

    the greatest rapper of all time and the over rated white boy

  • doublex

    half the time im a wayne hater but say what you want the dude preforms like a champ, he raps the entire thing himself and he puts huge effort into it, big props

  • mz.DrizzyCole

    wayne’s swag > eminem’s swag

    carter 4 !! eminem was ok to

  • 11111

    6 Foot 7 Foot (Saturday Night Live).mp3

  • Towlie

    I just had sexxxx and it felt sooooo goooood

  • 11111

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  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

    carter 4>>>>any album release of 2010 and 2011 and 2012 when the world ends believe that

  • RuanHoll

    wow dopeboyz c section real helpful sometimes 6 Foot 7 Foot (Saturday Night Live).mp3

  • LOL

    have a feeling lil wayne is going to rip apart carter 4

  • DisBro

    lol @ the fact that when wayne says make some noise no one cheers lmao!

    @REBEL slim shady is the one that made really stupid & pointless songs like ass like that, the real slim shady, without me, just lose it, we made you, and any other stupid song. your the reason real music is dying.

    @Kapono ha thats a good joke. lil wayne is far from being the greatest, in fact he is the most overrated & for some reason he appeals to the stupid ppl in this world. em overrated? how? recovery was his best album, is just cuz he talks real shit? because he doesn’t make retard music for your simple head anymore?

  • DisBro

    @mz.DrizzyCole you just showed why real music is dying, ppl just care for the swag now, not the lyrics.

  • Ryan

    wow here comes the tards — 1 . eminem and lil wayne has been doing it longer then most of ANY of ur fav rappers
    2. when u see people say over rated and stan is because there young cats dont understand 90s rap , grown up wit waka flocka and j cole, dont know where the real raw is made from
    3. ur fav rappers suck – thus eminem , ti , lil wayne had to come back and rip it like lasagna

  • The Man That Will Save The World From Destruction By The Devil Worshipping Illuminati By Exposing The Truth About Their Dark Tactics To Control Our Minds And The Fate Of The Universe AKA Robbie Maynard The III’s Second Cousins’ Friends Uncle’s Secretary

    thats a joke right?

  • The Man That Will Save The World From Destruction By The Devil Worshipping Illuminati By Exposing The Truth About Their Dark Tactics To Control Our Minds And The Fate Of The Universe AKA Robbie Maynard The III’s Second Cousins’ Friends Uncle’s Secretary

    that was to HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

  • damn how u find the live mp3 version dopeboyz be doin it
    lil wayne comin back wit the heat
    if u listened to fireflame rmx and this soong u know carter 4 will be ripped
    if u aitn from new orleans fuck u – wayne.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

    real shit all we care about is swag fuck that intellectual rap thats why j cole and jay electronica gonna flop carter 4 gonna sell a mill in the first week i put my dick on it.

  • AllOfTheLights

    “3. ur fav rappers suck – thus eminem , ti , lil wayne had to come back and rip it like lasagna
    Ryan said this on December 19th, 2010 at 2:10 am”

    my fav rappers are lupe, common & kanye, yeah those aren’t as good as them…..


    lil wayne destroyed the beat
    his wordplay , passion, diction, and subliminal silent english puns
    are something that cant be touched
    you can feel the dudes flow lyrics in ur head ,

    he came out of prision the real raw street dude
    watch Lil wayne – Behind the music on youtube
    dude is commercial but more hood then u , sorry

  • LupeFaco

    @ allof the lights

    think hes saying ….the old timers are comin back in the game to prove to the new generation of listeners ,
    common and kanye , lupe are old timers
    prob doing it as long as lil wayne eminem ti



  • What

    “tell em’ kiss my ass x and o” – Kanye West and “tell em’ kiss my ass…call it kiss and tell” – Lil Wayne

  • Kapono

    6’7″>>>>>Recovery and Relapse Combined

  • @EDDIT its not THAT hard to find tv shows online man

  • LonelyStoner

    damn wayne is already swagger-jacking… smh.


