1982 (Statik Selektah x Termanology) – Start Like This

Another one off Statik and Term's Evening News EP; which is available on ShowOffHipHop now (and iTunes tomorrow).

DOWNLOAD: 1982 – Start Like This | Alt Link
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  • Rezo

    You mean we gotta pay for it? I saw a few minutes of it being recorded and it's not worth $8 dollars to me. It was recorded really bootleg and spur of the moment. If they wanted to charge people they should have actually got into a STUDIO and mixed it properly. I am not paying for something that was recorded with a mic and a laptop. Especially a Term project. #justsayin

  • Rec

    Rezo STFU b this shit is dope, the other 1982 EP was free so go cop that one. This is straight up raw hip-hop you want that studio shit go listen to some Drayke R&B.

  • Rezo

    ^^ You're a herb dude. You go pay Term $8 for recording his EP on a $20 mic and Statik's laptop haha

  • YaBoy

    @Rezo stop being a cheap ass and pay the 8 dollars or it's bound to leak on realraptalk(dot)com in a couple days or so

  • brotherQualit

    Fuck you Rezo.....you fucking troll ........You should go suck your own dick and choke on it

  • DocHolliday

    I highly doubt it was recorded with a $20 based on the fact it's a Statik Selektah project and the way it sounds. Apparently, you have no clue about the music process anyway bc even if it is recorded on a laptop that shit has no bearing on the mixing process. If I remember correctly Statik does all of the mixing and MASTERING for his shit. Nonetheless, it sounds great.

  • Does anyone have the leak?


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