Akon - Drop Down f. Ludacris

Yeah, Akon and Luda are going to the clubs with this one.

DOWNLOAD: Akon - Drop Down f. Ludacris | Alt Link

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  • Dolo

    We Need That RAPUP Skillz!

  • the third ear

    #1 goal on my 2011 checklist: 4-some with 3 white girls

  • Slim Shady version 1

    Nobody cares they both wack as fuck

  • IllicitMC

    @the third ear - that is funny man!

  • BuddahMasta

    @the third ear that's a great goal yo mine is to just get more pussy than I had this year

  • Aj

    Luda one of the most under rated ever

  • lolcakes

    old sample is old.

  • Going to clubs? This beat is about as static as can get. Absolutely no variation. Boring.

  • Shake where do you find these pictures. co-sign @thethirdear

  • Kelly D.

    Boom Boom Pow + Baby I Like It + Buck In Here = Drop Down

    GTFO with this recycled shit, I'm about to puncture my eardrums if these artists keep re-releasing the same singles. Or if Will.I.Am makes another beat.

  • yeee

    who r the girls in the pic?

  • lol niggas aint gonna hit no club. this shit sucks.

  • Meninja

    Gotta luv them white girls!

  • who cares

    Akon fell off hard :(

  • k3

    i like this just for the girls. :|

  • God

    2 wack niggers rapping, even my son does not approve this wack song.

  • Paiva

    this shit is terrible. at least club songs have good beats but this is wack and the verses are fucking stupid. i could rap better than taht. smh

  • rudy

    i love white girls

  • SELL OUTTS.......JESUS...Sounds like that fagget Will.I.Am type shit

  • Erik

    hmmmm...the thumbs up must be for the 3 hot chicks.

  • drey

    smh @ these no pussy getting nerds... cool club song

  • white

    white square asses :(

  • alex

    Gotta Love The Blade Movie Beat!!!!

  • TA

    not a song ill download but this is gonna be a club song. no doubt, cmon like you cant see those three girls dancing to this?

  • Gswift

    Most of you are a bunch of fucking IDIOTS!!!! You wouldn't know a good song if you heard one...Oh wait, you all think Gucci Man or one of the "Lil" rappers or one of the "young" rappers are the greatest shit ever! What a fucking joke you people are!!


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