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Kendrick Lamar Talks J. Cole, XXL Freshman 2011, KiD CuDi, etc (Video)

blame it on Shake December 31, 2010

Part 2 of Kendrick Lamar’s sit down with HardKnockTV.

Kendrick starts by breaking down what him and J Cole have been working on; Kendrick even gives us a sneak preview of one of the tracks. We heard 3 of them while in his studio and YES in this case you should believe the hype! Kendrick goes on to tell us who would be on the freshmen list for 2011 if he were to pick it. We would be willing to bet that he is going to be on there! Kendrick surprised us a bit with his pick for favorite albums of 2011, both good albums but neither is in our top 5 but hey everyone is entitled to their opinion. Part 2 of the interview concludes with Kendrick breaking down what he means by wanting to make “Human Music” and why he thinks that is missing in the game right now.

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  • LonelyStoner

    much love to kdot & schoolboy q only shit im bumping in 2011 is cudi & these 2 much love for realizing cudi a real nigga just like his music these niggas better get wit it or get left. niggas is rebels out here with this shit fuck letting the industry change u niggas is changing the industry BELIEVE THAT!!!!!

  • LonelyStoner


  • Snagz

    Everything about this video was good until the freshman list. Diggy, Vado, Yelawolf, Dom Kennedy, Cyhi, Mac Miller, and School Boy Q as part of your top 10????? Is that really what hip hop has to look forward to for 2011? R.I.P hip hop

  • Dale

    I agree i been saying cudi’s album was album of the year followed by kanye’s ….Cudi is one of few that didnt let the money & fame change him plus he does what the fuck he wants to………

  • Progress

    LonelyStoner are you like in love with Kid Cudi?

  • DP

    kendrick and cudi would make some dope ass music together. dude has good taste in music.

  • Dale

    also im ready to hear the track with kendrick & cole

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    School Boy Q
    Kendrick Lamar
    Big KRIT

    They dope. And iDnt Give Two Fucks What Anybody Say MOTM II is best album of 2010 str8 up

  • DP

    @snagz it’s pretty much his opinion and everybody he said in that list is raw as fuck. school boy Q is really better than I thought he would be. hip hop is in good hands. just enjoy the shit and if you don’t like it, find some new shit to jam.

  • bv

    wat is the name of that video in the beginnig

  • Progress

    How is Kid Cudi not in “Hardknocktv” top 5 this fools are dumb as fuck. Cudi’s album is def. in my top 5 of the year.

  • Progress


  • Progress

    @bv Schoolboy Q – Live Again f. Kendrick Lamar & [email protected]!n$

  • the third ear

    Cudi and Kendrick..only hip hop/rap I really listen to these days..2 most inspiring artists out today

  • Based

    Everything about this video was good until the freshman list. Diggy, Vado, Yelawolf, Dom Kennedy, Cyhi, Mac Miller, and School Boy Q as part of your top 10????? Is that really what hip hop has to look forward to for 2011? R.I.P hip hop
    Snagz said this on December 31st, 2010 at 10:30 pm


    I feel he should have said lil b (Thank You BasedGod) schoolboy q is dope and i never really checked cudi music but i am now just because kendrick feel it shit gotta be dope boi

  • SmokeDatDope

    @Based yeah go check out all of Cudi’s stuff its all good mixtapes/cds whatever

  • Teddy

    Damn I got too many artists I fuck with. Squezin Kendrick in will be easy but caring about the rest will be hard. I still have yet to catch up.

    A lot of the cats on his list I think will be on there too. But he missed XV.

  • larry

    whats the name of the song during the credits?

  • the third ear

    best Cudi songs (my opinion, LonelyStoner will probably snap if my list dont agree)
    1. Cudi Zone
    2. Trapped In My Mind
    3. The Prayer
    4. Soundtrack To My Life
    5. Mr. Rager

  • SmokeSomethingFool

    cool list i guess.chyi be spitting on the real when foolay said “i met this girl on valentines,fucked her in may,she found out about april,so she chose to march” <——u know that shit is fucking ridiculous *rza voice*

  • jay

    kendrick lamar is so dope dude speaks the realness in this interview overly dedicated is a classic how am i just know getting on to dudes music i swear these new cats do not get the proper shine they deserve my favorite cudi tracks are my world and solo dolo I like the tracks were cudi talks about being an outkast I can relate to that hope J cole and kendrick lamar do a project too

  • jay

    and wats the video they play at the beginning and the song they play at 6:31


    i concur with Based

    “IM on my GRIND, IM on my shit,
    20 stacks for a show,
    that’s a extra lick” (REAL TRAP SHIT)

  • bv

    thanks @progress

  • LOS

    (O)verly (D)edicated (very educated)

  • Progress

    @jay Schoolboy Q – Live Again f. Kendrick Lamar & [email protected]!n$

  • Progress

    @jay the 2nd song is “I Am” its just an interlude though

  • Progress

    @bv no problem

  • LonelyStoner

    @ the third ear

    dope list bro

  • Kendrick Is A Humble Nigga Most Niggas Aint Glad He Got Smarts For Music

  • dave

    ^^^^^lol first comment of 2011?!

