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Eminem – Syllables f. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Ca$his & Stat Quo

blame it on JES7 December 28, 2010

Does this mean Detox is now a possible reality? Only time will tell. Enjoy this early New Years gift. SHAKE UPDATE: Don’t get too excited (or heated)… this track is a few years old. Still dope though.

DOWNLOAD: Eminem – Syllables f. Jay-Z, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent, Ca$his & Stat Quo | Alt. Link

BONUS: Dr. Dre – Topless f. Eminem & Nas [Reference #2]

  • Steve

    Oh snap.

  • C.B.


  • 421


  • CT

    whoops thumbs it down by accident this shit is dope

  • sbizzle


  • lilboy631

    Dope, is Jay-Z really stepping his rhymes up? Eminem & Jay-Z >>>>>

  • 123

    y’all forgot Cashis tho lol he on there to

  • this shit is actually tough if u listen to the lyrics thats y the beat is so simple and the chorus is so weak because they want u to focus more on wut they r talkin about

  • TE

    Very clever record, its piss take about todays music industry, if the lyrics dont give it away, maybe the claps, cheesy toms, queer hook might do. Clever record.

  • Evan292

    this sounds like Eminem circa Re-Up



  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

    wtf is this shit

  • Ohshit

    Hov >>>> 50 >>> Dre >>> EM

    Honestly, the first three went pretty hard, typical drugged Em verse tho

  • 2005

    this about 5 years old?

  • sbizzle

    opening beats of the rick roll song: “SHORTY I LOVE YOU, AND YOU LOVE ME TOO”

    what the fuck?????????

  • BOi

    man this shit iz hot as fuck i love 50 verse em went in & jay dre couldve keep his verse & em killed it with the sangin this shit riding nigga

  • Fink

    Think back when you first heard tracks off Chronic 2001…Relate that to how you feel about this track. Not hating…definitely not a bad track…but Dre waited too long. His first track with Jay-Z last year caught no hype. Kush is getting radioplay but no one considers it Dre caliber and this song is too bland. I’m dissapointed and apathetic towards this whole album

  • M.I.

    This is from 06… Jay got the kingdom come flow. Dr dre references 30 something

  • Kapono

    these niggas would drop anything and yall would love i but this shit right here is TRASH

  • fr

    look who’s talkin!!

  • Brad

    @sbizzle shut your hatin’ ass up bitch

  • ohshit


    opening beats of the rick roll song: “SHORTY I LOVE YOU, AND YOU LOVE ME TOO”

    what the fuck?????????

    sbizzle said this on December 28th, 2010 at 7:12 pm

    Obviously the song went over at least one person’s head…

  • gotdamn


  • Ralph 44 Sampson

    *waits for the ignorant dipshits to not get it and complain about the chorus & beat*

    And ya’ll who complain about Detox will praise it once it drops

  • sbizzle

    HATIN? NIGGA USERIOUS, I don’t like 1 track

    i fuck wit em, dre, jay, all them niggaz

    but this right here is some old ass TRL trash, we waitin on new music in this scene BRUH

  • AJ

    Sounds like its from a few years ago, still dope

  • red

    This was so dope! Much better than I expected since they all came hard.
    Thank you Eminem for not yelling.

    That intro is hilarious just because its so fucking true.

  • sbizzle


  • AllOfTheLights

    sounds like relapses em, which sucks, but the lyrics are on point, if you don’t like then this song is dedicated to you.

  • epic

    dope I just wish Royce was on it

  • sbizzle

    very funny eminem, now lets get a cdq of i need a doctor of that supposed cocain ft. jazmine sullivan or alicia keys or whatever the hell that was

  • Typical Post

    “something something disappointing….jay electronica > artists on this track…..i liked all these rappers before they mad music”

  • dontcomebackto2DBZ

    Haha sbizzle “we waitin on new music in this scene BRUH”. Could you sound any more like a fag?

  • jobie

    sounds like an old eminem verse(he isnt screaming), overall record is ok. Nice concept.

  • Sikh

    this shits from 2007….

  • sbizzle

    hey go back to watching mock videos on youtube and laughing your ass off, if i hear em dre and jay-z on a track i don’t care if the lyrical content is amazing…. I WANT A HOT FIRE FUCKING BEAT and a SURE BANGER in the trunk… i am not going to ride with my boys listening to this joint right here, or even with the window down the hook is just embarassing…

  • OldShit

    Thia has to be really old. Em’s verse: “Ashley’s got a brand new nose” Reference to Ashley Simpson’s nose job? That happened like 5 years ago. That and the fact he uses the accent.

