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Fozzie Bear – This Is What I Do f. Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman [NoTags]

blame it on Shake December 30, 2010

Random Cutie of the Day: Suelyn. Click to enlarge.

Larry, Curly and Mo of the rap game get together once again for some riot inciting music to close out 2010. Tagged up by DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar.

DOWNLOAD: Waka Flocka – This Is What I Do f. Gucci Mane & OJ Da Juiceman (prod. Drumma Boy) | Alt Link

  • worst GOAT ever

    im not even gonna start about which dope artists you dont post.. but why the hell would you put up this crap..

  • ^^start your own site and post whatever the hell you want.

  • worst GOAT ever

    i dont need my own site.. bloggers dont mean shit in the music game.. people will get their music regardless..
    im saying if you wont even post these people with their real name cause they suck so bad, why the hell would you pot them at all..

  • BlockBurneR

    Aint it …dont come to the site if u dnt like it

  • :P

    The holy trinity of hip-hop is here! OMG BASEDGOD YUS!
    Swag! Swag! Swag!

  • “im saying if you wont even post these people with their real name cause they suck so bad, why the hell would you pot them at all.”

    not everyone has the same taste in music kid. there are folks out here that like it. it’s not like i’m sitting here praising the music when i don’t like it. i speak my honest opinion. you can either accept it, ignore it, or step elsewhere. i don’t really care.

  • red

    This was really bad.
    Not even a funny Gucci Mane song its just garbage.
    I don’t understand why this was posted either but whatever.

  • CoochieMane

    Now this is that real shit! Nothing but haters on here this shit goes hard! Keep listening to all your boring broke rappers that nobody outside of hip hop blog nerds care about haha

    If I want something to make me think I will read a book. Music is meant for entertainment, it’s not meant to stroke your inner sensitive emotions haha

  • D

    OMG a blog site, with people that have an opinion on the artists they post!?!?!?
    Another dope Drumma track totally ruined by Fucking flame. Gucci’s growing on me tho.

  • Spear–

    Flocka represents all that is wrong with Hip Hop.

  • Pops

    Saying not everyone has the same taste in music, so you post things that you don’t like for them is a weak ass excuse. If that’s the case then you know for a fact that MANY people have the taste in music that calls for Lupe Fiasco to be posted, yet you ignore that.

    Just admit it, you post shit that YOU yourself want to post for your own personal reasons.

  • GMFB

    BURRRRR!!!!! Damn Brick Squad going in on this track. Waka Flocka would shoot ya favorite rapper in a rap battle. You know what it iz, GET MONEY FUCK BITCHES

  • worst GOAT ever

    true, not everyone has the same taste in music.. but this is your blog right.. i dont even mind you expressing your opinion on here, but why post stuff you don’t like..
    oh yeah i forgot, you wanna please as many people as possible so you and your little blogger friends can feel all important on the internet..
    and don’t even call me a kid, go choke on your lip ring or lupe’s dick or something

  • sayWORD

    For once I agree with what’s being said about Shake. This nigga is the most hypocritical blogger ever. How you gon’ post songs from artists you don’t like knowing damn well you constantly talk shit about them?

    That’s forreal some bitch shit.

    Birdshit and Fozzie Bear? <___< Why not just stop posting their songs?

  • mrdanielt123


  • johnny mars

    Flocka represents all that is wrong with Hip Hop.

    Spear– said this on December 30th, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    This is what he does…apparently. lolololol.

  • DontGetIt

    if I hear that same fucking hi-hat roll on one more record (and I know I will), well, I won’t actually do anything, but I’ll probably just write some angry blog comments or something…

  • LOL I like that Shake….. “Larry, Curly & Mo of the rap game” haha thats good & so true

  • Yo wife

    Drumma Boy becomes one of the biggest hiphop’s producer right now.

  • hmmop

    say what you want about their lyrics, but u gotta acknowledge that if anyone were to be able to start an uprising against the government, its Waka Flocka

  • shut ur pie hole

    man wtf is wrong with u dumb asses his name is not fozzie u stupid fuckkkkkk

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Shake likes Waka Flocka Flame’s music y’all. That’s all that is. Lil B and Soulja Boy have an enormous following, yet don’t get posted here. The Lupe thing’s a lil different. If I got snuffed by a nigga I would no longer support his music. Jets fool. I got bitches cuh.

  • Lookatthisidiotaboveme

    I’m confused? What’s wrong with throwing in something that might appeal to some people? I don’t like this shit at all but someone else who does like the same shit as me might. Dudes complain about the stupidest shit, find a new site you don’t like this one, simple as that

  • Juice

    @Shake – Can we get another “What’s In The Shakedeck”?

  • Barbara Walters Swag With That AK-47

    Idgaf what you post shake & meka, But thanks for the free musik ya digg. iJus ask post more of the Based God! Or the site isnt worthy enuff for a Rare Based post from the Based Lord?

    Happy New Year Bitch Woo Woo Swa Swag!

    Hoes On My Dick Cuz iLook Like Rex Ryan

  • zeke

    who is fozzie bear?

  • lookatthisguy2boxesaboveme

    ur an idiot u stupid retarded lame go play in traffic

  • Barbara Walters Swag With That AK-47

    ^^^^ Mad cuz Based God Fuck Yo Bitch Mouf Huh?

  • Young Yung

    LMAO I only listened to this song because of the “rap game Larry Curly Mo” comment

  • Raptorsarefriends

    So we’re going to pretend the picture up top doesn’t exist or what?
    I mean did you enlarge that shit… dear god

  • BillyClint

    wat shake means is he doesnt like it but he thinks others will but overall it helps bring hits to the site. bottom line.

