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Asher Roth x Nottz – Rawth (FreEP)

blame it on Shake December 27, 2010

UPDATE (1/28/16): Over five years later, Asher Roth and Nottz are releasing a sequel! Details can be found here.

Original post…

New extended-play from Asher Roth and Nottz! Featuring D.A. (of Chester French), Rhymefest and Kardinal Offishall.

Stream and download RAWTH below.

  • red

    Good looks Shake.

  • easy

    worth the DL?

  • vaughn gargon.

    I’m bouta fuk w this joint.

  • run it back is fxckin illlll

  • @Easy Hell yeah. Especially track six.

  • OhYeTormentedSouls

    I think I seen this dude in M.I.A.s “Born Free” video. Homies got bars tho.

  • GoPhillies36

    YES. this is so dope

  • Brocho Cinco

    Every track on this EP is dope and better than anything on his last album. I only have two problems with this tape tho:
    1. I think the chorus on Comin & Going is clean, but the verses are dirty
    2. Enforce the Law could use one more verse

  • milllis


  • D

    Yo people, what’s up with this rate a post buttons on every post on 2dopeboyz?

  • easy

    @Slickg_ZKC Thanks bro it was worth it lol.

  • OhYeahh

    @Easy FUCK yeah man you won’t be disappointed

  • why Roth look like he been doing cocaine

  • worst GOAT ever

    thanks for this mr. roth & nottz.. the leaks were dope so this should be a good one..

  • worst GOAT ever

    @reupspot its cause of the effects applied to the pics, some of them work better on black people, some on white people.. this one makes asher look even more pale than he is, almost as if he’s sick

  • Fat Boy

    Forgot this was droppin so this just made my fucking day!! Should be extra RAWth

  • Loopdigga

    Nottz really sucks at rapping. He should stop doing that. 2 “ok” songs out of 8 is a losing formula.

  • Wolfon

    @FatBoy oh i see what you did there

  • Wolfon

    @Loopdigga gonna have to disagree with you there Nottz is pretty fuckin’ dope but your entitled to your own opinion

  • alex coop

    this is the hardest project that been put out in a while. yea we kno ricky ross be killin it but quit sleepin real talk NOTTZ be producin fire

  • Ryuk


  • :P

    Asher Roth & Nottz>>>

  • Charles


  • B3auu


  • orangec+unty

    yeee been waiting for thiss!
    asher roth is probably one of the most conscious rappers ever!
    killed it! EVERY track had tight production.
    haven’t heard rhymefest in a while. of course he was nasty.
    definitley one of my favorite eps of 2010. nuff said. bahaaa

  • orangec+unty

    “nothing you can do” one of the realest songs i’ve ever heard.

  • Rec

    128kbps damn id pay for higher quality wtf???

  • Toby

    Wooooo, been waiting on this for a long time. ROTH BOYS IN THE BUILDING TONIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!

  • Does the other guy from Chester French ever do solo work? haha, I see DA on everybody’s shit these days (okay, just this & Ross’ mixtape, but still).

  • Onederin



  • Antone

    just listened to it twice on repeat… two thumbs up man, this shit goooooooes.

  • BAM93

    Probably his best project to date

  • The secret service of hip hop

    Comin & Goin = best Asher Roth song

  • Zacc


  • danny_

    Nottz’ beats bang so fucken hard.

  • this is a fresh project! nottz really is one of the illest producers out.

  • aHometownHero

    dope shit. ash is spittin his best his has ever. nottz got craziest beats. perfect match.

  • skilla

    this is fucking hip-hop. kudos asher and nottz you guys did your fucking think on this ep. i especially enjoy that sample on in my mind, anyone know what that is?

  • skilla


  • sam ata


  • Wesson

    This release made my day

  • ups to them for getting colin munroe on a track… was just saying i needed some new colin the other day

  • 1

    very very dope
    nottz is so ill

  • wtf is wrong with yall LMAO i will never download or listen to asher roth again. i only got through the first song and had to delete this shit cuz its a virus! (for my mind at least).

  • reeg

    he has a basic mind.

  • vlado


  • yessir

    yea pretty good, i’m surprised

  • red

    That’s great Basick.

  • White Mike

    Is there a better quality version?

  • Mark Twain Fame

    wtf is wrong with yall LMAO i will never download or listen to asher roth again. i only got through the first song and had to delete this shit cuz its a virus! (for my mind at least).


    speaking of basic(k)…don’t click on homies name for his youtube page…he should thank me for those extra 2 hits he got…ugh.

  • DontGetIt

    If Hip-Hop gave out a “Most Improved” award then Asher gets it in my book, from being a gimmick to dropping a super dope EP with Nottz, dude turned himself around.

    Hopefully his full album will live up to expectations.

  • ryanbroconnor

    this is absolute fire. if you arent going to give asher a chance listen to last track. FIRE.

  • RealTalk

    @basick SHUT THE FUCK UP bitchhhh your one to talk fucking faggot go choke on a bag of baby dicks. Asher and Nottz killed this shit niggaaa

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Nice. Thanks for the hookup on this one. Be easy and have a great and prosperous 2011. Peace and GOD BLESS

  • beest

    who’s the husband and who’s the wife???

  • Nazen

    real PA hip-hop…WWW.OFFICIALBOODIDDLY.US !!!

  • shake

    Still hard as nails.

    • Brian Kidd