  • sbizzle

    u eminem nutriders are seriously pathetic, u want something good go play MBDTF again

  • Yo

    It’s aight. Nothing epic like the line-up seems like it should be.

  • The hooking is to show what every single hook sounds like nowadays. Lmao.

  • red

    Sbizzle teenagers drive the music scene because people between the ages of 13-25 are what clubs, radio stations, television, etc try to sell their music to.
    I have a hunch that Jay-Z, Eminem, Dr. Dre, and 50 Cent keep teenagers in mind when they release music (particularly singles).

    To be honest, I have no problem with pop music and radio rap when the situation calls for it because I can offset all the bullshit with much more thoughtful music another time.

    If someone believes that rap/hip hop is entirely garbage then they aren’t digging deep enough.

  • sbizzle = gay emo faggot

    @OldShit yeah because this song isn’t new its a few years old

  • Ahkidagreat

    10-5 years ago this might’ve been BIG lets be real Who cares??

  • a

    Dre needs to shut his old mouth

  • B18


  • Sbawn

    This shit is mad old.. you can just tell from the way Eminem and the rest are rapping. I don’t know.. doesn’t make sense.

  • LonelyStoner

    man who gives a fuck if its new or old either download the shit and vibe to it or move the fuck on with your day u fuckin faggot ass niggas

  • Acid_Sav

    i remember Stat talkin about this back in ’06… i think it was supposed to be on Statlanta. Hov MURKED this shit… always felt his Kingdom Come flow. 50 was also surprisingly dope. Em and Dre were cool, so were Stat and Cashis.

    Bottom line, this is dope with a good concept. Dig it.

  • yessir

    dre’s verse is garbage

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters


  • Castro

    Im considering this an unofficial Gucci Mane diss

  • DisBro

    @sbizzle thats why you have no taste

  • BOi

    fuck outta here shake the singing dope as hell it fits the way the beat drops




  • SharkWithWings

    Eminem super-rehashing for the 15th time that sarcastic boy-band R & B singing… except for that and Dre’s verse, and 50’s verse this was a straight song… ha, I guess that’s just Em and Jay, who’s surpised?

  • butseriously

    this is hot

  • Detroit89

    Nas Killed it. and i know it is old. but dope is timeless

  • dasdas

    50 was a beast back in da days.. damn

  • kwame

    TRASH!!!!!!!!!!bt this is the em i used to know.no yelling like a fool.funny how recovery is the same pop shit he’s bashing here,

  • kwame

    and oh…NaS kilt it!!!!!GOAT!!

  • amash

    @kwame yeah man you’re right, but look at jay’s verse. until most people learn to apreciate real shit again it just aint worth ditching the bull format the dumbasses dig. look at the chef and ob4cl2, which was dope and people liked it, but u ask any bitch on the street who raekwon is she’ll b like “what the guy on gorgeous?”

  • SC

    gay-z and the other fag are a wack, only listenin to this for the Dre beat

  • SLiM

    Just appreciate some good music, we don’t get it often.

  • SwishasNKush

    this shit just plain out sucks.

  • dirtysixchambers

    i miss the old 50. he ripped this verse, i don’t care what anyone says.

  • wow

  • rh

    how can u hate diz?

  • CalHipHopHead

    This is such a lazy and boring beat

  • Mike

    Jay Z needs that NY flow back wen resonable doubt

  • Mike

    Eminem topped. 50 sounds wack on this but on sunday morning he sounds dope, 50 rap waht u believe in.

  • Gordon B.

    Drugged up Em is very disappointing, I’m used to fire these days and didn’t even remember how bad it used to be around 2k5.
    People don’t seem to realize that this is obviously years old.

  • kwame

    [email protected] Real talk yo.the verses are mostly dope especially the 1st three but once that em hook kicks in,its boring…And you’re right.We complain about hiphop is wack now yet look at Distant relatives or Apollo Kids or OB4CL2.Niggas be bootleggin tha shit out of that shit.^shrug^

  • Jon

    Syllables track is a dope concept. Simple Dre beat, like The Warning to focus on the lyrics.

