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Tassho Pearce – Shaka Back f. Fortilive & Wun (prod. !llmind)

blame it on JES7 December 24, 2010

Art by: Fitted Hawaii

Merry Christmas Yusef’s Born Day; Happy Hannukah; Mele Kalikimaka and all that! Here’s God week (#7) of Tassho’s ongoing #AlohaFriday series. This week, he’s linked up with Fortilive and Gritty Fifty’s Wun for yet another HI anthem. Production handled by the !llest Filipino producer in the game, !llmind. FTB x Fortilive x Gritty Fifty / Sink Or Swim.

DOWNLOAD: Tassho Pearce – Shaka Back f. Fortilive & Wun (prod. !llmind) | Mediafire

  • skeet skala

    This is BIG for Hawaii….I hope people are paying attention!

  • PRIE

    Damn HAWAII HIP-HOP taking over once again!!

    Flip The Bird x Fortilive x SinkOrSwim x We Fly HI = JIM KELLY STATUS!

  • Meeann!


  • The Dopeness


  • junior ama

    808’s finest all on one track…. straight LAVA!!!!

  • moolah the great

    Shaka back…..hahaha H.I. classic sayings, can’t go wrong with that.

  • hihater

    WOW!!!!! illmind, and these kids aint playin!!

  • I see a sick video in this song’s future..

  • born&breed

    Hawaii should be proud of these dudes. I don’t recall anyone from the there EVER 1) sounding this professional and polished and 2) REALLY reppin the state this way with all the references and stuff. This is a really good look for the state.

  • serious business! This is on some anthem shit. peace to tassho, wun, mush, slo and illmeey.

  • St. James

    I wouldn’t expect anything less from these names. Glad to here them all on one track.

  • purp

    The N word being said by Hawaiians is not cool


    FUCK YEAAA!! ALOHA FRIDAY ROOLZ!! DROPPIN some of the DOPEST TRACKS and giving it away for FREE?! I respect that shiT.

  • smack-a-fella

    @purp the 2 guys saying the N word are black, does that make it better smh. Just cause they’re from Hawaii doesn’t mean they’re Hawaiian you idiot. Sheesh, fools hate just to hate sometimes. The joints dope, give’em props and let that be that.

  • nuuanuwoods

    shits dope!fortilive representing to the fullest. FTB has done it again another great track aloha fridayz chee dogee!

  • Purp

    There was no hate about what i said, I never said the song was weak. or anything pertaining to the song for that matter. And no it doesn’t make it better, their giving them the floor to say it…. Just cause im from New York doesnt mean I;m a New Yorker, fuck outta here wit that.

  • smack-a-fella

    @purp Huh? That doesn’t even begin to make sense man. You said Hawaiians shouldn’t say the word, so that would mean that its okay for someone else to say it, right? You ASSUMING they’re Hawaiians is natural seeing as how they’re from Hawaii. But I follow fortilives music and the 1st dude who said nigga is mush mouf , he’s black (at least he looks like it) and he’s the only one who says that word. You’re from Ny, people over there who aren’t black say the N WORD all the time. Your logic just doesn’t make any sense, that’s why I said it sounded like a hate comment.

  • pakalolo4dolo

    This is an instant H.I. classic!

  • red

    Are all the tracks from this project going to be put together?

  • Hawaii to CA all Day! Islanders doin the damn thing! #MAGNUMPI

  • Church

    Shaka Back! HI STATE! All Star with the fiah! good job bredrin

  • 4lokoboy

    This H.I. 2 DA MAX! I Freakin looooovvee it!

  • LowBallz

    I fucked around with Hawaiian hottie once. She was a freak!

  • pr0b

    yoooo this joint is dopppeeee …

  • hardhitnhwnz


  • spageddyoz

    These fawkaz is mean!!! Cheee

  • pimipin since 85

    This needs to be on the radio in H.I.! Do you guys plan on releasing a video for this?

  • fishscale

    Dope rhymes √ dope beat √ dope song √ sounds like a winner to me!

  • @Pimpin. It will be on the radio tonight and tomorrow… http://www.1027dabomb.net 2-3am Hawaii time, and 5pm est on http://www.mix1620.com, or you can download it now at http://www.jimmytaco.com My weekly hip hop show “MIND TACTICS”. 14 YEARS OF HIP HOP RADIO!!! Serving the state of Hawaii Proudly! Now the good folks of New Jersey as well. I am very proud of all of these cats. What a wonderful Christmas gift for the HI-STATE!!!

  • bearer of truth

    Lmao @purp “just cause I’m from new York doesn’t mean I’m a new Yorker” uh, I don’t know if you know this but new Yorker isnt a race, Hawaiian on the other hand is and everyone who lives in Hawaii are not Hawaiian so now you just look dumb and uneducated.

  • furryassstylez

    This is a good Christmas present…

  • Just sayin

    WOW!! this is bigger than Hawaii.. HIP HOP needs this right now.

  • trina.NA.NA

    ShAkA !!!! Nice….

  • lordaires

    I wanna put the link ain’t working 4 me… how did y’all peep it?

  • mclytezout

    Very catchy…shits dope

  • Mano y Mano

    double vouch on that JIM KELLY STATUS! Hawaii Hip Hop is alive and well! Motherfuckin’ FLIP THE BIRD is taking it in O-eleven! Big ups to Fortilive and Wun murdering the track! Sho definitely ending it haaard!? hawaiiannn

  • I hate hawaiians

    all hawaiians should die.

    -hawaiian daily news.

  • international player

    Aloha Fire, Real Talk

  • Ken

    @I hate hawaiians.

    I would like to ask you why you hate hawaiians. Also, how many have you actually met and gotten to know on a personal level? I hope that you did not act out of ignorance.

  • Maineframe

    Hotness. Mad Fresh.

  • 2legit2spit


    Don’t feed the trolls man….he’s just an idiot looking for attention. Track is crack! Can we get a video Asap?

  • Ralph

    straight fire! anyone who is hating sit down! these niggas killed it and that nigga wun is real!


    HI.STORY is going to be CLASSIC. That is all.

  • MPC2000

    This shit is dope al hell! Somebody sign these guys and put them on MTV already. The world has been waiting for this.

  • @purp feel you.
    @ bearer of truth hahahah: there’s chooke hawaiians that leave hawaii and don’t rep. (i do though)
    @smack-a-fella are you joking? hawaiians shouldn’t say it because we weren’t slaves. That’s about it. But it’s musical/artistic license
    @tasho and crew: this shit is poppin and I look forward sharing, bumping and learning the words to. Why no shouts the east side yo!!

  • LA2OAK


  • Yo i need dis design on a FTB shirt asap no wait make dat an old Aloha Stadium swap meet tank top kinda like da ones da PAL coaches wore auuuryte – SHAKA BACK!!!

  • slap-o-meter



    I hope they keep these leaks going for a while longer before Tassho drops HI.Story. Aloha Fridays = dopest weekly series besides G.O.O.D. Friday. #TRUTH

  • Da G Himself

    If yall digging this shit than yall gone love the rest of the music these dudes have to offer. Great rep track for the aina folk, can’t wait to hear errbody’s project this year.

  • BARS


  • ikaika

    This is fire!

  • Baydestrian beast mode

    Flip The Birdy is the wordy-

  • Mase

    Truly reppin the HI with this one, its a heater!

  • Daewon

    Everyone went IN on this. Next time I go home, I’m bumpin’ this while I cruise North Shore throwing up the lazy shaka, middle fingers barely bent!