The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex f. Akon (Video)

blame it on Shake December 19, 2010

Not as good as I’m On A Boat (imo) but it still does the job haha. Double points for the Jessica Alba inclusion too.

PURCHASE: The Lonely Island – I Just Had Sex f. Akon

  • polish.czar


  • blackadon

    only like 13 year olds find these dudes funny

  • ev

    better rhymes than nicki minaj.

  • Sussy


  • Juice

    Blackadon isn’t getting enough sex.

  • you would

  • frog


  • AreMac

    hilarious. awesome.

  • GQ

    I didn’t much like “I’m On a Boat”, it was just random. This one is mad funny though, a feeling we can all relate to.

  • bzo

    yo fuck jessica alba shake.. those dudes got john mcenroe in that shit!!

  • the third ear

    @bzo watch your mouth..Jessica Alba is an angel!

  • someguy

    blake lively > jessica alba

  • Do people really think this is funny?

  • LN

    Akon is funny in any song. So yes, people do.

  • They’ve had BETTER ones than “I’m On a Boat” that one isn’t that good either #RealTalk

  • GR

    Blake Lively, Jessica Alba…two of the hottest.

    I can’t complain

  • akonfan69

    @LN lmao

  • Byaahman

    If I had sex with Jessica Alba I’d be singing about it from the
    rooftops too

  • killa

    lol its funny but not funny at the same time… kinda wack concept
    im on the boat was better to me imo

  • There are very few things in this world better than I’m On A Boat. This was mildly amusing.

  • shchief17

    Their song Like A Boss is the funniest imo.

  • And Won

    I’m sorry that the haters exist but this shit is mad amusing. Stop hating fagots hahaha.

  • T-Wayne09

    lol she might be a racist

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    *[email protected] Jessica Alba being in the KKK lol

  • basedgodisrealgod

    akon killed it. . . legendary. . . #based


    dude had sparklers? *DEAD.COM*

  • mmkayy

    didn’t much like “I’m On a Boat”, it was just random. This one is mad funny though, a feeling we can all relate to.

    GQ said this on December 19th, 2010 at 10:31 pm

    ^watta idiot………whole point RANDOM FUNNY SHIT

  • bucknasty

    dick in a box >>>>

    *the song

  • i mean…this is good…and “I’m On A Boat” is great…but “Like A Boss” & “Chex Mix” win, hands down. and with it being Christmas time, you best believe i’m singing “Dick In A Box” to these women out’chea…lol

  • @Lyriciss <<< co-sign my nigga

  • Don’t worry about it

    I need to hear this in the club.

  • Can this site get any cheesier? . . .

  • hmmop

    i think the haters are prolly the ones that can’t relate. smh

  • this shit had me rollin’. These dudes are fools

  • Good concept, but they screwed up with the whole fact that they didn’t rhyme half the time. Seriously, it sounds horrible when you can’t even get simple lines to rhyme. When you purposefully make it stupid and not rhyming, it sounds as bad as you intend for it. Wasted effort.

  • stillmatic

    yooo…this shit funny lol Akon killed that hook haha

  • sneakaholic011

    no rhyming, bad concept, not funny enough.. whateverrr
    haters gonna hate.
    i thought this was HILARIOUS

  • triple j

    stupid niggas on this site… smh..

    the whole point is that it didn’t rhyme!!!!

  • kennywest


    Agreed Jessica Alba is crazy overrated and Blake Lively is crazy underrated.

  • Speed

    seriously. laugh a little. they are making videos having a great time and you’re bitching at home. hate all you want, I’m fairly certain you won’t be making a music vid with jessica alba anytime soon.

  • nOF

    So annoying.

  • demise

    when you see jessica alba out and about though you’d eat your words. she is flawless

  • DatGuy

    “Still Count.” LMAO

  • varejao

    whats more annoying,, the clowns that made this video or the guys who come in with the generic “HATERS GONNA HATE WHY YALL HATING THEY HAVING FUN DOING THEY THING JUST SHUT UP HATERS AND BACK OFF THEM OR YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME AND NO I AINT DICK RIDING”

  • the third ear

    ^even more annoying are the virgins on here over-analyzing a video that aint supposed to be serious..its supposed to be funny and yall worrying about it not rhyming

  • vancity


  • The Man That Will Save The World From Destruction By The Devil Worshipping Illuminati By Exposing The Truth About Their Dark Tactics To Control Our Minds And The Fate Of The Universe AKA Robbie Maynard The III’s Second Cousins’ Friends Uncle’s Secretary

    are you loser actually talking how the songs sucks? how sad. btw jessica alba FTW.

  • JaySole

    Yea not as good as im on a boat but its still cool and catchy lol

  • Jizz in my Pants >>>>>>>>> this song

  • Lol this in my Top 3 of “The Lonely Island’s” Best Songs….

    and word: Blake Lively > Jessica Alba ….bitch is FINEEEEE as fuckk

  • I be fuckin

    There’s a ghost at the 24 second mark, upper left corner

  • doublex

    ^ yeaaa wtf that just tripped me out lol

  • I’ll admit, it might not be up to par from some of their previous tracks, but I’m happy they’re still doing new songs. I actually tuned into SNL last week for the first time in a while, and was pleased to see it when it came on… I don’t know about you guys, but there is a lot more crap on TV (and SNL for that matter) than this. Of course this is just my opinion. To each their own I always say. If we all liked the same songs/music, this world would be a crappy place.

    Anybody know if they’re planning another album?

    Let the haters keep wasting their time hating..

  • [email protected] critiquing a joke song. y’all are funny…

  • xaikhan

    i Also just hav sex.. luv u Akon