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Help Chaundon Tour w/ Tanya Morgan & Rapper Big Pooh!

blame it on Shake December 24, 2010

Whats good everyone! I am coming to you with the hopes of your generous donations to sponsor me to get on the road to promote my new album No Excuses. I am currently unable to attend the tour with Rapper Big Pooh & Tanya Morgan due to not being added to the budget by the promoters of that tour. I am looking to raise $1,500 to make it happen. So with your help of donating from as little as $1 up to $10 each & spreading the word, this can get me to the West Coast and be a part of the tour!! The tour begins January 20th, 2011!

All donations of $10 or more will receive my entire catalog!! (mp3’s only)

Dates and details after the jump…

Thursday – Jan 20 – Seattle @ Habana Sodo
Friday – Jan 21 – Portland, OR @ Backspace (also w/ Freeway & Jake One)
Saturday – Jan 22 – Bellingham, WA @ The Wild Buffalo
Sunday – Jan 23 – Bend, OR @ Mad Happy Lounge
Tuesday – Jan 25 – Santa Cruz, CA @ Moe’s Alley
Wednesday – Jan 26 – San Francisco, CA @ 330 Ritch
Thursday – Jan 27 – Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp
Friday – Jan 28 – Santa Ana, CA @ Malones
Saturday – Jan 29th – Phoenix, AZ @ Chasers (also w/ Freddie Gibbs)
Sunday – Jan 30th – Los Angeles @ On The Rox

Y’all get enough free music on a daily basis, it’s only right some of y’all show some support.

  • mike

    meh, whatever. i contacted dude and told him i would give all my buddies his new CD for christmas if he would sign them for me, since we’re in the same city. he responded (on twitter) which was cool, but no mention of signing anything…so i didnt buy the copies of his CD that i would have.
    if he wants to go on tour, sponsor your damn self like every other rapper trying to make it. he doesn’t have $1500? i aint payin the dudes way to go to the west coast to drink with his buddies, rap a little bit, and bang some groupies

  • BillyClint

    might wanna check that link
    dnt seem to b working

  • BillyClint

    mike u sound like a douche.

  • Dre

    seriously mike, I know u stare at your computer all day envious of all the attention all these young new rappers be getting, wishing you were them. Stop hating and do what you’d want people to do to you if that was you in their shoes

  • Sam

    lol fuck him, trying to get us to sponsor his cheap ass to do what he loves. Im feeling u mike

  • mike

    ok billyclint, im a douche because i wanted to buy 5 copies of the guys cd and give them out to my friends? you prob aint bought a cd in your life
    lmao dre, so every rapper should just their shit paid for and all? i want a million dollars, so i should just give my money to anyone else who wants a million dollars?
    i like chaundon and i dont really care if he tries to get sponsored or whatever, but i dont see why anyone would paid for his shit. get your label to pay for it, or just pay your own way. i assume he would make that money back plus some anyway

  • flake

    well fuck you sam and mike. The reason why garbage makes it to the radio is because arrogant fools such as you refuse to give what little they can to the struggling artist, whereas money grubbin music corporations pour millions into one hit wonders and minstrel coons.

  • retro

    mike has a point, when the consumer ask for something its NO, but when the artist need something we’re suppose to run to the rescue? Its my understanding that tours are paid for by promoters, obviously the promoters dont want him on the tour if they couldnt get him 1500 dollars… seriously 1500 dollars in tour world is peanuts, this is shady if you ask me

  • C.Dot

    $1,500 really isnt that much for him to lay out himself…..i mean if this will benefit him as an artist then he should pay it….plus if he is tourin then im sure he can earn more than that back….

    Im am on Sam & Mikes team.

    However, I am also on Chaundons team as I admire him for asking for the money!

  • eric

    dude seriously doesnt have $1,500?? if he wants to make a name for himself he should put in the money and the work to do so. a $1,500 investment to get on a tour and get ur name out aint shit. and the promoters obviously dont want him on the tour if they wont put him on the budget

  • BillyClint

    no1 knows how much chaundon makes
    i guess he dont make that much

    [email protected] he shuda adressed your question. true. but is he supposed to run around the city making deals with every1 ? he already set out his price and wat u get. u tried to barter. imagine if every1 did it.




    How come Rapper Big Pooh or Hall Of Justus put some money up I thought their family it’s crazy how some rappers fall………. You would imagine that Chaudon made some bit of money enough to support himself travel all over the U.S. on other tours he’s been in I really don’t cared if he goes on tour or not No Excuses was trash (Can’t wait to be in the front row of The Tanya Morgan & Rapper Big Pooh tour L.A. on the Rox) I don’t think Joe Scudda would have this problem

  • Actual/Factual

    lol $1500?? man catch the next one lol…or sell rocks.

