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Paris Jones – Pop A Bottle (rmx) f. Young Rell, Nitty Scott, MC, Nike Nando, Thr33zy McFly, Qwality, Like (of Pac Div) & Uness

blame it on Meka December 19, 2010

Yo California: what’s wrong with your urban radio stations? Seriously, this shit’s disheartening now. Anyways, West Coast artist Paris Jones grabs a truckload of artists for the remix to his single.

DOWNLOAD: Paris Jones – Pop A Bottle (rmx) f. Young Rell, Nitty Scott, MC, Nike Nando, Thr33zy McFly, Qwality, Like (of Pac Div) & Uness | US

  • jpot

    west coast in this

  • 2dopeboyz finally showing Paris Jones some love

  • pre

    ^^^^yeeeee….. also mediafire > usershare

  • DMV


  • weeny


  • triple j

    who’s the dude biting j cole at the end??

  • PhrayzerMusic

    yea Paris Jones should start getting usual posts on here, hes good, also a good producer.

  • Meka Is Loosing L.A. Points..

    So Meka comes home and starts putting LA on blast about our radio stations as if that has anything to do with the quality of Los Angeles music??…Radio is a Machine controlled by $$$$$…not a measurement of real talent….We stopped listening to the radio years ago which is why our new sound is the freshest/creative sh*t out…No one enjoys the family member that comes home for the holidays and talks sh*t about being home…Rep L.A. correctly Mek…We Are Watching…………

  • BAM93

    @triple j Sounds like he’s biting Wale more than J. Cole.

  • theedopeshow

    if you are talking about power 106… blame dj e-man for doing his job with the clear channel… he would take it up the butt also…

  • fucktheclearchannel

    LA radio just got the worst of media consolidation cause of its vicinity being so close to corporate Hollywood streamlining. It’s a shame cause this area has too many dope cats out here who will never enjoy the commercial success of say..toot it n boot it. SMFH

  • Doc Holiday

    SMH at trolls on here. Nigga at the end is actually spittin that real sh– and now he’s Cole or wale? Hahaha dude don’t even sound like any of them but since he’s actually talkin bout somethin he bitin?! Hahaha kill yo’selves for that. Song is pretty dope.

  • Teddy

    LA radio is fuckin up though. I mean I know they know who’s poppin right now, but their not taking any chances on that. Now see in the South they can play South shit. But in LA I heard the DJ’s there arent even from LA.

    But then again you really cant expect them to support them. Now if they people of LA start demanding these guys then most definitely they will comply. Music is business and they are not going to miss out on a business opportunity. Money is the motive. Thats why Pac Div is big. Now Pac Div should have radio. They are signed, they’ve been on tv. They are the biggest act coming out on the West Coast. I know half the population in LA know or have heard of them.

  • wow

    Wow, it’s they’re not their. It’s also losing and not loosing. Fucking idiots.

  • D. HOliday

    I don’t understand how he is bitin J.Cole or Wale? Cause he talkin bout somethin positive/political issues? His flow and delivery doesn’t sound like them. So he talks bout that real… he’s bitin?! SMH at you fools.

  • beat sound kanye/40 inspired.

  • hmmop

    beat kinda reminds me of imagine by dr dre and snoop dogg

  • hmm

    well this song is just terrible. last dude was biting cole too he just isn’t very good at rapping.

  • KennyD

    At the beginning i keep thinking G.O.O.D Friday is gonna play lol

  • KennyD


  • I feel good to have helped with this song.

  • Ignorant Genius

    Damn, they got all the mediocre Cali niggas on one track…

  • ZoomZoom


  • Are you serious with this? Gtfo…buncha muhfuckas on a track ain’t gonna make it good. You talking bout dude bitin’ J. Cole…fuck that, this nigga got Drake down pat, except his voice is different.


    This is your freind Rebel , anybody know how I can get my pic in that little box in the corner , so people no when its really me ? I would appreciate it…

  • LA

    This remix was bomb, f the small talk!
    and the person rapping at the end is Paris Jones and he does not sound like Jcole nor Drake.
    Haters are always quick to compare, just stfu and enjoy.

  • Eagles

    Thr33zy and Like killed that..