    @DisBro , Slim Shady is the funny mc with incredible rhyme schemes , that wrote the 1st and 2nd album. When Em started hangin out with 50 cent thats when he got all serious , he started wearing bullet proof vests and durags on his head. He changed his style , and we got no more songs like The 97 Bonnie n Clyde , Brain damage and Still dont give a fuck. After his 3rd album , he thinks hes a g unit soldier and his flows suck.

  • Ryan

    exactly ! nowadays i see new stuff from old dudes , dre , snoop, eminem , ti , rick ross, jay elec, method man , redman, kanye, common, eminem , wayne, crookedi,fat joe,rkelly,50 cent, currensy , lloyd banks, termonology,reks
    shit nowadays it seems everyone from the 90s makin a comeback , few upcoming new artists on the top now, wit the net its easy to climb up the ranks , jus need the talent
    thx for the live rip btw

  • whatever

    Why would you rip the live performance of this? wtf ah well

  • LonelyStoner

    fuck no! your even more stupid than mz.drizzy.

  • 32424

    6 Foot 7 Foot (Saturday Night Live).mp3

  • whatever

    umm the live version of 67 sounds raw and is heat
    guitars sound tyte
    feelin it better

  • Cpatrol23


  • Pauly d

    stans are so outrageous on this site, both the wayne and em fans… dick riding at its finest

  • the sound on the SNL video on the bottom isnt sync with the video


    But then again after the Bass Brothers stopped helping em write his songs was around the time he got worse.

  • DisBro

    @REBEL oh yeah cuz making songs that got meaning & realness makes you suck, only songs that were good from the marshall mathers lp are stan, the way i am, marshall mathers, then he started making a few more better songs like soldier, cleaning out my closet, sing for the moment, till i collapse, mosh, like a toy soldier, mockingbird, when i’m gone, beautiful, almost the whole recovery album.

    but noooooo you want songs like we made you, crack a bottle, real slim shady, fack, my name is, remember me, ect

  • factor max

    young tunechi or young tuna fish? is this over my head or as stupid as i think it is?

  • KillaBH

    its over your head factor max


    Anybody who reads my comments knows im all about songs with substance. Im not talkin about the meaning of his songs , im talking about his rhyme scheme and his wordplay. Not the contents of his songs. you cant hear the difference from then to now ?

  • charlie the uniporn

    A hamburger with cheese is a cheeseburger replacing the ham in hamburger but there is no ham since it’s usually beef and the name came from Hamburg but also it’s called a burger so maybe adding the cheese on front is OK and saying cheesehamburger is long and stupid and cheeser sounds like some kind of wanker so that’s no good either. Run on sentence. That was a fragment but this isn’t. Anyway, what if we called them a “hammy-B” and a “cheesy-B”, or a “chee-bee”, that works too. Maybe we should all just eat soup. Hamburger soup. Bwa-ha-ha-ha-haaaaa.

  • DisBro

    @REBEL your just the reason why hip hop is dying, great job.


    In all the songs you named , none of them had what everybody liked about Em and what made him different in the 1st place. Humor.


    @Disbro , Obviously you are new to what ive posed on this site , and really ive dropped enough jewels on 2dopeboyz to keep Hip hop alive and well. You should go back and read some. Then tell me my knowledge on Hip hop , cause I know it backwards and forward since it started.

  • DisBro

    @REBEL its just easy to say you like dumbed down shit, i bet you think drake/wayne are good artist too, moron. you don’t know shit about hip-hop.

  • Matty C

    lol @ the old dude on the keyboards on the right


    @Disbro , Yes like millions of other people I think Drake and Wayne are good artist. Based on your last statement , I can tell you must be stan from Ems 2nd album. I thought you died already but since your still alive. Dont be mad cause Em is weak now , both Drake and Wayne are doing better then him nowadays. Clown

  • charlie the uniporn

    you should see that old dude on the right spazzing out during no love lmao.

