Nieve - California f. Tunji

Super smooth tribute to my home state. Off Nieve'e Playback EP, available now.

DOWNLOAD: Nieve - California f. Tunji | Mediafire

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  • Kanye East

    smoke to that

  • Kitchen Dip Recordings

    Thanks for the support 2dopeboyz!

  • CaliCole

    this is (2)dopeee

    puttin this on the ipod right away

  • phil

    very chill track. mad props!

  • BillyClint


  • Chang Tang

    WOW, straight fire! Kitchen Dip going nuts with these FREE DOWNLOADS!

  • musicseoul

    I've been a Nieve fan for a while now. his flow is so smooth!!

  • Bevin

    more quality like this > all the bullshit that gets posted everyday,
    this shit is nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rebirth

    tunji always kills it

  • talent

    SoulChef killed that beat, great vibe!

  • Berp Willie

    dope.very smooth

  • Curtis

    SoulChefs beats are fire!