  • MoneyMay

    These clown ass niggas always want to compare people. Either you don’t listen to music or you are deaf how the hell does homeboy sound like Wale, Cole, or Drake?! Flow and delivery is completely different. First dude, Like of Pac Div, that singer, and the last dude did the damn thing.

  • MH

    I stopped listening to the radio out here in LA years ago man..

  • T_G_O_D

    Better than most songs out there at the moment. Needs to get signed asap!

  • Oh, btw, I wasn’t talking about the last dude sounding like Drake or J. Cole, for that matter. Talking about first dude.

  • anyone been rappin hit me up for colab LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

  • This song is ok, but I think “Paris Jones – Winter” or “F.A.F” is better.

    As for the J.Cole, Wale, or Drake comparisons. I feel most of you who are trying to break down anyones flow are like NBA Analyst who have never played college or pro ball.

    Most of you don’t rap, work in music, or study the craft of lyricism. Most if not all of you don’t even know what an “adianoeta” is (go google it now and respond with the definition so you can seem smart).

    You have some knowledge, but you don’t have the practical experience that would allow you to make an educated statement.

    That doesn’t mean you don’t know a trash song from a good song. Not at all.

    What it does mean is that most of you don’t have the knowledge of the craft to talk about anyones flow.

    Any comment on the content is valid by all. But if your not a rapper, songwriter, or a student of lyricism please shut the fuck up and just say if just say if the song and lyrical content(Didn’t Say Flow) is shit or not.

    As of right now, no one commenting on the formula of Paris flow can agree if it’s J.Cole, Wale, or Drake. Which means

    A. One of you is right and the rest are stupid. (Which one is right? Which ones are stupid?)


    B. Maybe the flow is a mixture of all three making it an evolution and by definition, something new.

    Just my opinion.

    Each member of our culture would benefit from the study and application of lyricism. I recommend you do so.

    If you’re going to comment on someones flow. Please post a link to a song you’ve either written, rapped on, or both so we can listen and see if your opinion even matters.

  • Terence.

    song was kind of wack. wale’s wack. back to bumping #KILLER.

  • Ojandkush24

    @Youngblackgod 100% true but also remember I’ve noticed that about 75% of blog comentators have an agenda they all have there favorite artist and side with them no matter what so that whenever they hear something good there first instinct is to compare it to something or someone. It’s actually really funny everybodys a cridic and everybodys an exspert on “hip-hop” nowdays it just a shame they exspress themselves on sites like this this where 90% of the post are quality hip hop when they should be posting these brash and outlandish comments on there local radio station blog or website facebook, Twitter, then maybe we can all make a difference. I’m all for good music let’s not waste time and down grade real music no more please

  • Ace

    young_black_god shut up with that “adianoeta” shit. You should have just said “double entendre” instead of forcing the less known term to make people feel dumb.

  • Shy

    Dont let the aweful radio stations fool you.
    the true LA sound >>>>

  • mz.DrizzyCole

    this nigga sang drake’s hook from november 18 wtf !!!

  • mz.DrizzyCole

    oh nvm he said “i switch it like drizzy so she can hear me sing”

  • mr.2dope

    wow this song is dope makes me wanna look up Paris Jones

  • wtfcentral

    im kinda tired of everyone rapping like drake….using that elongated last syllable at the end of lines and singing it in a key. then saying…..”yeah” in between lines. like jeez…..shit is beyond wack when folks bite like that….oh im sorry…”become influenced”. can we please start being honest, this shit is kinda wack….none of these niggas are believable, and thats what really grinds my gears.

  • wtfcentral

    and further more….this shit is biting the fuck out of Miss Me by Drake, and Deuces remix with all these fuckin features on it. LMAO lame.

  • wtfcentral

    and [email protected] talking “real” shit at the end….

    hes saying the same cliche shit that everyone says thats a cheap attempt at some “real” shit. read a book first, study, then speak on some REAL shit. dont just say the same shit thats been said. niggas still talkin about the katrina levees and slavery but no ones speakin on the other shit thats going on right now….fuckin hip hop….i swear.


