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Mitchy Slick – Heads Will Roll f. Menace

blame it on Shake December 30, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Mitchy Slick – Heads Will Roll f. Menace (prod. Shawneci) | Alt Link

  • BillyClint

    this is as embarressing as the pic

    shake y did u post this.

  • james

    BillyClint, shut your hater mouth . nothing about this song or the picture are embarressing at all. what is embarreessing is your stupid ignorant closemind comment. stop hating on the west coast . you are hating on mitchy slick for being himself & the westcoast lifestyle. that is some of ignorant thinking .

  • HIGHlarity

    Didn’t ESSO have this same sample on The Anti-Socialite like 6 months ago? His version is shitting on this one right here

  • Rena1ssance

    i produced the version that @Esso did back in May of 2010. shouts to the west tho. the sample is a good sample.. let’s keep the creativity up.. Y&I MEDIA.. the game is ours…

  • DJ Premier

    wow your comment was even more embarrassing then the song James

  • chanimal

    gotta agree on the pic…nothin gangster about an oversized lv purse

  • h810

    first off. esso is wack. and second its called luggage you non-traveling ass bum.

  • Diego

    Mitchy’ll beat dat shit out one a yall parents internet bloggin ass niggaz with his blunt in his mouth da whole time. Clack clack clack clack clack clack clack

  • RIKO


  • thisshitiswackNEXTplease

    Wack, next

  • NephewOfUncleRuckus

    Shake, this site is really slow lately. There has been two Eminem tracks that leaked. “Difficult” and “Fly Away”

  • Varsityballin

    wrongkind on the grind!

    klack klack klack klack!

  • mike

    “OK mitchy, for this picture, I want you to squat down, hold onto my wife purse, take off your new era so we can see so that nappy hair…umm….wait put this long silver chain with a cross on it around your neck…and umm lets bring in my 1999 chevy that has shiny things on the wheels….ok make a face at the camera like you just farted something nasty…ok perfect!” *flash* *sends to 2DB*

  • macey

    I wonder how many times ‘louis’ has been said in a rap in the last ten years. Its so much so that its got Mr Slick looking like a slippery fag. and on some real shit I am a fan of dudes music.
    But you know ..’brothers aint brothers no more…’

  • cam

    whhhhyyyyyy? (kennen from kennen and kel voice)

  • james

    DJ Premier , shut with bitch ass bullcrap . also you are not real DJ Premier . the real DJ Premier would not say song like this is embarrassing at all . what is sad & embarrassing is someone like you taking a dj or some famous person name on the internet. it is being a fake ass bitch like you really are . since i know it is bitch ass BillyClint pretending to dj premier. that is so sad & embarrassing to pretend you somebody you are not . you are internet bitch . so come out me again with bitchass shit . nothing i said was embarrassing at all instead it was truth aka fact . have nice life bitchass loser

  • Art of War

    I see a lot of people talkin shit about slick and thats cool but if you really in the streets as far as california goes then you know this guys reputation and no im not talkin about rappin. I hope you people talkin get respect where you from cause this guy and his crew are the wrong kind to play with.

  • lol

    yaaa! ignorant rap for ignorant niggas! I wish I had 4 hands so i could give this shit 4 thumbs down.

  • Maga D

    Never thought about using this as a sample. haha, works out well.

  • Hit the name.

  • Tre


  • How much did they pay to get this posted Shake, keep it trill?

  • HIGHlarity

    Art of War: What does thinking dude’s music is wack have to do with what kind of gangster he is. Nobody’s sayin dude aint authentic, but this aint really the sound for him. Bottom line is that it’s a reach and it was done before, and better. That’s all.

  • McNutty

    this doot is omar

  • word to HIGHlar, he could be the illest banger in all of Cali, but that man purse makes me feel his music is not worthy of my precious time

  • Reality Rap

    The reason for the bag is for all the real duffle bag boys who got it that work for cheap in the streets. If you dont like his music dont listen , he got like ten albums in the street. Im sure he got heat somewhere on them. If you like other people go listen to them. The problem is people always sayin they wish rappers would keep it real. Then when a real gangsta comes out telling his real life like Slick , Nipsey etc… Then you say that their ignorant. Just because you aint from the street dont knock the people who really live it. If you a hipster or something else thats cool but just cause you gangsta doesnt mean you stupid or ignorant.

  • @BillyClint because some people who visit this site are fans of his so they’d appreciate the song now shut your dumbass up bitch. hahahaha DJ PREMIER = BILLYCLINT what a fuckin’ troll

  • Shy

    “stop hating on the west coast . you are hating on mitchy slick for being himself & the westcoast lifestyle”
    lol. Just cause Billyclint doesnt like the song doesnt mean hes hating or dissing the West.
    And there are wayyyyyy better songs about the West coast lifestyle than this.

  • realshit

    uhhhh. no this sucks and so does your comment lmao gtfoh!

