Vast Aire - Sour Diesel f. Double A.B. (Video)

Directed by RML.

Off Vast's upcoming album, OX 2010: Street Odyssey, dropping this February on Man Bites Dog Records.

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  • http://WWW.2DOPEBOYZ.COM BillyClint

    wow aint heard from dude in a while

  • Bizbeagle

    just watched out of curiosity to see how they would flip the beginning into a sample, and they actually did a pretty damn nice job.

  • NahWrong

    LB OK!

  • Myke C-Town

    Typically I think Vast Aire is one of the worst rappers on Earth. The only thing he did that I can tolerate is the original Cannibal OX album (which is amazing). That being said...this was actually pretty decent. However, I don't understand how the hell he's calling his album Ox 2010. No Vordul and no El means no Ox. Sorry.

  • Skull Kid

    He has some pretty good shit outside of Cold Vein, although that's his undisputed pinnacle as an emcee. This song is a lot more syplistic than anything from the Can-Ox album (compare the drug references / wordplay here versus those on "Painkillers"), but it still has flashes of the old Vast. Both this and that Cappadonna track have me fairly optimistic for the new album. Which of course means that I'll hate it.

  • JD

    So MAN BITES DOG is officially where all the clowned rappers end up.

  • Berp Willie

    hell yea vast kills that shit


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