Gorillaz – The Fall (Free Album)

blame it on Shake December 26, 2010

Some visuals dropped earlier for the intro. Now here goes the full project from the Gorillaz, that they decided to release for the holidays.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

01 Phoner to Arizona
02 Revolving Doors
03 Hillbilly Man
04 Detroit
05 Shy-Town
06 Little Pink Plastic Bags
07 The Joplin Spider
08 The Parish of Space Dust
09 The Snake in Dallas
10 Amarillo
11 The Speak It Mountains
12 Aspen Forest
13 Bobby in Phoenix
14 California and the Slipping of the Sun
15 Seattle Yodel

DOWNLOAD: Gorillaz – The Fall [via]



  • Kal

    He did the entire thing on the Ipad with a few instruments added. Impressed with it a solid page in the Gorillaz cronical

  • a dick


  • doomsday519

    you can’t even download the songs you can only listen to them


  • derp

    the 1st album made from the ipad

    damon albarn released early so ppl couldnt say they fixed it in the studio

  • aceyp

    not hip hop, but i still fucks with it

  • ok

    @oceyp this isn’t just a hip hop site

  • kennard medina

    word is.. the majority of this album was made on the ipad. crazy stuff

  • BillyClint

    ok< but realistically ppl come here for hiphop as 95% of the music is hiphop on this site regardless.

  • DontGetIt

    Yeah I mean, when you think of 2dope you think of hip-hop, but it’s dope that they post other shit once in a while.

  • lonesome

    originally, this album was supposed to be only for fun club members (only streaming for non members). Is this link legal one???

  • BW


  • Thks !

  • Ry

    Merry Christmas!

  • man I keep requesting dat new B.pumper shit but nobody listens ya heard
    A)he gets it in
    B)he need that bread bitch,he that BREAD
    C)spits fire mayne
    D)Pumper>>>any rapper dead or alive
    E)raps about what the people go through
    F)is the realest dude alive mayne

  • Ok

    @BillyClint and @DontGetIt TRUE SHIT!

  • Murdoc

    anybody that doesn’t check this album out because its “not hip-hop” is a complete idiot. Listen to “Shy-Town” and “The Snake In Dallas” and say it’s not hip hop

    this is amazing, 2 Gorillaz albums in 1 year!!

    too bad they couldn’t get B.Pumper on a track

  • A Real Fan

    This is a free album if you are a PAID member of the fan club. 2dope posting this link is illegal and they will be reported

  • Freeze23

    @A Real Fan shut yo bitchass up cuz u know damn well u don’t pay 4 music n if u did u damn sure wouldn’t be on here faggot

  • A Real Fan

    @Freeze23 – you seem hurt. This site post news, videos, links to mixtapes and other free material which I come here for. This isn’t one of them.

  • Didn’t enjoy this album as much as I hoped to.

  • eBagatron

    This ish is dope. I’ll take free Gorillaz anyday.

  • Exxille

    Mixed by Stephen Sedgick at Studio 13(Damons personal super recording studio). Mastered by Geoff Pesche at Abbey Road Studios = you can not do this at home on your ipad. Not to mention Damon Albarn is allot more musically inclined than most.

  • @A Real Fan SHUT THE FUCK UP

  • @eyeRUTA

    Can’t get the link to download!!

  • Freeze23

    @A Real Fan all I’m saying is if u don’t like free music then take yo ass somewhere else nigga

  • Justin Herschel


  • What the heck… What’s the point of doing an album on an iPad. I don’t want to hear this. All these insane sounds they could be using, and they use these cheesy iPad sounds. No offense, but some of these sound like beats I could easily make in a few hours.


    You know why I like these guys OH so much? Because their cartoons are just the cutest and the silliest around!! Hehehe, their music is alright too ;)

  • CQG

    this is the type of music you need while drawing or painting……..

  • YourBoyAl

    This is a free album if you are a PAID member of the fan club. 2dope posting this link is illegal and they will be reported
    A Real Fan said this on December 26th, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    Damon said himself he hoped people would upload it & share it with other people

  • @B_Lett stop complaining bitch your beats don’t sound any better and who cares man IT’S FREE FUCKING MUSIC leave it alone bro

  • I’m just saying, Kanye West could be the first person to do a whole album in Mario Paint Composer, but it would suck. Look it up if you don’t know what it is. I’m just saying, it’s not going to be that good of quality if you do it on an iPad. They don’t have as much freedom with their production on an iPad, and that’s exactly what they need if they want to make great music. This just sounds restricted and forced.

  • bobbychalkers

    This reminds me so much of their older records. Dope as hell.

  • GetMoney

    @YourBoyAl You have a link 2 that? I like 2 support the artists.

  • And Won

    This sounds like it was made on an iPad. The shortcomings are due to the available software not the iPad though.

    I think I’ll stick with their studio albums though.

  • Skyzz

  • stan lee

    @B_Lett – the whole point of him doing this album on the ipad is to show what his mind can create with the limitations OF the ipad.. im pretty sure that anyone else can make a whole album with an ipad but he actually did it..

  • No one has mentioned that Oh No also uses the iPad to make beats. He makes some ridiculous shit with an iPad.

    This album is cool, I’ll consider it a B-sides type joint tho. Which is still nice. G-Sides, Laika Come Home, and D-Sides are slick but they lack the collaboration of the studio LPs. This is basically a Damon Albarn record I guess.

  • s

    Listened to the first half and got absolutely no enjoyment out of it, whats the point in making an ipad album if it results in poor music