Ab-Liva x iCan – Where Do We Go? f. Malice (Video)

I forgot, I have to be up earlier than before when I'm out West for the time being. Anyways, here's a set of visuals from Ab-Liva and iCan's Y.E.S. v.1 project, which is out now.

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  • orangec+unty

    malice is too nasty..

  • malice absolutely murderd this track
    great song, cool vid too.
    again ab liva is slept on. but end of the day good music is good music , im sure theres sum1 in the world who still aint listened to a m.j album

  • ChicaGo-Getter

    Someone wanna explain the vid to me?

  • Solo

    Malice delivers as always, great track!


    shit is dope like them bricks that the clipse USED to flip...

  • Pusha needs to sign iCan to the Re-Up Gang so we can get a We Got It 4 Cheap Vol. 4!!!! iCan is sick!

    Pusha x Ab-Liva x iCan x Malice


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