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Eminem x Jay-Z x 50 Cent x Dr. Dre

blame it on Shake December 27, 2010

Uh oh. UPDATE: Looks like Ca$his and Stat Quo were also included in the song. Check it out here.

  • s

    Gimme a play button!

  • aaaaa

    some how this record is going to be over hyped.

  • cli-city

    Could already see this...50 gets bodied by Em and Em by Jay....Beat is gonna be wack and the song is going to dissapoint.....They should've gotten Kanye in on this...

  • ...I'm not easily hyped about Dr. Dre tracks these days. Hopefully this changes that somewhat.

  • 94xTRCx94

    how does Big Mike know this tho ?? i seen it on twitter 2

  • Cameron

    Chi-City shut up. This song will bang.

  • ^^he got his hands on "crack a bottle" early when it dropped. dude probably has it already.

  • XB

    eminem fans are gonna be on ems dick on this one hard body

  • DonSneaks

    a fan of all but not impressed just put the damn link up and this shit better not be wack...

  • thakid

    uh oh....50 is gonna ruin it!

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

    Big Mike with the exclusives, I heard this is an old unreleased joint though.

  • I heard this is the track Cashis was talkin bout awhile back that was suppose to b on his new album but it originally featured him, Em, 50, Jay & Stat Quo either way if it releases it should b dope also Big Mike was the one who dropped Crack A Bottle before it was finished for those of u who didnt know

  • 50 better come hard, because this aint a feature on a Jeremih song. Em will have the illest verse. Please no under pressure type beat Dre.

  • Dolo

    Cool.Lets Hear It!

  • On34


  • @Chi-City did you really just say Em gets bodied by Jay? Hahaha did you not hear "Renagade" I'm pretty sure Em is gonna murder everybody on that joant IMO but Jay will come in a close 2nd. 50 will NOT be that good..as usual.

  • I would have been hyped for this in 2003. Now I'll just take it when it comes and if it's dope it'll be a pleasant surprise. If it's average at best I won't be surprised at all.

  • TheJacka

    If kush 2010 is any indication to how detox will be, im gonna keep on yawning. Where dem bangers at Dre?

  • Cannon

    Eminem would be good but i think that the doctor and jay gonna make it big

  • Polka


  • d easy

    jay can't get bodied by Em twice tho can he???

  • L.Smalls

    i dislike this cuz its not fair.. the rest of the year won't be nearly as good

  • MR

    Im surprised I haven't seen a "Nas Lost" post yet

  • BrOOkLyNZz FiNeSt

    sure he can jay-z is not all that

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish

    This shit fina be mad overrated & ova hyped by the niggas who are hypebeast.

  • PhrayzerMusic

    lol people just hate waaayyy too much. it seems like the only rappers people on here support is ONE new artist. like oh j. cole is a beast, until j elect gets on and now cole is overrated. or hey fuck rocnation kendrick lamar is the shit.. and everyone else is old or ass.. just fucking enjoy this music people.

  • On34

    MR is that mothefucking dude

  • Black Ryu

    Removed 50 Cent from the equation, replace with Kanye and we got a classic

  • This was suppose to be on Relapse, called My Syllable, Eminem feat Jay-Z. i guess they added 50 n Dre on it now.

  • I know it sounds crazy

    Remove Em from the equation add The Game we got a classic. Last song with the Game , Joell Ortiz and Ghostface were on here most people liked his verse.

  • sayWORD

    Like cli-city said, Em bodies Fif, Jay bodies Em.
    smh nothing special. Reminds me of the hype over "Forever."

    The beat will surely be wack.

  • GetMoney

    ppl are hating on a song that hasn't even dropped yet.smh

  • yeahhh

    @ I konw it sounds crazy Heyyy were talkin about Em & Jay. and WTF. game? that guys aint even on 50's level. i aint a 50 fan. but its true. shit is no twitter. all game can do these days is bein robbed and unfoldin it on twitter.

  • Rio$

    *yawn* is hip hop exciting anymore? usually a lineup like this would be pretty dope but what else are they gonna rap about? hgow many years has it been? how old are they?