    I think this song is Dope , even though they used the good friday beat. As far as the content , I like it. Yes the levees in katrina is a old topic but those type of government cover ups happen alot all over the world. As far as slavery being over , thats a matter of opinion. The number of slaves in the south during that time period is just over the number of incarcerated slaves in the prison system today. The government still makes millions of dollars off their labor. This song is dope though.

  • d easy

    LMAO at wannabe this i wanna look smart dude saying adianoeta like hes so smart when any real hip hop head would call it a double entendre

  • d easy

    LMAO at me, that sentence made no sense. self-ether

  • ButNowWhat

    nobody listens to the radio

  • Teddy

    Any way the only 2 big acts on this track that nobody can really shit about is…

    Like from Pac Div


    Nitty Scott MC.

    The rest of them, no one really cares about like that. Yea they got a buzz, but really who cares. Pac Div is huge act. Nitty Scott has been on MTV2 Sucka Free just based on a freestyle. So no matter what anybody say this song was just a track to help the other mothafuckas out. Like and Nitty Scott are the only 2 mothafuckas people wanted to hear. Without them this wouldnt have 47 comments. (And counting)

    Threezy is like the only other rapper people actually wanted to hear. But other than that. Nobody cares about the rest of them.

  • LN

    This bites alot. The autotune Drake sounding part did the vocal line from November 18th. I don’t know whether or not Drake bit that from something else though. Song is a everywhere though. Weird structure.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    First dude bites Drake/Waynes flow. Nitty didn’t say anything. Ilike the beat tho.

  • be on the look out for that paris n kid nova collabo

  • YUP!

    This is a great track!

  • gosh he sampled good friday..its supposed to remind u *sigh
    good track like the way how they sampled it!

  • face

    who? never heard of any of these so called “artists” yall stay wit some nonos on this site

  • rayfred

    this is my first hearing this dude the song is fresh i wish i knew who was who

  • The Coon

    Thumbs up to @MekaIsLoosingL.A.Points.. statement. Shit didnt get this way overnight.

  • van city

    good song but its just a bunch of drake / kanye ideas put together

  • I think the first dude was nice and I like the way he “big Up” Drake by putting his name in there and switching up the Nov 18th line. I think Super Nike Nando Part and the beat was nice transition behind him. I also like ” Like (Pac/div) ” I think he had the strongest verse on there. Overall, well put together artist and producer.

  • Dave

    Nobody ever shows love to upcoming artist until they get on, You people say this but I guarantee if this was the deuces remix lineup and they rapped the same bars, yall would be on they dicks for what they said. Big Ups To Paris Jones and everybody on this for being “So Ambitious”

  • kila

    Young Rell aka Young Tower was the first dude on the track, that nigga is nice,Rapper/Singer and been doing it prof since 02 go google that nigga you’ll find out. I realized that if niggas can spit or have something that you dont have, ur gonna hate already cause you want it or you don’t like change. To say that anyone of these niggas sound like any major artist is jus a reflection of good music in the making. Paris Jones is the producer I believe, and he murdered the beat hands down, who cares about a sampler, ,Kanye whole career is samplers, Black people trip me out when they hate on each other over another person pursuing their dreams,gtfoh

  • Milly

    I can dig it, yall made is sound easy.

  • Paris Jones is next !!!!


    This song has so much soul in it , im feelin this even more now that I listen to it again. I know I be sayin Nitty is dope , but its like the sound of her voice is so real to me. Its like a kid that just learned how to ride a bike without training wheels or somethin. When she raps I believe her , especially that song she got called I LOVE MY LIFE. Anyway this songs dope. Sidenote – that song Jon Conor dropped yesterday with Saigon and Cons was Dope too.

  • Boi

    Who goes in at 2:29?

  • Boi

    Better yet what is the verse order?

  • KingDee

    So this song is art, the beat is so intricate if anyone says this song is Terrible ur an idiot and u need to go re-evaluate ur existence, just off the beat u can ride to it, and I didn’t even get to the verses.. I thought everybody came with it. Paris Nice to see you on 2dopeboyz FINALLY I don’t know what too them so long. Like you did ur thing, Nike Nanado the delivery was nice. Uness the vocals were on point u and Paris really added emotion to the track…I said before and I’ll say it again everybody came wit it.. G.O.O.D Ass Job

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