  • That old dude is spazzing the fuck out on the keyboard aiight my nigga i see you son



  • DisBro

    @REBEL i’ve been listening to em since he started, & if i was a stan, would i be having this argument with you? no moron. & thank you for proving my statement that you know NOTHING about real hip-hop. how much do you wanna bet that your white.


    @ no im not white but you sure sound like you are… Im black and em aint even in my top 25 rappers list. Sorry

  • hmm..

    What does being white have to do with anything? Consider your credibility gone. Bringing in racial bullshit cause you can’t argue shows your ignorance. lol…

  • B.pumper>>>>>M&M & every other rapper dead or alive

  • DisBro

    @REBEL mhmm, how much you wanna bet thats bullshit. & i sound like i am? how can i sound like i am through the computer? & of course you don’t have em in your 25, because you put untalented ppl like wayne, drake, tyga, nicki, gucci, waka, ross, jeezy, mike jones, and any other crap rapper with music for the stupid ahead of him.

  • IJustHadSex



    @Disbro , nope none of those people are on my top 25 list. The 1st three – JAYZ NAS and BIGGIE… Try again

  • KennyD


  • Love ’em both. Em stays spittin’ heat, and Wayne being sober might serve him well. he seems fresher on stage than before

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Wayne looks like the predator lol


    The argument is about whats better , Eminems old flow or the one hes used on his last three albums ? Dont try to change the subject to race or personal attacks. If you think he raps better now then his first 2 albums then just say so.

  • DisBro

    @REBEL Sure, you just say that cuz you don’t wanna embarrass yourself. btw way you already fucked up with your top 3. i bet i can’t find more than ten flaws in your top 25.

  • KennyD

    Eminems flow on his first 2 albums are better it was more graphic it was like a Nas mixed with a old school 50 Cent story telling but also graphic

  • DisBro

    @REBEL then if i’m a ‘stan’ i still wouldn’t give a shit. just get off the website

  • DisBro

    i meant can for the flaws thing.


    Jayz , Nas , Biggie , Ice cube , Tupac and Krs one. Please tell me the flaws in my opinion ? And thank you Kenny D , even though Em just did his thing on SNL , he aint the same. But if Disbro can find flaws in my Top 6 , id love to hear them. Lets go

  • DisBro

    well first of all, no rakim in top 6, 2nd & 3rd you got jay z above nas & nas above biggie, 4th you got ice cube in top 6, 5th you ice cube above tupac, 6th you got krs-1 as 6, 7th you got krs behind jay, tupac, & ice cube. that was your top 6, & i got 7 flaws, oh god i don’t even want to see your top 20.

  • T.

    lol at all of you getting heated arguing with each other but i must agree with @REBEL. This new eminem we’ve been seeing isn’t that great. sure he’s made a catchy song or 2 for the radio to blow up that are actually pretty mediocre but all he talks about is emo shit like complaining about his relationships and shit he’s fucked up. in my opinion he should’ve just gave up rapping after his whole drug habit thing. The problem most rappers have is knowing when they’ve reached their peak and knowing when to give it up.


    @Disbro , like I said its MY opinion on the top 6 , so there is no right or wrong but based on stats and consistency JAYZ is the G.O.A.T and as far as your Eminem thing… Most people would agree I won that and they would love to hear the Slim shady flow again that was funny. Nas is 2nd because of the impact ILLMATIC had on MY life. Biggie is third because hes just dope as fuck. Anyway your comeback needs better reasons then the order of my lists.

  • Mr Xclusive

    Wayne killed it. END OF STORY


    @ T , Thank you. And not to mention the durag faze em went threw and his bullet proof vest and unloaded gun he carried. That just made things worse. And im not mad , im chillin right now havin a good time with this debate.

  • Toru

    I love both rappers, but to all the people sayin Em fell off, nah, he’s always been a subpar live performer. Doesn’t really make a different to the fact he is a living legend. For example, Xzibit and David Banner are two of the dopest live acts, but that doesn’t make them legends. And some of the most disappointing performers (Jay, Em, Nas) are still GOAT’s.