    Prefer T.I.’s verse on Topless. Track should go: Dre (T.I’s verse), Nas, Dre (Eminem’s verse)

  • Onederin

    Dope track they made. Should be on the radio. Teach the kids something.
    I hope they finish that reference track.

  • Bob

    Jay-z makes this shit look so easy.

  • limassacre

    And everyone hates 50 but he always delivers tight verse my man

  • T

    Hmm idk, guess I’m cool wit it. 50 fell off but is it just me or does his verse on this remind anyone of GRODT days?

  • barchy

    looooooooooool @ shorty i love youuu hook
    this is so fucking sick

  • How I Got Over

    This is actually pretty good, stop expecting every track to be a classic, it doesn’t happen that way.

  • RU210

    This is dope. I’m gonna say Em had blonde hair when this was recorded lol

  • DjComa

    if you didnt catch that the chorus was a joke than you stoopid… “it is not about lyrics anymore”

  • coop

    lmao @ru210 but fer real jays verses been on point lately. i kno this isnt even new but still

  • kromre

    not that it matters but i’d place this ’07/’08… i remember hearing something bout this back when it was “my syllable” or some bull (along with norman bates motel, wtf happend to that). also heard “king mathers” in there somewhere which was thrown around a lot as the new em album title b4 relapse

  • hip hop

  • van city

    wtf is this so awd…

  • HD

    You can click the name

  • Fuck y’all

    On another note… Stat Quo sucks bad. Even Ca$his was better.

  • This aint that B. Pumper shit mayne sooo…


    and I aint ever heard any weaker rhymes than this yuh heard

  • Dereus

    Please do not say 50 ruined this track he was making the same statement as Em Jay and Dre.. His point was not to say anything in the track but not get you to notice. If you feel as though his verse was horrible you just made his point and like he said “you aint even listening and I just took your money.”

  • Brocho Cinco

    I was expecting a banger, but this track is sick. It seems like Eminem recorded this for Relapse but then realized he is basically dissing every other song on the album, so he scratched it.

  • wtf

    Wow…i didn’t know stans could be THAT delusional, dont any of you EVER talk about “Real Rap” again. You will say ANYTHING to defend your hero and jack him off while doing so.

  • limassacre

    Norman Bates motel is Psycho by 50 Cent & Eminem

  • hmmop

    this song is pretty interesting

  • J

    “Syllables” is just a simple mockery of how music was back in ’07 when the music on the radio was overtly simplistic. The approach was half-assed just like the music on the radio then so I like that. If some of you don’t understand that, then it is what it is.

    The “Topless” joint is smooth as hell. I hear that same boom-boom smack approach on the beat that Dre always feels comfortable doing. I still refuse to judge a project until it’s released, so I’ll bump this and other reference joints until “Detox” is released in it’s entirety.

  • kromre

    oh yeah makes sense

  • frostythekid

    no lie, but the hook is catchy.

  • wtf

    J your forgetting that Eminem was as BAD as the music he tried to mock during that whole period. This isnt bad by accident, its bad because Eminem was fucking bad during this period and didnt know how to make a good song to save his fucking life. Fucking stan faggot.

  • james dean

    yikes…. i guess the fact that the song clearly states in the beginning that the beat will be wack and the hook awful missed a few people

  • Don’t worry about it

    It wouldn’t kill Meka or Shake to start filtering out the garbage. Just sayin.

  • h

    Sounds dated

  • Don’t worry about it

    @James Dean They made a wack track on purpose to talk about wack tracks. Wow. I’m sure that was real difficult and took loads of thought to do….

  • wtf

    You fucking stans cant be seriously saying they made a bad track…they tried to have a bad beat and chorus and tried to kill it with their lyrics. They were just fucking garbage…Eminem was rapping like this on EVERY track at the time, and he was drugged the fuck up and failed miserably. Yet you fucking stans conviently avoid mentioning that, this is why i want white people out of Hip Hop.

  • Ryan

    Nas goes in on the second song. GOAT.

  • Electric

    CAN YA’LL NOT READ WTF?! YOU GUYS KEEP SAYING “THIS SOUNDS OLD” blah blah Shake has already made it clear that this song is a couple years old

  • Will

    Topless is just Em doing Dre’s verse just like that unfinished version of Crack a Bottle.