  • Dat New New

    not only this year but kid cudi has had the album of the year the last two years fool that fool is 2dope with his work..

  • TIto Santana

    Do you guys consider Kid cudi hip hop or alternative rock ?

  • Dat New New

    ^^ he hip-hop mixed with his own genre i cant really explain it dude he just dope as shit not even trying to dick ride but big ups to kenfrick lamar this is a real humble guy i just bought OD off itunes

  • Dat New New


  • TIto Santana

    I dont think kid cudi is hip hop , hes more rock. Even the gorillaz and fort minor is more hip hop then kid cudi. I dont put him in the same lane as rappers cause he doesnt rap except for 5% of the time and thats not hip hop.

  • YaBoy

    @DatNewNew you should check out the free version on this site..it has some tracks that didn’t make the ITUNES cut and you should also check out “Kendrick Lamar EP” if you haven’t

  • Dat New New


    no bro cudi is most definitely hip-hop especially when he wants to be go check out “a kid named cudi” he rapped 95% of the time & even on some of his older stuff but as someone stated above me he does what he wants to he’s in his own lane and he just makes GOOD music but im not here to argue HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!


    goog looking im going to check that out now

  • TheRealBlackRanger

    Well excuse my french.
    homeboy swears a lot

  • Butta

    his xxl freshman list sucked… but big ups for recognizing real music but ion kno bout dat nigga officer ricky

  • weeerd

    that beat he played sounded bananas. j cole produced it too

  • ace*

    chip the ripper
    (^^these two should’ve have made it last year but oh well, they’ll take publicity in this year’s mag)

    dom kennedy
    god jewels
    big krit
    mac miller
    phil ade
    cyhil da prince
    Lil B the Based God (love it or hate him, he spread his name like wildfire this past year)

    i think this would be a pretty dope list

  • TIto Santana

    I hear you but rap is 16 bars on a track and cudi dont do that. What cudi does is harmonize over the beat and thats not bars. Just cause he has a few raps dont make him a rapper , even Brittany Spears has a few bars in her music but she aint a rapper and neither is cudi. Kid cudi is punk rock dont you hear it in his music ?

  • JetsFool

    @tito santana

    no you’re just a punk hater get off cudi dick & take your hate elsewhere its a new year we cleaning this blog up this year no more hating im sick of this shit

  • DopeBoy

    does anyone know when the freshman magazine drop?

  • TIto Santana

    And not havin Rapsody on your list and Nitty scott is wrong. I know their girls but they dropped heat this year. Also Actual Proof , Big Remo , Jon Conor and Trademark from the JETS.

  • ace*

    i forgot it was ten.. tiron’s my favorite out the top but i think he, phil ade, god jewels, and carter are expendable off the list.. take two off and it’s a pretty decent list.

  • TIto Santana

    @jetsfool im not even going to get on curre$y he is garbage truck juice

  • TIto Santana

    @ jetsfool , Thats all you got for me ? make up a better dis and I mite respond to you in another way.

  • TIto Santana

    @ Tito Santana , the troll is back yall so im bout to go get drunk. Happy new year

  • Lil Dopeboy

    damn a kid cudi & kendrick track would be dope as fuck..cant wait to hear him body j cole on a track also…

  • Bandido-09

    no love 4 Curren$y??? F* Da Haterz.

  • 2011 Xxl freshmen 10
    Kendrick lamar
    Dom Kennedy
    Big Krit
    Mac Miller
    Chip tha ripper
    Lil B tha basedgod

  • Looking forward for an album from him

    I love how ppl were just saying how terrible kid cudi’s music is not too long ago, but as soon as kendrick lamar gives him his much deserved credit EVERYBODY’S ON CUDI’S TIP NOW
    //motm 2 def. the best album of 2010

    haha lil b as freshman 11. that would be tragic

  • the third ear

    ^^I bet you cant prove those same people giving Cudi praise on this post have BEEN giving Cudi praise all along..if not, then prove it..I been saying MOTM 2 best album of 2010 ever since the day after it released

  • Dan

    ^ we all know who been a cudder stan all along i aint saying no names *clears throat* lonelystoners

  • Dan

    I admit i knew cudi was dope this whole time just aint wanna say it i wanted to be the only one bumping his shit so i was trying to persuade other people not to bump it by hating on it so i could be the only one on the low bumping his shit i confess..