  • Whats yup gangsters and gangstettes. Or Should Have I refered to you dawgies as guidos and guidettes cuz New Season of Jersey Shore is almost upon us. Can anyone say “Fist Pump”? LuLies!
    I know what yall is thinkin…Were be dat smoove Kitty Kat Robbie Maynard. Well I tells yall I was heavy in the streets filming for my hip hop dvd…HoOd ReportEr 2. Bottom Line, here is Mekadon and Shakey Dawg….Tisk Tisk. Word around the I-Net is that Eminem just dropped a new track (no not syllables, silly…Its called Difficult, which is a tribute to the late great Proof. Can a Homie get a RIP to big proof. Po’ out a LiL’ Liquor fo’ da homie tomorrow on new years ya digg? But dont take my word for it, do the knowledge! reasrch! So why is it that you posting about Mitchy Slick when Lil Wayne is outta jail and eminem is posting new songs.? Some things still baffle me. Anyway, Party on my dopestyles partnas. Happy New Years. One Love Yo I am out.

    Oh BTW…Peter says high! I have been referring to him as sneaky pete lately, so incase you wonder who I am referring to when I speak of my leagal consultant and close confidant peter! Peace

  • Angry Black Man

    Man fuck promoting Lil wayne and Eminem , they gon sell a million copies even if nobody says shit. They are extremely successful already , everyone in the world knows them and their music. Post other peoples shit like you been doin like Termanology , Skyzoo and Pac Div. Mtv got lil wayne and Em so 2Dopeboyz dont need to help the get more exposure.


    i fucks with the west. Mitchy Slick is a real street type nigga so what would you expect from his music? Its all GOOD..from DIEGO to the BAY.

  • lol

    Hey angry black faggot, they didnt make the blog to promote artists. they made it to make money, which they do by posting the most popular artist. #ethered

  • 7

    “Mitchy Slick is a real street type nigga” REALLY??? With that faggot ass bag dude gets a big FUCK THAT SHIT from me

  • XB

    @lol thats why 2dbyz is gay they don’t want too post good music they only post shit that will make them money.

  • TheFuck

    why can’t you people just enjoy the fucking music, without posting dumbass comments, without being dumbasses?

  • Yeah, what “Art of War” said. Pretty good track, IMO, not super spectacular but enjoyable, nonetheless. Click the name & check out our music.

  • lol is a gay ass name

    @lol every time you post a comment you goin at somebody thats how I know off-line you pussy. Go suck a dick homo , ya mamas a faggot !!!

  • haithere

    This shit is sad.

    You faggots better read up on Strong Arm Steady. OG Shit.

    Judging shit based on the admittedly wack ass covers.

  • Varsityballin

    ^ co-sign

    all these niggas dont know know wat real shit is even if it slapped em across they face.

  • T..is back

    I see this guy and his crew got their feelings hurt when someone stated their honest opinion about this pic….Dont try and sugar coat nothing…

    You gangsta? Then take the opinion like a “gangsta”

    Stop crying about someone jumpin on your nappy ass braids..off brand clothing and fake ass jewlerey, and to forget, but for some odd reason you holding a LV luggage bag and sitting in front of two dirty BMW’s at what looks like a back of a car lot. You wanna make money selling music then package your shit right or nobody is going to buy it…..

    Its all about branding.

    Besides, have some respect for yourself and at least come correct and look half-way decent.

    Ole’ simple ass niggaz…

  • Wiff!

    i agree with you @T for the most part…except LOL if you think mitchy’s crew knows what 2dope is or even knows how to use a computer…not to mention he owns those BMs himself, as well as the duffle (mitchy makes more money outside rap then in it AND he sold 100k out his trunk).

    if your in cali…and you know the music/culture, youd know mitchy is like mac dre to so cal. and he hasnt put out music in a MINUTE.

    so, THANKS 2dope for this post. i wanted some new slick. i wish youda shed a little light on what the fuck mitchys working on.

    doubting a made g makes you look stupid.

    beats is smeh but dago’s got a sweetspot for 808sounding DSbeats. if imma listen to any ignorant g shit…itll be mitchy

  • great

    mitchy slick is dope .

  • hahaha this niggas man purse


  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    What is the sample? Shit goes hard. Menace and Mitchy are actual gangsters. Crazy right?

  • Sampling the Yeah Yeah Yeahs? Producers these days get more n’ more hipster..

  • epic

    wow….judging by the thumbs up down ratio….the net does not approve

  • epic

    with that said…I actually like this…

  • Kanye East

    lol, sampling yeah yeah yeahs

  • chronwell

    Mitchy’ll beat dat shit out one a yall parents internet bloggin ass niggaz with his blunt in his mouth da whole time. Clack clack clack clack clack clack clack

    ^This comment from diego needed reposting!

  • FINALLY YALL POSTIN SOME MITCHY SLICK! If you don’t like this, you don’t understand who this guy is. He’s an OG Lincoln Park Blood. Been runnin the San Diego rap scene the past 12 years. I’m proud to rep for one of the REALEST. He mite not have the hardest flow, but he NEVER lies. Been in Syndo Mob since I’ve known what the fuck it was. Not to meantion I’m into punchline rap, but Mitchy is the shit! Keep hating, he’s guna fucking BLOW! I have to admit he use to be a lot doper. Either way, good lookin Shake!! CLACK CLACK CLACK!!

  • KirbyTheAlmighty

    Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the shit.

  • jd

    Classic Mitchy Slick, if there is such a thing.

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