    @Toru , whats up , your opinion is cool but Jay z just signed a 150 million dollar deal with a live show performance company. So he cant be that bad. 2nd @Disbro where you at ? 3rd if you aint download the mobb deep mixtape earlier , you need to its dope.




  • mz.DrizzyCole

    @rebel i agree with all of your comments

  • KennyD

    DING DING DING Round is over @Rebel wins lool i agree with him,.

  • mzmz.DrizzyCole

    senate = disbro get a life


    Yall got me crackin up , have a good weekend !!! GNITE

  • 11111

    Joell Ortiz – Finish What You Start (feat. Royce Da 5’9) – DOPEHOOD.COM.mp3
    Joell Ortiz – Finish What You Start (feat. Royce Da 5’9) – DOPEHOOD.COM.mp3

  • @mzmz.DrizzyCole naw i def. ain’t that nigga i’m just stating a fact based on the other c-sections Rebel stays getting hated on. But yes Rebel did Ether disbro

  • Aj

    The best Lil Wayne song is such a long time with great lyrics too

    Eminem ripped it we all are just used too Won’t back down now – need some new sh*ttt that goes lyrical like WBD

    Carter 4 going to be amazing hoping for another Em collab

  • Couldnt anybody rip these vids and post them separately? my internet is not the fastest and it fucked up all the performance for me. it was literally 1 frame/3 seconds

  • mmkayy

    loool u all sound like a bunch of idiots esp REBEL…..

    when did all the retards from rapradar find their way here SMH

  • Sha

    niggaz on here iz hilarious

  • nobodyknows


  • Yo !

    This is the moment for #OriginalSunday,
    I Offer an Original and Cool, Instrumental, or a other thing every Sunday

    Click on my name ! thks everybody


  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    the greatest rapper of all time and the over rated white boy

    Kapono said this on December 19th, 2010 at 1:52 am

    ^^^^^ Of All Time!?!???!!?!? Hope You Gon Off A Four Loko, You should be ban for life talkin bout hip hop nd this site *facepalme*

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    And for ppl talkin bout wayne give the “best” live performances, Have you seen Kanye, Cudi, Lupe, Or even a rick band live?? Gtfoh.

  • weezy ripped it C4 gona kill it. imma buy it the second it comes out

  • Ry

    Well if nothing else this performance = “F! The System” cause I’m almost positive Wanye was puffing on some major smoke with the SNL cast and Eminem is well… Eminem… therefore, choke on that conservative America. Haaa!! Young Money!!

  • Decapitatah

    All y’all on here are retarded lmao

  • What..

    EM is playbacking..=|

  • hey

    anyone know what vans wayne is wearing??


    i love cock in my mouth


    ^^^there you go again you fake rebel people dont pay attention to him! i have so many haters here, means Im doing something right imma keep blogging haters!

  • TE

    Am i the only one who is bored of this clowns raps, his content is sooo played out, all he raps about is how his lifes a bitch, pussy and weed. STALE. And eminem miming in every live performance he does is an absolute FAIL for ‘hip-hop’.


    ^^^fuck you faker stop it already you are weak with your responses. The fact that im the c-section king makes you pissed huh? eat it then


    some people just come on here to hate on me, ignore the fake rebels above me. I listen to eminems music everyday even when i have sex i listen to lose yourself cause I know it’s my last chance and my only cum shot at success

  • DragonBalls

    smh….these fake rebels above me the guy just does not have a life! get a life poo poo!


    haters hate…I know some people are mad cause my opinions on here is the truth…I live that lavish c-sextion life bitch….you aint on my level….people wanna hate it means im doing sth right….I’mma keep living that online life so that you hate bitches! better get on ya job!