  • brand new Curren$y mixtape for the New Year…Return To The Winner’s circle..click my name for it

  • risen357


  • devo

    Cudi definitely had album of the year imo. but i dont really consider that album hip-hop. they dont have hiphop beats, he doesnt rap, its only hip-hop cuz hes doin what the fuk he wants to do and thats wat hip-hop is. but his freshman list was on point, and i think he was thinking of XV for the last freshman but ppl leave him off because he should’ve been one last year. hope he is this year. Schoolboy Q is dope but he’ll always be in kendrick’s shadow because Kendrick is more versatile of a west coast artist

  • Tweny

    thats real shit

  • yaboy361

    Kendrick Lamar & J. Cole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kid cudi is a fuckin genius. He’s not really a rapper though, he’s more like a one man band. He can rap.. His melody is on point..& the production of his songs are always on point. A lot of people just don’t understand him

  • realshit

    i think if schoolboy q wouldve came out earlier this year he wouldve made the xxl freshman list cause he’s been better than all those names besides kendrick & mac miller

  • The Delorean Driver

    Kid cudi is not hip hop. His music is alternative rock. Just because hes black and has a few bars here and there does not make him hip hop. The gym class heros have more hip hop in their music then cudi. FIN

  • Ryuk

    ^^ Kill yourself. Cudi is hip hop and a ton of other genres at once. Its just music. stop laming it out and enjoy it.

  • Tay

    @the delorean driver

    have u even gottren any pussy since the new year has come in? im 100% positive u havent and btw cudi had the best verse on christian dior deniem flow & if that aint hip hop the ion know what the fuck is i bet you’re a wiz fan he couldnt have spit that shit corn ass nigga

  • Tay

    ^in other words get off cudi dick he a livin legend u should apologize to yourself tell yo self u sorry for speaking a lengend name n kill yoself JETS FOOL

  • TDE


  • the delorean the driver a pussy

    cudi make better music than ya’ll favorite rappers bumping that bullshit

  • how can people forget about [email protected]!n$ hes a problem.real artist never get notice till they blow up.he deserves to be on the 2011 freshman cover.the interview was great keep up the good work kendrick lamar

  • Ojandkush24

    How is saying cudi’s not a rapper dissing??? If you ask cudi himself he’d tell you that he’s not a rapper, he takes a little of this and a little of that and some of him mixes it together and there you have it cudi….???…. Lol ppl need 2 relax and breathe sometimes.

  • Easystreet

    Stalley is better than anyone on your list

  • Gilbert

    ^^ exactly cudi has been quoted as saying dont categorize him as a “rap nigga” cudi isnt a rap nigga fuck that simple shit he’s a artist and brings all genres together in his music the dopest nigga alive imo

  • datROOTH.

    mac miller is garbagio

  • JAyP

    I believe the reason why his freshman list is like that is he’s looking @ it from XXL magazine perspective, I know if it was from his own mind he’d have a more undergrond type list, but if your thinking reality XXL is not gonna put all the people we desire to be put on the freshman list. So realistically DIGGY WILL BE ON THERE, K.R.I.T. & DOM I BELIEVE WILL BE ON THERE, YELAWOLF WILL BE ON THERE, CYHI WILL BE ON THERE, MAC WILL BE ON THERE, SCHOOLBOY Q IM NOT REALLY SURE ALTHOUGH HIS MUSIC IS NICE!

  • 20iLLEVEN

    Kendrick Lamar, XV, Stalley, Big Krit, Yonas for Freshmen 2011

  • Ricki Lutes

    yo kendrick you ARE making dog-on human music! i live in denmark in the country’s 4th largest city with about 150.000 citizens. i’ve never been shot at or seen police brutality, still some think with a fake far from compton mentality, but they ain’t got rough compared to any american ghetto ‘n’ that’s just reality! over here we go to school for free even university. it’s like we live in two different worlds you and i but we feel the same emotions! you feel me! so i can say on some real danish mulato to afro-american ish that you most definitely make HUMAN MUSIC! keep on going hard, always gonna support you… one love n peace!

  • Wil

    Wordd man LilB (Based God) should of been up there too. LookLikeJesus as well as his other songs is tough but otherr pepole just seem to not like it. and HELL YEAH Cuid & Lamar would make some beasttttt tracks mann!

  • from da go-go

    cudi is garbage

  • Bronx148th

    Los is probably the only dude that is more lyrical than Kendrick at this point. They’ll both get the 2011 XXL freshmen Cover. I just can’t wait for that Los and Kendrick Lamar collab!!

  • DK

    “mulato to afro-american ish” lol