Deacon the Villain (of Cunninlynguists) & Sheisty Khrist - Satellites (Unofficial Video)

dontsweatit gets a QN5 stamp of approval on his fan made video for Deacon and Sheisty's NWL single.

We absolutely love it when talented folks apply their skills to our music and produce something worth checking out. To put it into perspective for you, for every 100 weak YouTube freestyles over our instrumentals we see, we’ll get 1 killer motion-type video or an inspired interpretive-dance routine to our music.

With that said, here’s a fantastic fan-made video for Deacon The Villain and Sheisty Khrist’s single “Satellites” from the Niggaz With Latitude project. We dig it, and we hope you will too. Props to blue schooler Dontsweatit for putting together some fly shit.

If you haven’t already, be sure to grab Niggaz With Latitude at and CunninLynguist’s Bandcamppage.

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  • Memo

    Niggaz with mothafucking Latitude!!! This shit is fucking off the hook Deacon is a beast with his flow and the boards not to mention he kills every fucking hook he ever sings... Sheisty spits some of the dopest rhymes that only the clever can follow... So stop with all the damn NIGGNORANCE and jump on the got damn wagon... Yall bitch ass niggas is laggin!!!!!!

  • HiResDes

    My copy is supposed to come tomorrow...If it don't I'm hurting motherfuckers.

  • And Won

    Big ups to NWL, QN5, and dontsweatit!

  • enthusiasm

    Props for the efforts, QN5 well deserve it and they appreciate too. Legit video.

  • BilllyClint

    dope video
    i think imma have to cop this ! aint been excited about music in a lil while like this

  • HiResDes

    Still ain't get my shit...Get the digital if you're impatient, shipping take forever.

  • Berp Willie



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