  • honestly

    if this record came out 10 years ago, it would be epic.

    today, im not interested. beat will dissapoint. all will underwhelm. yet, everyone will say its hot no matter what it sounds like. realtalk

  • I know it sounds crazy

    @yeahhh I hear you but Em and Jay have worked together in the past. 5ocent and lloyd banks last albums flopped. Game is looked down on but hes one of the only artist to almost sell ten million albums by his 3rd project. Bar for Bar on his albums I think people over looked the skills because of all the beef at the time.

  • j skeelo

    ^^ nah.

  • MZA

    50 has fell off the least of all four. Fuck ya'll.

  • kennard medina

    i agree with some of the posts in here... granted that today was about 3-4 years ago... I would be going berzerk..but the only person im checking for on this track is em.. hopefully im wrong and that this joint will become the first official banger of 2011

  • lantic

    marshall will spit, jay may or may not spit, dre and 50 will be terrible


  • guaranteed none of them will come correct the way they should.

  • Byaahman

    Damn, the song hasn't even dropped yet and everyone's already talkin shit about it.

  • The Delorean Driver

    You guyz really think Jayz is gonna be wack? WOW you know how many verses in his career he has slaughtered...

  • factormax

    i've never really understood dre. i mean the chronic is alright, but for me i just don't see it as a landmark hip hop album. if i want west coast, it's doggystyle all the way. plus dre can't rap. at all. sorry guys, he's overrated.

  • uknowcool

    DUDE Fuck Kanye and put LUPE in! Eminem(Feat. Lupe Fiasco & Jay-Z) know that's Epic. Lupe could over do em but Jay HOPEFULLY will go all out since that renegade song, But jay even said it his self knowbody is fucking with Lu! i hope there can be a remix?

  • sayWORD

    Bitch, Kanye ain't even on the damn song.

  • lap1

    prob a decent song, but i don't see hov bodying em. ever.

  • yeahhh

    @ i know it sounds crazy // yeah u right, but nuttin gonna last forever. everythin goes up must come down. but whut im sayin is they (Em, Jay, dre) DO KNOW how to come down. thats why we call em LEGENDS. they are not fallin. u cant say they lost or passed their torch. they re still EM, JAY and DRE. i expect this as much as J.cole feat. Kendrick lamar & Vado shit

  • who cares

    Jay-Z is whack now. Em is gettin' more and more whack every after new track. 50 is 50 he don't bring to much to the table but some grimey shit. And Dre has been a disappointment as of recent.
    So yea not hyped for this at all

  • I know it sounds crazy

    @yeahhh Good Point

  • Jonnie H

    Jay-Z is whack now. Em is gettin’ more
    and more whack every after new track.
    50 is 50 he don ’t bring to much to the
    table but some grimey shit. And Dre
    has been a disappointment as of recent.
    So yea not hyped for this at all
    who cares said this on December 28th,
    2010 at 2:32 am

  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirrel

    Whoa The BP3 is whack ? Jayz last album in 09 ? R U serious ?

  • Looking forward to hearing Young Hov, and the good Doctor, but 50 is whack as hell...he'll ride Jay's dick when it's fortunate for him. Everything on Recovery was an abortion. I hope Eminem comes hard to give hope, and as far as Dre goes, it's a coin toss, could be ill or whack

  • over hyped........yes still not a big 50 fan hope im wrong n this is like THE EXPENDABLES =]

  • AllOfTheLights

    watch everyone be on the song's dick when it drops, just saying.

  • mmkayy

    Jay-Z is whack now. Em is gettin’ more and more whack every after new track. 50 is 50 he don’t bring to much to the table but some grimey shit. And Dre has been a disappointment as of recent.
    So yea not hyped for this at all

    who cares said this on December 28th, 2010 at 2:32 am

    ^ yeaa right thats why u here and thats why u gonna be checkin out the song when it leaks and dwnldin it.... loool niggas these days

    hate all u wnt on mainstream rap... but yall come runnin with the traffic as soon as something is posted

  • mmkayy

    yeah u right, but nuttin gonna last forever. everythin goes up must come down. but whut im sayin is they (Em, Jay, dre) DO KNOW how to come down. thats why we call em LEGENDS. they are not fallin. u cant say they lost or passed their torch. they re still EM, JAY and DRE. i expect this as much as J.cole feat. Kendrick lamar & Vado shit

    yeahhh said this on December 28th, 2010 at 2:24 am

    ^^^ cosign...ppl just dickride trends...in 5+ yrs they gon be sayin the same thing about J.Cole

  • Bill


  • Jesse

    Overrated artists..