  • marty mcfly

    Wow this song is really bad and the sleepy beat is trash. I get the concept of the song but if I was one of these guys , I could not leave the studio until the song was BIG. You got 4 powerful mcs on here and they just gave us this light work. Im mad because I thought they would go in just to make good energy for Detox but this is a failure. The other two artist on this are cool but they dont need to be on this , that move was outta place. The flows aint bad but we all know what these guys are capable of and they didnt deliver.

  • Anybody who disses the hook & hook, this song went over their fucking head, and they are dumbasses. On the other hand, I like this shit

  • *hook & BEAT

  • 7 star

    marty mcfly obviously doesnt get it.

  • marty mcfly

    @ 7 star no I got it I just dont like it…

  • mmkayy

    no lie, but the hook is catchy.

    frostythekid said this on December 28th, 2010 at 8:58 pm


    srsly tho i dont like Em’s Re-up flow but he’s verse is dope…everyones verse is dope but i understand why Em neva released it

  • dontcomebackto2DBZ

    I want black people out of hip hop because of Gucci Mane and Waka Flocka Flame.
    Is that fair?


    This is dope! Everyone came correct. Y’all crazy. Beat could be improved but that’s part of the point of the song. Y’all ain’t listening.

  • wtf


    what would hiphop be without black people? just a bunch of crackers looking stupid

  • dontcomebackto2DBZ

    I suppose you’ve got a point. I guess your post was so ignorant I could only reply with more ignorance.

  • these both is dope cats is trippin! West West

  • jason

    It’s cool, nothing special. But why is Em talking about about how dumbing down music when he’s done the same thing???

  • Poebroseph

    Ignorant people complaining about the track, they don’t understand it. It’s Hot, if you’re too stupid don’t listen. And to whoever said that this is “Relapse” Eminem…..This is def. “Re-Up” flow. Plus Stat Quo is on the track. And i never thought about Royce, but he would kill this.

  • Jason

    @Brocho “It seems like Eminem recorded this for Relapse but then realized he is basically dissing every other song on the album, so he scratched it.”

    Couldn’t agree more lol.

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish

    The message good to the song, Its cool tho

  • Poebroseph

    Btw. I don’t know how you can hate on Shady in 05′. “RE-Up”. “No Apologies” was on some real shit. Ya’ll just forget.

  • ATOM

    Good sentiments don’t equal a good track, but it was around when Em was on drug-induced Encore trip. Jay’s got the only decent verse. I’m apathetic to Detox but I would love to be pleasantly surprised, assuming it does actually come out next year.

  • iamsylar

    the people that are hating on this shit are exactly what they’re talking about in the song. clean your ears tards. go listen to gucci mane haha.
    Ca$his went hard.

  • sayWORD

    SMDH. I told yall niggas this would disappoint.

  • I’m tired of all these foo’s…

  • Em looks like Wllen in that pic

  • marty mcfly

    If Em jay z dre and 50 rhymed over the topless beat about how they turned their music into an empire and about the impact they made on the game. Now that would have been crazy !!!

  • Em looks like Ellen in that pic

  • Ha! I just made it go 313 thumbs up.

  • factormax

    i’m tired of this shit bashing the music industry. hip-hop is not dead, it’s just hiding… look around a little and you can find sick tunes much more progressive, innovative, and creative than what was coming out in the 90’s. i don’t care if the masses like to listen to dumb ass bullshit

  • Sam Cooke

    I strongly believe the guy whos gonna balance this game back out and push the reset button on the culture is in the mountain dew commercial at the top of this page…

  • Huh

    @EliPorter aren’t you retarded? what was that shit on your chin in that one interview you did where you fried 50 tyson?


    this is a great track, its so funny how they mention the exact same things in this song that yall hating on here. If u want something to go to club for then move right along coz not every song has to be a club banger and this is what the song tryna say

  • red

    Clearly not enough snares, 808s, and underwater Boi-1da effects for the people talking shit haha.

    In all seriousness the song could have been more vicious, but for the message it was trying to get across the song is really good.

  • megatron

    ^ Now you know you guys are lying. If J. Cole and Jay Elec made this song, yall know everybody would be calling it wack. But noooooooo. Since they’re “legends” they get a pass.

    smh this is wack and I, like countless other people, were expecting way more.