  • Ghettoblaster

    You notice all the black people got hypped when em left and wayne got on. They started bouncing n shit

    CARTER 4

  • eBagatron

    @REBEL (the real one) just go to gravatar.com and you can link a pic to your email, so people can see when it’s REALLY you and when it’s the lame-ass fakes. I had to do it, but it does the job quite nicely if I might say so myself.
    and to all the Wayne and Em haters out there, just know that you are stupid as shit and in the MINORITY as well. I don’t care if Lupe and Nas are your favorites, go listen to them then. I like Lupe and Nas as well, does that mean I get pissy cause Wayne and Em can outsell every artist in the game? There’s a lot more to rapping and hip-hop then just lyrics, try and learn something about that simple fact before posting your nonsense. Orrr don’t, and just go bump your shit to yourself and shut the fuck up. Peace.

  • Hibachi Heat

    Wayne should really stop messing with his voice too much while editing his records. I can’t stand the cdq version of 6’7′, but this video version is easier on my ears because Wayne’s voice doesn’t sound like a prepubescent boy’s.

    Also LOL at the guy on the piano during No Love. He was probably paid a whole bunch to stand there and act like he enjoyed it haha

  • AMP


  • Tight band and good performances.

  • eBagatron

    i love rebels cock all in my face.

  • eBagatron

    btw i like pop music! Drake<3

  • S.

    I know im gonnna get owned for asking this, but what jacket is eminem wearing? its fucking dope i want one. any help?

  • whoahyourblackyoumustlikebetterhiphopthanmeexcusemeimgoingtorollaroundtosomegangstarrrightnowmaybeillpullupnexttoabunchofblackpeoplelisteningtoplies

    I’ve been trying to think of a rebuttal to “thank you for proving my statement that you know NOTHING about real hip-hop. how much do you wanna bet that your white.” but its just so ridiculous.

    The best thing I can say is that when I went to Rock the Bells all I saw were white people.
    If white people know so little about hip hop why were they the ones trying to see Tribe, Rakim, Wu-Tang, MURS, and Slick Rick?
    If black people know so much about hip hop why is it that Gucci and Waka Flocka are played more than any other artist?

    Your ignorance and your racism is showing.

  • red

    There’s a lot more to rapping and hip-hop then just lyrics, try and learn something about that simple fact before posting your nonsense.

    Thank you. Purists need to learn how to enjoy themselves. They hide from anything mainstream and anything that isn’t super deep as if you can’t listen to both.
    It’s like believing that you can’t like action movies and horror movies at the same time.
    Over the course of today I’ll probably be listening to ScienZe, Wiz Khalifa, Bassnectar, Kanye West, and Blu.
    It’s about being well-rounded people…

  • Hetallica

    A woman let me put my penis inside her!!!!!!!

  • LupeFaco

    Filename: 6 Foot 7 Foot (Saturday Night Live).mp3
    Size: 2.9 Mb (3088326 bytes) Report abuse
    Uploaded on: 2010-12-19 01:59:36
    Page Viewed: 103 times


  • I haven’t been feeling lil wayne or eminem at all recently but they both beast in this performance…

  • eBagatron

    @the fake eBagatron – obviously you didn’t see the gravatar portion of my comment, why to be a try-hard anyways kid. Glad I can count on my posts to give you that bitter beer face.

    @red – exactly. My iTunes library is all over the place. I hit shuffle and one song is Aes Rock, then next one could be K. Lamar, then some Wayne, Nas, Yeezy, Slug, Blu, Grouch, Busta, etc… the list goes on. It’s these damn new-school hipster-hoppers that have this “your opinion sucks cause it doesn’t match mine” disorder. Sad way to go through life, being a hater and all.

  • eBagatron

    Way to be* ^

  • mazoomy

    Quick question for the people saying that stats make Jay the best of all time (i.e. REBEL in this post). Which stat would that be? From what I know the only thing he’s the greatest rapper in is dropping number one albums. They didn’t sell extraordinarily well, he got ethered, he got renegaded, he wasn’t better than Biggie, there are artists with better deliveries and/or better lyrics, more meaningful lyrics, better beats, etc.

    I’m just really curious because I don’t see where the major hype comes from. Don’t get me wrong I think he’s great, but I don’t understand what would make anyone think he’s the greatest ever.

