• mike

    Clouds was cool, will check this out

  • StayFreshJF

    Dope Look for the homeboy Hannibal King.
    Beats are narcotic nd the lyrics get the job done.

  • Early

    Will DL on the strength of the King...

  • http://eom.tumblr.com kohm

    I'm dl'in because hannibal produces heat

  • http://twitter.com/GrandmasterTee thecool11o3

    I'll DL cuz of that Clouds joint. Maaaad chill.

    Also, look out for the cats on this tape..

  • JT


  • otis

    clouds was too ill

  • Toby

    Props, nice mixtape, hadn't heard of either of these guys before this, but gave it a try and it was really good.

  • http://neogaf.com HiResDes

    So chill, so dope, this is quintessential blaze music

  • Megastar

    This guy remy is amazing, He was ghostwriting for a few cats over at interscope.

  • TinaMouse

    Children of the Night are the future of NY hip hop! Remy & Hannibal crafted a dope tape! Kudos guys.

  • Maxipad

    This mixtape is actually one of my favorite mixtapes of all time, It's really easy to listen from start to finish