  • WTF?!

    the production on this track is annoying…verses spit sound like they were half assed.they all couldve came 100x harder than they did on this track..cmon..dre..50 ..eminem and JAY-Z?!?! i was expectin somethin more along the lines of Renegade..o well..another fail in my book.

  • D

    Damn that reference track is DOPE!!!!! So dissapointed we will never hear Dre spit that verse now that it’s leaked.

  • tyler d

    haters gonna hate. this is dope. could have been epic, but it’s still bangin’

  • eint

    kapono you hawaiian faggot!

  • So they got rid of ti on topless? His verse was nice hopefully they can put all 3 on the detox version, if it makes it to the album.

  • aNTHO

    this song is AMAZING fuck the haters

  • marty mcfly

    I never want to hear this beat or hook again. Good thing that nobodys gonna rap over this beat like lil waynes 6’7 cause this has got to be one of the worst beats ever created.

  • mmkayy

    Btw. I don’t know how you can hate on Shady in 05′. “RE-Up”. “No Apologies” was on some real shit. Ya’ll just forget.

    Poebroseph said this on December 28th, 2010 at 10:17 pm

    ^^^^^actually Em wrote that song ‘The Eminem Show’ 8 mile era cos he spit it as a freestyle somewhere…prolly recorded it around then too cos his voice aint the same as the rest of Re-Up

    its pretty funny tho Em makin this song…couple of years later he does the exact opposite on Recovery….what changed?


    its pretty funny tho Em makin this song…couple
    of years later he does the exact opposite on
    Recovery ….what changed?
    mmkayy said this on December 29th, 2010 at
    12:24 am
    * *** **

    so u saying Recovery is made up of just beats and simple choruses? Maybe u should have another listen because he has some of the greatest lyrics on that album, for me it was just the production that i sometimes found weak.
    As i said this is a gud song for what its suppose to mean, it could be a couple of years old but it couldnt be more relevent rite now

  • The secret service of hip hop

    Man I love some dusty backpacker shit just like the records executives that pay radio to play soulja boy do but if Em Jay Dre and 50 would have made a club song I would have been cool with that. If these dudes would have rapped over the lloyd banks start it up beat , Im sure people wouldnt be mad. Jay and Em did the same type of song like this ten years ago with Renegade.

  • mmkayy

    @ruthless wasnt talknin about the WHOLE recovery album… im talkn shit like Love the way u lie… dont get heated lool im just sayin the Em that made this song wud neva of made that track wit Rihanna

  • Patrick

    this is the eminem we all loved and adored..

  • lol

    you know what is funny about all these haters? it doesn’t matter because now we have a point system that shows how people really feel about this shit. late. Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t.

  • ashdhjasg

    “So you want the chatroom or the house on Malibu” -Jay-Z…….lol too eassy for HOV!

    “So you want the chatroom or the house on Malibu” -Jay-Z…….lol too eassy for HOV!

    “So you want the chatroom or the house on Malibu” -Jay-Z…….lol too eassy for HOV!

    “So you want the chatroom or the house on Malibu” -Jay-Z…….lol too eassy for HOV!

  • The secret service of hip hop

    Numbers dont lie but they also dont always tell the truth.

  • Rio$

    lol @ everyone knowing it’s old and now saying “it’s not what i expected”……….. FAIL @ your expectations, if this was actually knew ya’ll would be wet but of course saying wtf is cashis and quo doing on here

  • ScottyG

    both songs are great, loved the first reference with t.i., that beat is amazing

  • KMA

    …mofo haters still talkin shit >>>>> This shit burned them raw asses to ash !! so shut your fuckin yapper

  • George Clooney

    I just clicked hate on this shit 75 times. That’s how much I want to hate on this track! Fuck everything!

  • ayo

    i dont see 50 hater’s

  • who cares

    wow what do you know…it’s disappointing :/
    Fuck this I give up. I’m stickin’ to old skoo and underground. Not even gonna pay attention to new mainstream

  • I like Topless more. Track is sick.

  • WPG

    The fact that it’s supposed to be conceptual doesn’t excuse Em’s complete lack of lyricism.

  • WPG_is_GAY

    Em doesn’t have a lack of lyricism. You have a lack of a brain you fat moron.