  • George Clooney

    This song's just fuckin horrible!

    The beat is even worse than Under Pressure. Em's yelling again. 50 is just trash! And Jay got bodied by Em. AGAIN. But Jay at least bodied 50. And Dre got bodied by Boi 1da, who doesn't have shit to do with it, but it is what it is. Meanwhile, J Cole just bodied 1,000 rappers in his sleep. But Jay E > J. Cole. Also, K-Dot > J.Cole. And I definitely think that Iron Man bodied Superman and Spider-man, but not Dark Knight. And Hancock was aight, if that counts.

    Fuck, I can't wait til I hear this song so that I can further dissect the shit out of it.

  • Lmao @GeorgeClooney, but these blog niggas annoy me sometimes, will you stop hating on a song before you've even heard the shit, got-damn! I'm not gonna make stupid ass predictions of whose bodying who, I'll just wait till the song drop. I'm pretty sure Dre isn't gonna fuck this up. It's called "Syllables" and all 4 rappers on it, have made classic HIP-HOP albums, I'm expecting some raw lyricism from Em & Jay at least. Dre to prolly if Em writes his verse for him. And also, 50 seems hungry as of late, and he kilt that verse on the MJ track, so don't count him out either.

  • bush

    Sorry I don't care anymore, just give us detox and hope that we like it at least a bit.

  • bush

    Looool @George clooney I laughed hard

  • Veezyy

    Fuck it. Eminem will ruin this song with his scrhyming. AHH!

  • How I Got Over

    I think Jay will come hard on this because its his chance to get rid of some of that "Em murdered you on Renegade" shit that has haunted him for years.

  • How I Got Over

    @George Clooney

  • Acid_Sav

    Jay will be dope as always. Dre and Fif will be average as always. And Em will either come with that screaming bullshit or bring some new flow again.

    Expecting a banger of a beat tho.

  • BillyClint

    does george clooney just post as other ppl to laugh at his own jokes?

    anyway lookng forward to the track...

  • Jus_Allah

    "fuck yo mean mug!"

  • Yo wife

    [OFFICIAL] This is on Eminem's Re-Recovery.

  • Looking at the artists on it its going to be dope, if em goes like he did on forever it will be dope, but i think jay will body everyone, and im a huge em, dre and 50 fan,

  • Polka

    Anyone remember "Get Your Money Right" from 2004 with Dre, Game and Jay?

    They should add Game because of this. Ha.

  • mark Geez

    50 should just do the hook...

  • fly_money

    ALL the hip hop site i know everybody hate on 50 cent.. yall know everybody was on his d*ck years agooo .. you know he can go harder then all your fav rappers

  • mark Geez

    ^^^ haha 50 is ass...


    50 is dope. Y'all just changed. He's been consistent in his material and y'all hate. Y'all just love to hate. If he switches it up y'all hate. Y'al can't love hip-hop.

    Anyways, I'm excited. Forever was a killer joint and I expect this one to be too.

    I wonder if Em and Kanye will ever work together.

  • Ow

    u all are sum fuckin 50 haters stfu i bet he murder jay on this but not em

  • Life Accordin’ to Dutch


  • Aj

    Dre ref track featuring Em and Nas just dropped - named Topless

  • Electrotherapy

    Swap 50 with Bishop Lamont and i'm cool, we all know 50 is garbage by now.

  • Poebroseph

    Not too excited that this is a Dre beat, after what I've heard from them in the past year. If it said, produced by DJ Khalil. Hell yeah.

  • The Kids

    My problem is this isn't gonna be a real Dre beat, this is gonna be a shitty Mark Batson and Luis Resto beat that is going to be buns city.

  • bstyles

    @Life Accordin' to Dutch - what classic albums? The word classic means something that is a perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless quality...so quick to inflate/hate your generation is dooomed...and learn to spell a little bit,your the reason Jigga made "Ignorant Shit" ..dumb music for dumb fans.

  • Fuck All the EM DICKRIDERS

    Everybody on here is on EM's dick TOO HARD!!! EM has fell WAYYYYY THE FUCK OFF!!! His last tight verse was back in 03-04... Both of his new albums are the most trashiest, shittiest sounding pieces of shit I've heard EVER!!! FUCK EM!!!!!


