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Rich Boy – Wide Open

blame it on Shake December 31, 2010

DOWNLOAD: Rich Boy – Wide Open | Alt Link

  • BasedBoy

    this dat playa shit if u aint feelin this uon kno nothin bout that fool

  • Lioness


  • Sam Cassell alien looking mother fucker UGH Rich Boy still “raps”?? Shake take this crap off

  • Fucks with rich boy, he stays in his own lane. Dude is extremely underrated in my opinion.

  • fuckhaters

    wow, nothing slick to say about rich boy? lol, shake must be off his period then

  • DontGetIt

    Rich Boy was always pretty cool in my mind, he was definitely a lot more committed to the craft of hip-hop than a lot of rookies with their debuts, unfortunately no one’s ever gonna put major label money behind him again since his buzz is GONE.

    What’s it been, 4 years since Throw Some D’s?

  • uknowcool

    Rich Boy Exactly can rap. this nigga alway’s talking about he in the studio, so he should have Some good Shit for his next album.

  • hobbzilla

    ^^ i totally agree. rich boy is dope as fuck. his flow definitely carries him.

  • Maga D

    Rich boy is average. Nice delivery/flow though. Smooth song.

  • real-tok

    underrated. im stoked when rich boy comes out with new tracks, still waitin on that album tho

  • barney

    rich boy is dope as fuck, it’s sad that he’s only judged by throw some d’s.

  • yall_niggas_crazy

    I’m pretty sure its the same person posting each time no one in their right mind can think this nigga is a good rapper! smfh!

  • AnDuSaYcHiCiTy

    I fucks with rish bwoy, people thinking he’s wack just don’t listen to his brand of hip hop. That thug shit, hard shit that u bump in the whip pounding them rockford fosgates.

  • skimba

    rich is doper than many niggers gettin dropped here, keep droppin this.

  • boiwunder

    i sware niggas just dont get it….rich boy is a real nigga…and by that i mean hes honest…thats what makes you a good artist….a lotta these so called lyricists that yall dick ride just tie a whole bunch of meaningless words and phrases togther that they dont even live and hate on everyone that made it….when drake was underground niggas loved him…when he blew up…niggas started to hate…same goes for well…damn near everybody lol…thats a damn shame…niggas are like fuckin crabs in a bucket..see one bout to get out and you drag him back down so now all ya’ll dumb asses stuck forever. We are in a worse position than we were when niggas were slaves…straight up..at lest they knew they were oppressed…and anybody that has some slick shit to say can shut the fuck up lol…

  • ^^^Exactly What He Said!

  • s

    Being honest doesn’t make a good artist, making good music does and Rich Boy doesn’t.

  • NYCityREP

    Good beat, bad lyrics. I like some of Rich Boy’s music but this was a waste of a good beat imho.

  • BillyClint

    whoever dissed this better now b a wiz fan

  • Arod Vegas

    not feelin this song… i dont really have anything from rich boy so i’m not gonna straight up diss him but look at the first two postitive comments, lil B dick suckers……… JUST SAYIN

  • crosby connolly

    BeN GZ – Root Of All Evil – mediafire.com/?p1zo42zk0eppdxx

  • tDUB

    riden n smokin to dis

  • BillyClint

    *better not b

  • “We are in a worse position than we were when niggas were slaves…straight up”

    Real talk, people nowadays just hate for the sake of it and nobody wants to see ANYONE win any more. It’s got the point where it’s the equivalent of a nigga escaping from the plantation and all the other slaves snitching on him which is a real fucking shame.

  • Micah

    yes fuck what the haters think, the track decent if you dont like it theres a thumbs down why even comment? we need more tity boi and rich boy on the site and other southerners who might not have the lyrical ability of a em or jay but make good MUSIC

  • currensy should rip thos track ASAP

  • HD

    You Can hit the name

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Rich Boy – Lets Get This Paper. >