  • Em spittin’ a verse that he ghostwrote for Dre again. he’s going to get tight about that one too. Just like Crack a Bottle

  • Manick

    2Pac, Scratch, Pimp C, Bob Marley, Aaliyah, Left Eye, Eazy-E, Jam Master Jay, Rick James, Soulja Slim, Michael Jackson, Ol’ Dirty Bastard, Proof (Of D-12) & Notorious B.I.G. could collaberate on a song & still none of y’all world hatin’ music dissecting pieces of not-to-God’s-impossible-standards-having pieces of shit’s worst diarheah comment having bitch made, waste of a perfectly good condom faggot fairies understand good music… Kanye… Tech N9ne… Eminem… Dr. Dre… Jay-Z… Lupe Fiasco… Nope!!!!!!!! Everyone on this site has NO respect for a masterpiece & this refers to the Eminem, Dr.Dre, Jay-Z, Stat Quo & Ca$his song “Syllable”… “Suck A Dick Up ‘Til U Hickup”…
    BTW that was a post to draw your attention to this one, y’all think these guys are doing this just for u. They do it bc they love the art, not like most of the waste of flesh rappers out like the ones that actually ruin the art. Y’all kill rap cuz u wont support good rappers bc they’re not perfect. I’m sorry but Jesus Christ, Alah, Budda don’t rap! Support the ones that make it & maybe something will change… FAGGOTS!!! BITCH TITS!!! BUCK FUTTAS!!!

  • Veezyy

    Nice to hear Eminem when he is not yelling!

    A very big let down to hear him sing tho! So fucking lame.

  • dont like the song or the hook, but thats the way its supposed to be, its great they all did well on the verse

  • Yo wife

    Stop hatin on this
    Dre bodied gay-z, once again
    50 and em are decent.

    Topless is sick as fuck. Ill record

  • I get what they were trying to accomplish with “Syllables” but that’s why it was never released until today. Its more of an anthem for themselves then something that should be released. The production value is atrocious. Just because it was intended to be that way, as a statement against pop beats, doesn’t make it good. The Eminem chorus is garbage. He intended it to be garbage in a mocking way. Does that make it genius? No. The lyrics are cool and everyone does well in their own right, but the content is all over the place. Eminem Jay-Z and Dre are the only ones actually staying on the topic of the state hip hop. 50 Cent and the other guys come in and talk about random shit and how hard they are more than the subject of hip hop.

    They get their point across but that doesn’t necessarily mean its a good song.

  • B Pumper

    these niggies need to get me on this track mane….i reps it real hood my nig

  • hat

    dissapointed but only em and jay stayed on topic

  • Toronto

    I’m shocked no one has said 50 killed it cause he really did…

  • fly_Money

    look if you wasnt a hater you would know that 50 cent got the best flow on this one .. but yall hate so much damn hip hop dead cuz this world got just haters

  • it’s amusing how you guys love this concept track, of making a “wack track” to diss “wack tracks”. YET whenever the exact same type of concept song (and honestly much better) Charles Hamilton released “I HATE PARTIES” it was on this same blog and the majority of you fruits hated on it.

    Aren’t you glad you REALLY listened to the music?


  • Coroner

    Yeah yeah old track just like the two track with Stat Qou that came out this Summer…

    The concept and lyrics is genius! This shoulda come out back then!! I wuolda been fuckin happy with this!
    Now this track brings back the old memories about that period of time…

  • Poebroseph

    ^^^^^actually Em wrote that song ‘The Eminem Show’ 8 mile era cos he spit it as a freestyle somewhere…prolly recorded it around then too cos his voice aint the same as the rest of Re-Up

    its pretty funny tho Em makin this song…couple of years later he does the exact opposite on Recovery….what changed?

    mmkayy said this on December 29th, 2010 at 12:24 am

    I agree mostly, I think now that i’ve listened a couple times im gonna have to settle and say that his flow from this is from around the “Encore” era. “The Eminem Show” was too damn good for the verse in syllables.

  • Stephen A. Smith

    Haters gon’ hate but Ca$his went in on this shit…

  • this sounds like em’s verse was recorded in 05/06, sounds like it might have been part of the re-up sessions.

  • XVfan12

    With a lineup like this it disappoints. Alright track nonetheless.

  • ayo

    u got this song for free and u complain about it? you guys are motherfucking herbs u guys fucking suck.how can u hate on it or why would u hate on it?this shit is sick..everybodys on point

  • 2dope

    who else thinks this sounds like eminem around his Encore album years? so this is pretty old im guessing

  • Being frank…Sinatra!