  • ChileOld

    Larry ,Curly & Moe >>>>>>>> Wacka ,Gucci & OJ >>>>>>> Shake ,Meka & KnowOne

  • Flocka may not be the most lyrical, but you all act like OJ doesn’t exist, when he’s clearly the worst rapper ever

  • Bawse

    …and the nominee’s for worst rapper of the year are:

    Souljah boy?
    Tony Yayo? (R.I.P)
    Bow Wow?

    what a fuggin year 4 hip hop! :(

  • Tha Phantom

    These songs are mainly posted so they get hits. Its his blog he can post whatevr he wants with him and mekas opinion. Personally i might actually give this song a listen just to so so. Maybe its dope enough for a DL to bump with some friends or in the whip. Not every song has to be real lyrical or whatever. I like all those incredibly dope artists who are on a whole nother level. Everyone knows which those are. But i like the occasionalwayne song gucci song ‘wack’ rapper x’s songs. Its about just vibing to the music. Sometimes i like seeing these posts cause theyre songs i normally wouldnt check out since i frequent this blog more… But anyways /knowledge dropping

  • In Shake’s eyes, posting this because it might appeal to some people is valid. But I can guarantee you a Lupe Fiasco post would appeal to many many more people on this site. I can’t really complain with Shake though because he’s been posting Tech N9ne stuff up here more than often recently, and that’s dope to me.

    And to the idiot who said “If I want something to make me think I will read a book. Music is meant for entertainment, it’s not meant to stroke your inner sensitive emotions haha” Tisk tisk. Music is an art form, it’s supposed to make you think. It’s been dumbed down now to the point as solely a form of mainstream entertainment, but you better believe music is my main go to thing when I need to think. Maybe venture outside of hip hop once in awhile and you’ll find music can definitely stimulate your mind, unlike this piece of shit song that kills brain cells.

  • omfgtom

    god yall are fucking pathetic. decent hype song. its crazy to see everyone so butthurt because of a POST OF AN ARTIST THEY DONT LIKE on a BLOG SITE.

    if you have an issue
    A) start your own blog

    but either way, C is mandatory:

  • YallSomeCrabAssNiggaz

    Internet thugs can “2 girls and a cup”.

    Anywayz, I wanna facefuck Suelyn!!!!

    Shake x Meka, keep doin ya thing. Best Site in 2010!

    Happy 2011, Pussies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • slutskydakid

    can someone explain why Gucci is saying Cash Money Bricksquad????

  • Teddy

    This is Garbage even for Gucci’s standards. I guess the CDQ would be better. But for a club joint this shit is horrible. It will probably still play well in clubs and radio. But for what they put out even this shit is garbage in comparison to what we typically expect form these guys.

  • Wtf shake, thought this was a place to get real hip hop. You post this shit? Look at the ratings, more dislikes then likes even. On another note, I kinda like this rating thing shake haha….

  • sbizzle

    one of the worst brick squad song ever

  • 7 star

    posts like these give the outkast song referenced in the site name a bad rep.

  • Fausta

    I would give this thumbs down 1,000 times if I could. Pointless song

  • Don’t worry about it

    @Shake – so exactly what the fuck DO you care about when it comes to this site? You don’t seem to care about pleasing the audience or yourself.

  • me

    I would nut in her in a second!

  • dickseysuckle

    Fuck the haters. Brick Squad is not for everyone you dont like it dont listen. Thanks for the free music

  • InsertNameHere

    HOW THE FUCK DO PEOPLE LIKE THIS SHIT WTF!! Ppl at my school love this shit… And foreal WTF!

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    So….Shake will you post Lil B? That dude makes me laugh every time I hear him spit. I promise you’ll get increased traffic my dude. Jets fool.

  • Yeah man, if your going to post gucci mane and waka flocka then just start posting lil b. Why not just post soulja boy while your at it. Shit. tired of this bullshit look at the ratings that shit should speak to you.

  • aye4ew


  • what a waste of bandwidth. I could name you 50 artists off the top, including myself, just from NYC that are leagues ahead of these clowns and *could actually use the free promo*. But I get that you need ya page hits so I guess it’s a necessary evil..(?)

  • Is the middle-class white kid voice inflection what’s cool nowadays? Shit reminds me of the Speakers Going Hammer chorus… smh.

  • Why do people even care what Shake says. Dude is obviously an idiot; he post shit like this to “appeal to people that enjoy this kind of music” yet he doesn’t post Lupe’s music because of a conflict that occurred with him and he knows a lot of people listen to lupe. He’s just another loser that thinks he’s god, but has a lip ring.

  • Theres a lot of losers in these comment boards (not everyone, but a majority) If you dont like the blog, im pretty sure there are tons of sites that will post Lupe stuff or more Tech N9ne stuff or even stuff for all these “basedgod” fans (uggghhhh). Point is, you make yourselves look like suckers with the fact that you took the time to type a name, email address, and/or site url just to hate on someone’s blog. Shake/Meka don’t like certain songs? So, what made you click on it?

    And to the people who say they come for that “real hip hop” nonsense, buy your favorite artists albums and get them to where you feel they need to be. I see thousands of Wu Tang shirts and Lupe avatars but meager sales, its pathetic.

    just had to vent a lil bit

  • Cloud 9

    This iz weak as hell. but i gotta give these niggas credit. all tha weak shit waka puts out he still gets nominated for alot of shit. mtv rapper of the year, mtv mixtape of the year. smh but hen again thats weak ass mtv.


    My ears are bleeding


    Mtv should have a name change. Shit is whaaack.. like these niggas

  • What in the world?..

    …the heck is this post all about? wacka? are yall freal right now? NEXT!..

  • Pinky + Thumb

    Sometime you just need some ignorant shitt, make you bloggers feel like goons

  • @dblcheesemeeks

    this nigga OJ done changed his whole style.