  • factormax

    em, jay, 50 all did their best work on their first albums. it's been decline for all of them since then.

  • BigHomie

    @Fuck All the EM DICKRIDERS i bet you bump lil wayne too huh?

  • Anonymous

    Gahhh... 50's going to fuck it all up.

  • Mindful

    Remove 50, insert Jay Electronica.
    that is all.

  • limassacre

    This shit will be ill stop hating 50 you homos 50 been dropping heat, sunday morning and they burn me were fire.

  • M0ns1er

    I see how everybody is hatin' on 50 but im sure he will do a dope verse. And I'm sure that the Doctor has produced a dope beat too.

  • Acid_Sav

    I wanna hear a track with all the Dre protégées - Cube, Snoop, Em, 50, Game. Throw Xzibit and Nate Dogg on there too. And maybe Bishop Lamont. Now that'll be dope.

  • 421

    i smell a disappointment

  • Typical Post

    "something something stans...something something (insert rapper) is better....something something I liked jay z before everyone"

  • Soulgay Boy

    Typical Post, i love you

    Ppl should just shut his fuckin mouth, and wait this joint. Word

  • shrugs

    Em has bodied every verse he did this year. So has Jay. 50 doin songs wit soulja boy so his verse already sucks. Nah I like that song though ha

  • Relentless904

    Guess Jay-Z's gotta have fans somewhere. Didn't know there were so many people who lost the ability to think on their own.

  • 1dopeboy

    remove 50 and add Royce Da 5'9"

    Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, Royce Da 5'9" and Eminem

  • red

    I don't know if I'll really be feeling this. Jay-Z isn't guaranteed to be on point, Eminem has the worst rapping voice/scream, Dre has been disappointing, and 50 is very hit or miss (50 is dependent on the beat imo).
    Either way I'm checking for it and hoping it doesn't disappoint.

  • George Clooney

    does george clooney just post as other ppl to laugh at his own jokes?

    BillyClint said this on December 28th, 2010 at 6:20 am

    Nice try, Matlock. But no. Guess you've never had someone respond positively to anything you've ever said internet-wise, so that shit just probably seems far-fetched to you. Anyway, you should spend less time analyzing and picking apart other dude's comments. That just some serious nerd shit.

  • mz.DrizzyCole

    i hope jayz out raps all of them >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.
    and eminem will have his angry flow as usual

  • limassacre

    Nobody even listens to 50 but everyone claims he sucks if you haven't heard they burn me or sunday morning shut your mouth. 50 is still dope

  • Hpno

    woooow I didnt kno so many 50 hatas existed lmao and FOH! 4 niggas thinkin jay is still nice SMFH Blueprint 3 is fuckin garbage Before I Self Destruct is waaaay betta and 50 been puttin out better verses then jay as of late, so jay's on MONSTER was hot?? that shit was pure ass' ya'll jus mad cuz dat white boy surpassed ur biting ass "legend", wen jay stops stealing young chris's style and comes up wit sum betta material (perferably like the black album) till then he aint shit lyrically or creatively. Em & 50>>>Jay

  • Hpno

    woooow I didnt kno so many 50 hatas existed lmao and FOH! 4 niggas thinkin jay is still nice SMFH Blueprint 3 is fuckin garbage Before I Self Destruct is waaaay betta and 50 been puttin out better verses then jay as of late, so jay’s verse on MONSTER was hot?? that shit was pure ass’ ya’ll jus mad cuz dat white boy surpassed ur biting ass “legend”, wen jay stops stealing young chris’s style and comes up wit sum betta material (perferably like the black album) till then he aint shit lyrically or creatively. Em & 50>>>Jay

  • Rezo

    Royce, Jay-Z, Em, Jay E >>>> this shit.

  • marty mcfly

    What ? I guess you guys didnt see how NY responded to EMPIRE STATE OF MIND and dont know that his book about his verses are flyin off the shelve in every book store around the country. If Jay has a wack verse then name one. Put the words up so we can all see and show me that its wack.

