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Don Cannon & Cookin’ Soul Present: Nas – The Lost Tapes 1.5 (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake December 24, 2010

Art by Diego L. Rodriguez

Nas said Lost Tapes 2 will be out in December, well… we don’t know if he will deliver or not. But we’ve put together one of our best works to date. When Don Cannon and Cookin’ Soul get together = #classicmaterial. Remember the last time? 1,000,000 downloads baby.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Don Cannon & Cookin’ Soul Present: Nas – The Lost Tapes 1.5

  • DAN99

    This tape is nice as hell

  • Wasnt realy feeling the beats to be honest.. werent gelling with the lyrics like the originals witch i perfer, any agree? Anyways pull through Nas…keep the real shit coming

  • And the “1,000,000 downloads” for the DRAKE one ALL went in the TRASH. This shit sucks Don Cannon RUINS everything. Hopefully Nas will drop Lost Tapes 2 I signed that petition!

  • you should watch the video for fast life ft koolgrap .That shit will give u thrills! Amazing job Don cannon n cooking soul!

  • lolwutermelon

    They need to do one of these for Wiz Khalifa. The Cookin Soul Black and Yellow Remix is dope as hell

  • 2DB where is the new B. Pumper & Justin Beiber shit mayne
    I need some mo’ trap muzik yuhh diggh mayne!!!


  • HermesThiefGod

    Don Cannon ruined some of the best mixtapes to date including Smokee Robinson and Gone Fishing.. Even though it’s Nas I won’t be download this.


    So this sucks then? I’m gonna give it a try..


    Upon review: I gotta disagree with yall. This joint is live. It’s not a classic…….but it’s good. I like the theme too. Cookin Soul…This is definitely a joint to throw on when you’re cooking..Or cruising.

    Beats: 6
    Theme: 8
    Artwork: 6
    Honorable mention: Rewind, Last Real Nigga Alive

  • SmooVth – Little Boy Blue – now at iTunes

    Dope artwork.

    SmooVth – Little Boy Blue – now at iTunes

  • Ojandkush

    How is PAC not featured on “thugs mansion” WTF that his song you bastards!!!!

  • Ojandkush

    Oh yah and merry Christmas

  • Merry Christmas, all. I wouldn’t have bothered commenting on this of all days but I had to address the ‘Remember the last time? 1,000,000 downloads baby’ claim about their Drake project w/ Don Cannon in the plug above. Seriously, I don’t believe that number for a second. They need more people….


    the drake one was cool, this one sucks imo. i deleted everything except the escobars, the flyest, and got yourself a gun. wasnt feelin any of the other beats

  • dopeboy

    first off this shits edited and 2nd it didnt do nas much justice some of the beats r straight but as a whole this mixtape isnt as good as the originals fuck Lost tapes 1.5 Lost Tapes 2 is gonna be dope so hopefully nas drops that shit soon

  • Joker

    Trash this garbage

  • Definitely a NAS fan through and through. I can only imagine the kind of work done on this mixture given Cookin’ Souls pervious work. Looking forward to this one guys, and Diego, great work as usual. He probably won’t see that on this comment, but i’ll rewrite over on Behance. Merry Christmas Shake and Mek, and keep it up for the new year.

  • audio tech

    hey 2crackheadboys stop effin around & put up some real dope music not no rehashed shit

  • bstyles

    Tapes dope all you lil kids suck…175 comments on a three year old bullshit wayne track is all i gotta say about most you readers.

  • dloe

    whats with the clean music, fucking rats