• panoble

    hell yea, two of the better albums of 2010


    akron OH in the building

  • http://chileviejaescuela.blogspot.com ChileOld

    I Love Blends!

  • feining liquor often

    this is incredibly dope

  • james dean

    ach...did they mash something with "The Go Getter"...thats my favorite record from the Black Keys album

  • dopez

    This is so FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!! Black Keys are so perfect in hip hop.

  • http://joebuddentv.com Dino

    aye, Meka, link is down, can we get another one? please n thank you.

  • KB24

    @wutangfan Are you a Lebron hater???


    New Link Please...shit is so dope! i gotta have this!

  • http://merc80.com Merc80

    File is gone.

  • Fiend

    Someone re-up. I'm, fiending for this tape. Keys = dope.

  • js

    can we get a re-up?

  • e


  • Zak

    so damn dope

  • D1

    look it up on google and just download each song individually from soundcloud. Only 8 tracks i think. Its worth the 2 extra minutes

  • the dead poet


  • http://misterandre.com Mr. Andre

    Yo! I copped this from NPR of all places!

  • Happy

    When I downloaded this I was praying it would be as dope as it sounded and, as it turns out, it is.

  • ace*

    link is down. found another on mashville or some shit like that. i'm really hoping that it's as dope as i'm expecting. these comments above are helping a bit