  • Colgate!

    Lupe >
    Blu >
    Biggie >
    Pac >
    J. Cole >
    Kanye >
    Jay >
    Em >
    Jay Elect >

    All dem betta than wayne, By Lightyears

  • asdasd

    6’7′ sounds garbage on mp3 but dope in live wtf

  • red


    I don’t think Jay is the greatest of all time either but I understand his appeal and why some people would say that.
    Jay gives off an aura of being in control.

    He’s not my favorite, or even in my top 5, but I understand where people are coming from saying he’s the goat.

  • realhiphophead


  • Why do people in this comment section use incorrect grammar so often? But anyway, This performance is tight. Even though I feel Wayne’s verses aren’t incredibly impressive, I appreciate that there is rap in the Billboard Top 100 that relies solely on lyrics. Wayne had no hook and he went well over the 32 bar limit. He’s the only rapper who can get away with it too, people are very attracted to his voice and delivery. So pop lovers could enjoy a fun jumpy song and underground hip hop heads still get there extra lyrical fix, right?

  • orangec+unty

    haha damn that played out exactly how i knew it would. real recognize real.

  • Cant believe I missed this!

    But make sure you don’t miss my interview with Blood Raw on the Enigma Sept Hour tonight at 8 pm EST – -http://tobtr.com/s/1421610

    R U Not Entertained?!!

  • doublex

    cosign @Jeph Barthold and the statements about diversity, i have everything on my itunes from mainstream rap to real hip hop to reggea to rock to punk to techno to motown to house, and @Jeph Barthold theres some more incorrect grammer for you lol


    WOW !!!! I can not believe so many people would pretend to be me. Im just now gettin back on this section and im really disappointed at the lack of maturity on this site. The comments I make are just my opinion and I make then with a certain intelligence level and a respect level. So I dont understand whats the glory in pretending to be someone else. Please stop. 2nd @mazoomy , If you dont think Jay z is the greatest , thats cool. Him being the G.O.A.T is just how I feel , hes been in the game for 15 years and has dropped dope shit everywhere. Anybody who thinks someone one is better them Jayz is goin up against one of the most impressive catalogs in music. IM just sayin….. The REALLY REAL REBEL.


    ^^^ 2nd The last post I made was the one above and the one where I said -Have a good weekend GNITE. Im trying to get a picture link , so people know its me. See you soon to the real Hip Hop Heads.


    ^another faker. They are getting good at this point. I wonder who has enough time in their life to sit behind a computer and come up with essay to convince other people they are me? thats crazy. I’m outta here


    ^^^ Im bout to take care of this problem and then im gonna take care of fake cats like you….

  • insertnamehere

    Wtf at these faggots sayin these 2 the best alive
    Kool g raps alive
    Rakim is
    Nas is too
    Commons alive
    Mf doom
    Krs one
    All alive and I can name tons more


    Testing pic…


    /Users/jasonturner/Desktop/Photo 13.jpg


    @REBEL dude fuck you for uploading your gravatar pic nigga! now I cant have proper fun…fuck you nigga! go smoke on my dick

  • hahah

    hahahahaha REBELS name is Jason Turner!!!






    Yes just like about ten thousand other people in the world , thats my name. Have fun with it but wont make any difference.


    Damn now you stole my pic , wow… you guys must want to be me hella bad , thats crazy. Im out.. Be back later.


    Yeah just because I’m Jason Turner AKA REBEL doesn’t mean I DON’T like dudes… cause maybe I do?


    @ The fake rebel , I think you really do like men cause you have been hangin on my every word for days now and seriously thats gay.

  • smiffl

    wow. these niggas is crazy. that’s all i can say

  • eBagatron

    @REBEL – you’re welcome with the gravatar plug. Haha. Glad you got it workin’


    @eBagatron , Thanx and dont worry youll hear from me again but im not responding to anymore fakes. When theres another debate goin on worth my attention , ill be back. Until then im out cause its like 3 fake rebels goin around but I know most people can tell the difference so im done talkin to the wannabees. Be back later….. The real.