  • sk8ter

    This is a dope idea if you are a rock musician but unfortunately no one respects hip hop enough to support their fave artist.

  • Dill

    Sounds like someones a lil hurt that his cds didnt get signed…….

  • Jarrel

    Fuck that i’m not giving dude some money so HE could have a fun life. I went to a HOJ show once a few years back and I couldn’t so much as get a handshake from dude so fuck that. Now you begging for money? $1500? You just dropped an album and didn’t make $1500? That’s when you quit and go work at Best Buy. Tell cracker ass Kevin Nottingham to give him some money. Shit ask your mom or something. I’ll support by buying a ticket but c’mon son. Then you chargin niggas to get into a show that they paid for you to perform in.

  • LOL @ Mike. Funny thing is I agreed to sign the cds. I sign every cd I sell. Aint like Im on some super star ish to decline. In fact, its an honor for a supporter to even ask me to sign a cd. So before you get on line and try to make me look like an artist who doesn’t appreciate the support, holla at me. It’s not like I would have not responded. You said it yourself,”he responded (on twitter) which was cool”. Why would I front now? As for everyone else who misread the message, its not like I am asking for something with nothing in return to those who donate. I am giving my entire collection to those who donate $10. Thats 9 joints for the price of one. But people will say what they must. Shout out to those who donated so far and to those who simple got the word out.

  • T…Is back.

    You a artist that wants support but dont want to thank the fans i.e handshakes and autographs???

    C’mon Chaundon..

    Whats 2 minutes out of your life to sign some CD’s..??

  • @Jarrel – My cracker ass DID give him some money. I donated.. I support hip hop in more ways than one which is a lot more than all you other cheap so-called fans. And people wonder what’s killing hip hop…. IT’S THE FANS.

  • @ Kevin
    I think its cause everyone raps… how do we contact dude for the tour? I wanna get him in my town!

  • MoreTalentedThanYou

    You kidding right? Who the hell wants to give anyone money to go tour with Tanya Morgan and Big Rapper Pooh? Hahah I don’t even think you could get me to throw 5’s to get Kanye to go on tour with them scrubs dawg…”Where were they when I was down on my luck,
    Now they beggin’ for change, them niggaz came wit a squeegey and a cup”, my man Chaundon foreseeing the future rappin bout himself in that song wit Little Brother hahaha

  • MoET

    So if we donate as much as 10 bones we get Carnage, No Excuses, Venom, Ambitions of a Writer, Black Dynamite and Black Dynamites Revenge, Baby Making Music and what else?

  • Snagz

    I bought “No Excuses” a few weeks ago so he got my $10 already and btw the album is dope! People on here act like tough guys talking shit about another man but if he was looking you dead in the face you bitchass niggas would happily hand him $10. Then you niggas are also saying he SHOULD have $1,500 like it’s nothing. How many of you faggots have a spare $1,500 lying around? This dude is VERY underground, he isn’t fucking Kanye West you dumb fucks! When you are a dude TRYING to make it you don’t have thousands of dollars to spend that easy. Either help the dude out or shut your bitch ass the fuck up! Merry fucking Christmas!

  • I have no shot at seeing any parts of that tour,but fuck it,I got a dollar for the cause. All I wanna see is some footage of Chaundon throwing his X up when he out there. Pelon muthaf*ckas. Hope you make it Chaundon.

  • gaga

    $1500 is an investment – bring the proper amount of merch and either break even and have fun and made some fans or make a little extra doin in. damn.



  • damnhomie

    Damn… Son can’t scrape together 1,500? Not from a manager, promoter, friend, spouse, etc? I’ma donate cause it’s the season of giving but damn man.

  • victorRivera

    How many of you faggots have a spare $1,500 lying around?

    Umm..I have about 10,000 in my bank account from working a 9-5 job for the past 3 years. So yeah, so of us regular hard working “faggots” has way more than that to spare.

  • Thoth

    Dude should def get support from those who enjoy his music, but real talk, how you not be having some random tour money chaundon? HUSTLETIME homie….you doing deals on verses right now or what?