  • Hpno

    We are, yeah I said it, we are
    This is Roc Nation, pledge your allegiance
    Get y'all black tees on, all black everything
    Black cards, black cars, all black everything
    And our girls are blackbirds, ridin' with they dillingers
    I'd get more in depth, if you boys really real enough
    This is La Familia, I'll explain later
    But for now let me get back to this paper
    I'm a couple bands down and I'm tryin' to get back
    I gave Doug a grip, I lost a flip for five stacks
    Yeah I'm talkin' five comma
    six zeros
    dot zero
    Here it go...
    Back to runnin' circles 'round niggas
    Now we squared up
    Hold up

    @marty Mcfly Yes this verse is wack as well as the song itself.

  • The Delorean Driver

    All rhymers with Alzheimer's line up please
    All mamis with mind freeze please line up please
    All bloggers with comments please, I come in peace
    Let's see if we can kill your amnesia by the time I leave
    All mamis I hugged before'll vouch for me
    Tell 'em 'bout the time on your momma's couch mami
    All hustlers who ever, bought a eighth from me
    Take this time out, to set the record straight for me
    'Member me? Silver bullet, hard top, mentally
    They think I'm out of shape so I have to jog they memory
    Think with indelible ink, I let the pen go
    Verses permanently tattooed serve as momentos
    Uhh, I'm so mental
    My track record speaks for itself, I'm so instrumental
    Allow me to rekindle, let's all "Reminisce" like Mary did
    I think I have to send you a reminder, here it is

  • The Delorean Driver

    What the hell have y'all done
    ... to even have an opinion on what I've been doin
    What the hell have y'all won?
    ... Only thing you can identify with is losing
    Ten #1 albums in a row, who better than me?
    Only The Beatles, nobody ahead of me
    I crush Elvis and his +Blue Suede Shoes+
    Made the Rolling Stones seem sweet as Kool-Aid too
    '96, '97, '98, '99
    2000, 2001 and beyond
    Oh-two, oh-three, oh-four, oh-five
    Oh-six and seven, oh-eight, oh-nine
    Back-to-back, double plat', I did what you won't
    Men lie, women lie, numbers don't
    Ain't nothin changed for, me 'cept the year it is
    I think I have to send you a reminder, here it is

  • The Delorean Driver

    In this manila envelope, the results of my insanity
    Quack said I crossed the line between real life and fantasy
    cant it be the same, went on covers with Warren Buffett was ducking the undercovers, was warring with mothaf-ckers
    went from warring to Warren, undercovers to covers
    if you believe in that sort of love, your screws need adjusting
    in the World of no justice and black ladies on the back of buses
    I’m the Immaculate Conception of rappers slash hustlers
    my God, it’s so hard to conceive
    but it all falls perfect, I’m like autumn is to trees
    Uh, the doc interrupted
    he scribbled a prescription for some Prozac
    he said “take that for your mustard”
    boy, you must be off your rocker if you think you’ll make it off the strip before they Pac ya,
    n-gga you gotta be psychotic or mixing something potent with your vodka
    It takes a lot to shock us but you being so prosperous is preposterous
    how could this nappy headed boy from out the project
    Be the apple of America’s obsession?
    you totally disconnected with reality, don’t believe in dreams
    since when did black men become kings?

  • fly_Moneya

    YALL HATE TO MUCH ON 50 CENT GO LISTEN TO " sunday morning " and " they burn me " he dope on this tracks .. HATER HATER HATER

  • Hpno

    @The Delorean Driver, Funny thing is I like that song Reminder and you wana talk #'s? Jay'z 11 albums combined only sold 26 mil, Eminem's 6 albums combined sold over 80 mil so the 11 #1 albums dont mean shit, 96 NOBODY was payin ANY attention to jay it was all B.I.G. 2pac and Nas, 97 wasnt his either, 98 was DMX's Its dark and hell is hot and Big Pun's Capital Punishment, 99-02 was ALL EM #'s wise and 03 was 50's year. I aint gota say nuttin else, I proved that jay got wack verses.

  • Dolo

    I Used To Love H.E.R...
    Ya'll Sound More Like Critics Than Fans.
    U Can Blame Artist All U Want For The Condition Of Hip Hop But With "Fans" Like Ya'll I Wouldn't Be Motivated To Drop Anything.Especially When Ya'll Get It For Free Then Still Shit On It.& When It's Not Free Ya'll Throw Hissy Fits As If Something Was Owed To You.

  • red

    Thank you for setting the conspiracy theorists and haters in line The Delorean Driver.