    New Eminem ft jasmine sullivan-cocainehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRASMiV1gCk

  • George Clooney

    Stop hatin on this
    Dre bodied gay-z, once again
    50 and em are decent.
    Topless is sick as fuck. Ill record

    Yo wife said this on December 29th, 2010 at 6:24 am
    Perfect example of a “SMH comment”.

    Most of you just need to stop using the word “bodied” altogether. It just brings out the whole “I’m a douchebag who doesn’t really know shit about rap” in you.

    But yeah, Topless could have been a great Dre song. I liked the T.I. reference track better than Em’s though. And it’s rare that T.I. outshines Em.

  • Rezo

    It’s really just about who’s gettin the most moola. And that’s 50. Plus he’s a lot more handsome than those other cats.

  • Rezo

    My bad, I meant more buff. Jay has the weakest bod by far. But in certain lighting he looks alright. I don’t really see the camel thing. Em’s got that weird chin thingy that takes his shit down a notch.

  • Mr.Mariyani

    This track is so wack, based upon the feat artists you would think it would be an instant hit!

    This is a weak offering from the Aftermath camp, I hope Dre doesn’t have lots of Eminem feats on his Detox album.

  • Rezo


  • f

    HOLY SHIT, I heard about this track a long ass time ago, now i know why Eminem never released this — JAY KILLED HIM!!!

  • Mecha Shark

    I find it hysterically ironic that Eminem would talk about dumbing down his content, followed by another mainstreamer (Jay Z), on a Dr. Dre track. I’m not saying what they’ve been doing is completely garbage quality (see Soulja Boy, Webbie, Waka Flocka, etc) but it sure as hell qualifies as mainstream music.

    They way the track ended up just goes to show which market they’re aiming for. Leave the real music to the underground artists, the clubs are waiting for you.

  • Mecha Shark – Correction


  • Alexis

    This song go hard
    I like how they made a stupid typical hook
    that you would be hearing on the radio.
    Ya’ll dumb ass people think they just
    suck at making hooks.

  • Gumby

    Eminem Speaks the Fuckin Truth!

  • iusedtolovehim

    Syllabels is dope but it’s old so not suprising, the hook was wack but that was the point. Topeless was dope hook was super weak. A hook ties a song together whether we like it or not.

    I couldn’t agree more with mecha shark I think it’s ironic that Em is talking about dumbing down a song. Look at what he’s doing now, and all for what? To sell a record. Also, 50? Come on king of dumbing down tracks.

  • @isuedtolovehim ewww nigga you gay

  • iusedtolovehim

    Hey genius! I’m a chick. Smh.

  • DopeBoy

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about, it’s a decent replayable track from the volt.

    – Just because it’s not newly made doesn’t make it not good.

    Could have imagined this being on Encore or Relapse, maybe not Recovery or the other albums.

  • 50 Cent Killed All These Niggas On This Track

  • Young Mo Fo


    He didnt dumb down his tracks.. Listen to the whole album.
    He definitely changed his sound (as far as production) but he still has that lyrical craziness that he did right after ‘The Eminem Show’. I think the difference that makes everyone notice is that he doesn’t necessarily rap about the same topics as before, and he doesnt use the same types of beats anymore. H still hasn’t dumbed down his music, now 50 Cent on the other hand…

  • Budda

    this shit is cranking, and anybody who says otherwise does not like real rap with real lyrics……

  • truth

    everyone sayin its wack but they’re not LISTENING! thats the whole point of the song, for people to LISTEN! listen to what they are saying they did the hook that way to mimic all the trash songs that are out. the song is about lyricism so just fucking listen to what they are saying.

  • CrackYah

    em kinda sounds like a cracked out jake from adventure time when hes singing

  • J

    @WTF – I’m late on the reply b/c I came to download the “Topless” joint. I didn’t say anything about liking the song at all. Nor did I disregard that Em has made a bad song, because he has. Encore itself is a prime example of a collection of bad songs. I suggest you re-read what I said and then formulate a correct response instead of developing a rant that is brought on from other comments.

  • J

    And btw, FUCK YOU BITCH! You ain’t better than me, I’ll end your life pussy.

  • Mikee_

    200th comment .

    & yes this was necessary

  • SPank (Divided Souls Ent)

    Thanks for this one. This is a nice joint for sure. PEace and GOD BLESS