  • stans

  • bstyles

    its all hype….i’d like some real music please.


    I hate the users on this site more than the plague. Mekka? Shake? Could you please add a feature so I can just hide the comments and am never tempted to scroll down and read the mentally challenged posts of 99% of your user base? Please? I said Please! Thanks.

  • most retarded post ever

    REBEL just dnt respond this ish went on forever!!

  • Rezah

    Liked Wayne’s performance even though I’m not a big fan of his. Eminem did his thing. Band was on point.

  • blair

    this site is far above the douchebaggery going on above. @REBEL I know you’re legit, you’ve been posting on here forever. It’s a shame that people can’t just comment on the music. You people seriously have to grow up. It’s not funny. It’s dumb. Take care of this wackness Shake + Meka…+Peas.


    blair, you don’t fucking know me, hence you don’t know if I’m “legit” or not. You define know-it-all.


    @^^^^blair , I didnt say that…


    I decided to take my gravatar off to distinguish myself from the faker.The real rebel does NOT have a pic now. ^^^ these 2 above me are fake. dont pay them any attention..

  • TKO

    Look whoever the dumbass is , almost everthing that Rebel really says is a good read and has a positive message in it. You just say whatever you think will make him upset. Your a clown , go do somethin with your life.

  • DJ-ON

    Wow @ all the idiots stating their opinion is fact. Also wow at all the people calling Kanye and Lupe old school. OLD SCHOOL? You just get off the school bus or somethin? NWA is old school, Nas is old school, A Tribe is old school. This is why new rap sucks. Not even hip hop, but bubblegum lollipop music. It’s easier to like a song if you don’t have to think.

  • Tha Carter IV > Recovery & Relapse combined

  • eminem is so fuckin enterainin…

  • The best thing I can say is that when I went to Rock the Bells all I saw were white people.
    If white people know so little about hip hop why were they the ones trying to see Tribe, Rakim, Wu-Tang, MURS, and Slick Rick?
    If black people know so much about hip hop why is it that Gucci and Waka Flocka are played more than any other artist?

    Your ignorance and your racism is showing.

    whoahyourblackyoumustlikebetterhiphopthanmeexcusemeimgoingtorollaroundtosomegangstarrrightnowmaybeillpullupnexttoabunchofblackpeoplelisteningtoplies said this on December 19th, 2010 at 1:38 pm

    Co-FUCKING Sign.

  • mazoomy

    Thanks for giving me an answer people. I can get that he gives an aura of being in control and he definitely has a great track record. I just never understood what made him appeal to so many as the greatest of all time and I had been asking in a few posts I think. His presence and boss-like aura are a great answer though because I can really see the appeal there.

    On topic though, that 6’7′ live was lightyears better than the one released. I could actually bear to listen to it whereas the other one was far too annoying.

  • Pauly Dee

    Eminem is the only one of the two who makes meaningful songs, sure he has made terrible,commercialized songs, but that was because he was on drugs. Saying Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive is a serious overstatement. Although, his performance was beast and, I’ll admit, better than Em’s, he will NEVER be better than Eminem.
    That said, I await Lil Wayne’s next album,especially seeing as “I am Not A Human Being” was overall trashy.
    Eminem > Lil Wayne

  • Noise. Plus, what stage presence instruction booklet are these niggas reading from. Em, Drake, Jay-Z, Wayne, Lupe… The list goes on. They all move the exact same way on stage. It’s silly.

  • DisBro

    jason turner, white ass name. i win the argument. Lil wayne is garbage & em is better than slim shady. case closed


    @Disbro , aka RAZ B pt2


    ^^^^Fuck this shit, I’m back and done with all your fake ass bitches! I WON’T TAKE THIS ANY MORE, I swear to god, if you bitches post anymore post with my name in it, imma find you, track your ip down, then meet you face to face and BEAT THE SHIT OUTTA YOU

  • A cool blog post there mate . Thank you for it .

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