  • hmmop

    how does 11 #1 albums mean that nobody was paying attention to him? they payed so much attention to him hes almost a fuckin billionare.

  • marty mcfly

    @Hpno If 11 albums that sold 26million copies dont mean shit ? Then that tells me where your head is at. @ red , its all good. If you didnt already go back to a sitdown with Premier and pete rock c- section and check out my version of ILLMATIC 2.

  • Hpno

    I was comparing numbers wit anotha rapper in case u cant fuckin read, and @hmmop I said in 1996 NOBODY was payin attention to jay, he didnt really pop off till Vol.2 and the hood was not listening to that bullshit ass album, jay is nice no doubt but he was never at any point in his career the best rapper, Idgaf about his financial status Im judging solely THE MUSIC and jay's music has been gettin progressively wack, either agree or disagree but jay will NEVA be the god mc. @marty mcfly as far as the 26 mil I was sayin dat it took jay 11 albums to sell more then 26 mil when Em has sold over 80 mil on only 6 albums, compared to Em's #'s JAYS #'s AINT SHIT, u get me now ~_~

  • marty mcfly

    This is what it is , being the best rapper in the game is based on peoples opinion. There is no such thing as the best in the game. Different rappers have different effects on people. I can relate to Jay z because his story makes sense to ME because ive had to hustle to put food on the table. I cant relate to Em because im not from his world. You said nobody payed attention to Jay in his early career ? I did , lets leave it at that and you cant be getting worse if your last album had Empire State of Mind and a few other heat rocks like Already Home. Keep it real.

  • red

    Marty Mcfly that Illmatic 2 tracklist was out of control. I'd buy 5 of that CD haha.

  • marty mcfly

    Thanx red , I was just playin wit that idea. Hey @BillyClint , I made that tracklist cause I thought you would get a kick out of it. Check it out

  • red

    Haha thanks for those pictures Ohshit. I didn't realize Meka was rocking dreads.

    I thought it was real good photography too (not that I know anything about photography though).

  • The Delorean Driver

    In MY opinion , Reasonable is the greatest lyrical ( 22 twos ) album of all time. In terms of explaining the hustler mentality. 2nd , In My Lifetime vol 1 is the greatest sequel to a classic album. For being able to tell the story of what happens to the huslta after he becomes successful. Also for having untouchable lyrical songs. Like- A million and one questions/Rhyme no more , The city is mine , imaginary playa , streets is watchin , friend or foe , lucky me , Rap game/ Crack game , Where im from and You must love me. His other albums all the way up to BP3 have other classic songs ( Beach chair ) on them as well. Jay z is the best Jeweler in the game for droppin a gem on em almost everytime he talks. Ok now in done. Have a nice day.

  • My bad

    Reasonable Doubt that is..

  • EMINEM & NAS & DR. DRE - TOPLESS click my name for link

  • dj xcel

    here is the link for the song..http://usershare.net/w1c9us0pyb10

  • Jon

    Add Stat Quo and Cashis to the guest list. Probably recorded in 2007.

  • OJ Marley

    Idky mo'fuckas even post a comment on a topic they dislike.

  • Manick

    2Pac, Scratch, Pimp C, Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Eazy-E, Jam Master Jay, Rick James, Soulja Slim, Michael Jackson, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Proof (Of D-12) & Notorious B.I.G. could collaberate on a song & still none of y’all world hatin’ music dissecting pieces of not-to-God’s-impossible-standards-having pieces of shit’s worst diarheah comment having bitch made, waste of a perfectly good condom faggot fairies understand good music… Kanye… Tech N9ne… Eminem… Dr. Dre… Jay-Z… Lupe Fiasco… Nope!!!!!!!! Everyone on this site has NO respect for a masterpiece & this refers to the Eminem, Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, Stat Quo & Ca$his song “Syllable”… “Suck A Dick Up ‘Til U Hickup”…
    BTW that was a post to draw your attention to this one, y’all think these guys are doing this just for u. They do it bc they love the art, not like most of the waste of flesh rappers out like the ones that actually ruin the art. Y’all kill rap cuz u wont support good rappers bc they’re not perfect. I’m sorry but Jesus Christ, Alah, Budda don’t rap! Support the ones that make it & maybe something will change… FAGGOTS!!! BITCH TITS!!! BUCK FUTTAS!!!

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