    @CHAUNDON & KEVIN NOTTINGHAM it’s good to see ya’ll defending yourselves on here, but kevin I disagree about what’s killing hip-hop. What’s killing hip-hop isn’t the fans, it’s everyone trying to make a dollar off of it. All hip-hop has left is the fans, we just so happen to be staunch critics more often then not. Either way I don’t listen to chaundon so I have no stake in this, but I hope he makes it on the tour. One day ya’ll are gonna realize we are all just trying to make a fuckin buck

  • Quetzalcoatl

    Lol day jobs……haha, for the birds

  • illwerdz

    I wonder how many of these people on here who have alll this info on what it takes to tour and what Chaundon needs to do in order to tour and how much merch he should take have actually been on tour?

  • twocents

    Let me tell you something. I know rappers who make SMALL CHANGE and manage to go OVERSEAS to perform. These rappers work regular jobs everyday. this aint fuckin’ feed the children homie.. go hustle (legally) and get that paper.. like the rest of us do.

  • ello76

    im sorry but…. ive booked a lot of artists in my city…and i really dont understand what 1500 is going to pay for anyways. What does he need 1500 for? 10 dates = 10 hotels…20 meals….gas…weed…alcohol…whatever other expenses etc etc etc… 1500 aint payin for shit!…and the fact that he doesnt have 1500 to put towards whatever he needs it for… is kind of a joke! 300 cds at 5 dollars is 1500 man. 1 mnth at startbucks is 1500! stayin in and not going out for 1 mnth is 1500 lol…

    save up bra!

  • ello76

    fuck it… im about to donate $10 because it’s christmas LOL… disregard my last comment

  • Woo

    i fuks w chaundon since early HOJ days…Ive bought cd directly from him and the dude signed it for me. Left me a funny ass comment on packaging as to how he almost forgot. Ive interacted w him on USTREAM…cool ass dude…hes gettin my $10 because yes im willing to help an artist now. I AM HIP HOP and i wanna see hip hop live…


    @ Chaundon how many years have you been in the rap game and to pull this shit is a joke your career is over this nigga rap style is punchline this cocky douche that. This guy is just a “opportunist with ambition” by any means….. @ Kevin Hip Hop is not dead people like you that keep saying that bullshit is not helping the game. And why should I spend my hard earn money on a sponge I hope ya’ll know what I mean by that @ Snagz your a joke @ Zaggief Chaundon has made more than a fucking Buck he’s past done eating

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I need that shirt patna….

  • Samsell

    LOLOLOL Kevin Nottingham is a TROLL. Hahahahaha. Let’s feed this nigga while we’re at it. Fuck it let’s buy his kids some Christmas presents. Chaundon is straight but this is a joke.

  • jay

    All u fucks jus hatin bc its take balls to step out ur comfort zone and do wht chaudon I have met tht dude he’s a hustler so shut the fuck up if u dnt understand the grind

  • jay

    All u fucks jus hatin bc its take balls to step out ur comfort zone and do wht chaudon does I have met tht dude he’s a hustler so shut the fuck up if u dnt understand the grind


    @ Jay it’s not “hustle” it’s straight up pity your not gonna win this debate make some valid points and stop talking out your ass. “Comfort zone” Chaudon is not the first rapper to be begging for money. @ Chaudon if you were getting donations for a good caused then it would be a different story but fuck that your only thinking about yourself and yeah you could read this and respond back and say what you gotta say and defend yourself but at the end of the day why would you wanna do that I’m nobody check mate

  • Guce

    Haha BROKE ASSSS NIGGA.. I just spend 3,000 on presents

  • woooow

    wow. i think it’d be a better approach if he just said\
    “special! $10 for my collection, support my tour”

    but… donations?

  • ace*

    the people defending this rapper need to either donate their money to help him tour or STFU. there are tons of other quality emcees out there who hustle to try to get on tour

  • Hi

    Fuck up dickhead…. This nigga deserves to be working in Central Park picking up dogshit.. Begging for money.. NIGGGAA PLEASE… YOU’ve just put our race back another 30 years.. Cheers Faggot

  • Chaundon is a dope emcee. I wish that Brother luck…

  • golgo

    I’m thoroughly offended by this shit. For those who donate(lack of a better term) you’re not helping him. You’re crippling him. It doesn’t take balls to come out and do some shit like this. It takes a coward afraid to fall down sometimes but instead call upon his fans to misuse for when he has shortcomings. This is a disgrace to every artist out there doing this shit the hard way. This is disrespectful to the real emcees out there paying dues. This is bullshit in the face of those out there REALLY grinding. For those of your standing up for this kind of campaign……you seriously making short cuts acceptable. I don’t care how cool someone is, how much they supposedly grind, what time of year it is, you never….EVER do some shit like this and call it Hip Hop. This….THIS….is not a statement of Hip Hop. This is a mockery of it.