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Dirty Money – Hello, Good Morning (rmx) f. Eminem [Tags]

blame it on Meka December 31, 2010

There’s been a bunch of Eminem tracks leaking left and right. This is one of the few tracks the dopehouse will actually condone. Props to LowKey.

DOWNLOAD: Dirty Money – Hello, Good Morning (rmx) f. Eminem [Tags] | Alt Link

  • Very left field O.o I’ll wait for the CDQ before giving it a listen though.

  • NotAfraidtoLeakFAN

    While I think it is wrong that the songs are leaking, why aren’t you supplying the product!!!

    I mean, i still got the new songs, but it is not like we, the fans can purchase the songs, and the only way to access is by downloading off Koolo

    Would be cool if you guys would post it so we can have discussions

    Not seeing the bad behind it, someone from within Shady is selling songs for a dollar, dude buys it and is giving it to the internet world

  • eliebrendon

    @NotAfraidtoLeakFAN the feds are watching see what happened to onsmash.com

  • Rezo

    Sounds VERY off beat, this doesn’t sound like a damn remix. It sounds like someone just blended him into the beat, or should say TRIED to blend him into the beat.

  • Well, I must say i did not expect to see THIS.

  • NotAfraidtoLeakFAN

    The feds are NOT WATCHING

    the songs are eminems personal collection not interscope and wasn’t meant to ever be heard or sold

    so no one gives a frig that they are out

    plus onsmash got wrongfully shut down, and nothing has come of it, the government was acting stupid, but the hackers know the laws and do torrent sties nad blogspots

    they can’t be shut down, they are simply giving out material that can’t be bought, tis all good!

  • And unfortunately it’s another bad em verse, cock block thing was done on Over, also.

  • Juice

    @NotAfraidtoLeakFAN – Relax.

  • Creambo Slice

    Em has really, really fallen the fuck off. Anybody whose over 15 and not in a frat can see it.

  • dirtysixchambers

    What other songs leaked? Or where can I find them?

  • who cares

    what do you know, another new whack Em verse :(
    The downfall of my favorite MC this year…smh

  • BAM93

    Listen to the leak Eminem – Difficult. It’s actually really dope. 2dopeboyz won’t post it.

  • Rec

    This is horrible. Not into Eminem’s yelling style rap now, plus I’m not into hearing raps about Doritos, Fritos not to mention the T.I. track where he rapped about hotdogs and hamburgers and teddy bears. What the hell happened to Em?

  • How you gonna say Em fell off? Cocaine was a fucking dope track, great storytelling with a deep meaning behind it. Stfu with the ignorant shit.

  • “Listen to the leak Eminem – Difficult. It’s actually really dope. 2dopeboyz won’t post it.”

    yeah. because that song was NEVER supposed to be released. em recorded that as a form of personal venting. then some fuck head decided to steal and leak it. as much as most people hate to believe, there are ethics and morals involved with this whole shit. smh.

  • the third ear

    says the man that leaked Lupe’s shit without his permission

  • Pluto


  • gimmeDATnew

    shake you admitted listening to it… meaning you downloaded it….. i think the fuckheads selling the shit are also to blame… i did listen to topless that you posted here with em… which is also a LEAKED track that NEVER supposed to be released

  • Rezo

    Did it ever occur the retards above me that maybe Shake is doing things differently now and that is what he is trying to say? Last time I checked the feds are looking to R.I.P these blogs for posting leaked/retail music, so maybe Shake is just going about his business differently than he did before. Who cares what he did months or a year ago he said it’s wrong to do it and maybe that’s how he feels NOW. People do have the right to change their feelings and mind about things.

  • gimmeDATnew

    ok, so what gives him the right to post eminem topless, as opposed to difficult or cocaine? you’re saying he is only posting music he has the right to post…. WRONG idiot he is posting a ton of shit here that these artist & their lables DO NOT WANT POSTED

  • Peace And Harmony

    Yo i know this verse sucks but it doesn’t mean Em is wack. If this were actually released/on an album I would be concerned but it is just him fucking around in the studio one day…

  • abcd

    who gives a fuck what shake does with his site anyways? its HIS site and he can do whatever he fuckin wants. stop bitchin. if you dont like it then get the fuck out.

  • InsertNameHere

    lol if you dont like how the site runs dont use it?

  • Cannon

    Eminem has lost a lot of relevance eminem’s verse is really really wack

  • BAM93

    @Shake Why are you bitching at me about it? You leak songs every single day of your life. You listened to Difficult too, along with thousands of other people. Maybe Eminem should release his “venting” tracks because Difficult is better than any song off Relapse and Recovery.

  • asddsff

    that’s why I always say Shake is a pussy ass bitch

  • Got nothing to say now Shake?

  • All throw aways.

  • Shawn

    “Maybe Eminem should release his “venting” tracks because Difficult is better than any song off Relapse and Recovery”

    Damn good song but you’re stretchin’ a bit there.

  • Ace

    This was a subpar verse from Em but ALOT better than the official remix though. smh and why the unnecessary hate on Shake on 2dbz? Ya’ll mad?

  • f12

    thanks for this one meka.

  • I’m going to go out on a limb and say fake…cause, the guy from ‘All She Wrote’ and ‘Roman’s Revenge’ would kill Diddy before working with him. but…(Will Smith voice) Dah Well.

  • Me.

    The fact that Shake won’t post Difficult is an insult. It’s the deepest song Em ever wrote, and I’d like to see what other people think of it in the comments. You won’t promote good music, yet you’ll upload Wacka Flocka and Gucci? LOL OKAY!!!

  • TheTruth

    I’m only gonna say this once so listen, fuck you shake and your ‘code of conduct’ and get off your high horse, you post music. That’s it. You might think your better than people like koolo but the truth is you leak shit the same way and just because you apparently abide by some leakers unwritten law doesn’t make you any better. If you’re not comfortable with that maybe you shouldn’t have come in this game and leave it with your tail between your legs and until you post tracks like ‘Difficult’ and ‘Cocaine’ you’re not much of a dope boy, more a joke boy. Oh and you can stop pretending that you don’t like koolo’s actions when the truth is you downloaded them and are too afraid to post them!! Peace