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Nas – Who Are You [Tags]

blame it on Shake December 31, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Nas – Who Are You (prod. Eric Hudson) | Alt Link

  • Cage

    This is new… oh shit, get em Nas

  • Hd

    Pretty good. I mean come on the GOAT right?
    Click the name

  • Sincere973

    It’s cool… I’m pretty sure won’t be on the album though, unless he puts a singer on the hook…beat is cool, concept is cool… but I want some street shit from Nas

  • danny_

    Fuck yeah new Nas! I hope he drops an album in 2011 or at least a compilation of songs we’ve never heard. We need more Nas in the game. God’s Son bitch.

  • Ryan

    New Nas.

    Got that CLASSIC Nas flow in this song too. Fucking ill. Seriously one of the greatest we’ve ever seen.

  • jay

    god son nas is the best rapper alive I like this track

  • SIX

    this is old ..you can tell by the flow and his voice just had a beat thrown over the lyrics

  • illmatiK

    nas back at it

  • WaBoogie

    This is a leftover from the Nigger album…nothing new, but don’t be surprised if you hear something new from Nas in the next week or so… He has a reputation for doing this…every few years he’s drops a gem, and gives the fans EXACTLY what we want, than he makes 3,4 albums…and it’s ehhhhh, it was cool, but could have been wayyyy better. Just the truth! Nas rocking over dope production, not getting too deep in 2011 >>>>>>>>

  • niggerlover


  • HermesThiefGod

    Nas is GOAT, but he seriously needs to choose better beats for his next project. This production is aweful IMO. On another note, he definately has that “distant relatives/queens get the money” flow on this one. Dope

  • this is that new B.Pumper!!!,o never mind it’s just nas

    Fuck mayne give the people that new B.pumper shit mayne

  • dank

    lost tapes vol2

  • solger

    This shit is real.

  • ???????

    This is not new Nas track…but an unreleased cut! It is nice by the way!


    what the fu-

  • who cares

    Nas never disappoints

  • doublex

    nas is the goat.

  • freddythepeddie

    this is the best nas song i heard in a long while

  • mmkayy


  • thank you Based God for the new Nas.

  • How I Got Over

    sounds like pharrell singing the hook. this is extra dope, hope it’s off that lost tapes 2.

  • VictorRivera

    NAS still can’t pick beats…

    Oh well, time to give Illmatic another spin.

  • Fan

    Damn dope beat, dope lyrics… Nas my GOAT!!

  • mellow

    dope,awesome track for dis 1st day of year 11, so mellowchillinonmysofadoinshit track !


    this is sooo fuckin dopeee….got that laid back chill Nas vibe….feelin this jointt a lottt