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Schoolboy Q – What’s The Word f. Jay Rock & Ab-Soul (Video)

blame it on Meka December 31, 2010

Still awake, but this time back on the East coast again. Here’s a new set of visuals from the Black Hippy member’s #Setbacks, set to drop January 11th.

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  • WOW they never fail with the music

  • that Schoolboy Q Album.. not black hippy

  • i know thats Q song im saying in general yall make good music

  • dj

    SchoolBoy is in black hippy so he is a black hippy. The black hippy’s album meaning his album not the group.

  • Jurrien

    Is this also gonna be released for free, like O.D. ?

  • TPL$!

    anybody got a link for this song?

  • TDE Doin They Shit PROPS!

  • s

    The bird is the word

  • The_Miz

    @daveTDE you’re a fucking idiot

  • WhoKnows

    @Jurrien No I think he’s selling it on iTunes for like 6 bucks like Kendrick did for OD or he might do free/iTunes

  • HipHopHead

    That was dope too bad Ab didn’t spit a verse and if kl was on this he woulda killed it dope visuals for a dope ass song TDE is killing it

  • DaSilva

    (2) DOPE
    love Ab on the hook but i would love to hear him spit a verse or two

  • Skywalker410

    that shit was 2 dopeeee, glad i woke up to a bowl and this.. wish ab woulda done a verse tho

  • rey

    pretty good stuff fellas. now that your back in nyc.check for some dope young artist round the way

  • LonleyStoner

    im convinced schoolboy q >> kendrick this nigga the dopest in the group

  • crosby connolly

    BeN GZ – Root Of All Evil – mediafire.com/?p1zo42zk0eppdx

  • slicedbread

    dudes must think its cool to throw illuminati symbols in their videos now since everyone else does it… smh

  • @lonleyStoner cosign school boys doper to me too even though k-dot is soo fucking ill. I think its just Q’s rhyme scheme I like the most

  • Kuttb

    Q is the sickest 1/11/11 I can’t wait til setbacks

  • anyone have link game on this ?

  • So clean, might have to throw it on the blog.

  • haha the homie jay rock blowed as fuck in front the cracka car

  • 334A

    mosdef gonna cop #SETBACKS when it hits Itunes, but i can’t wait for that BLACKHIPPY Project!

  • Definitely copping this when it drops and that song at the end sounded ill!

  • The Delorean Driver

    Promise you that groups like Young Money , Dipset and a bunch of other crews from other parts of the nation are gonna start biting westcoast music , lyrical approach and gangstaness heavy in 2011. Not mad but it is what it is. Instead of tryin to make smooth Drakeish soundin shit for the ladies like so many tried this year , after seein this bet you rappers goin back to some gangsta , im a blood from atlanta or Ny shit.

  • The Delorean Driver


  • Joe.

    Disappointed no kendrick verse :/.

  • The Kids

    I don’t care how dope your album is, if the title has a hashtag “#” in it you can go fuck yourself.

    No offense, Q.

  • Jay Modafukkn ROCK!

  • TDE

    ^it doesnt have a # in the title dumbass..Meka just put one smh

  • Where is Skillz Year End Wrap Up???????????

  • the third ear

    Ab better have a verse on Setbacks…when he goes in he GOES IN..I’ve heard him plenty of time out-spit Kendrick on a track..and vice versa

  • PeopleTheseDayz

    LMFAOOOOO @TheKids shut the fuck up Meka put it there

  • @txhustla15 click the name for link bro


    ^^who cares^^ play some BASED GOD

    “my gun 1-4-3 like bobby brackins”

    stick to the post, or get this site BASED

  • hooch

    have TDE ever dropped a wack project. every artist on this label is on point in there own way. WEST WEST!

  • Tde are going to be so big !!!! Shame on all you other niggas

  • Electrotherapy

    Wow..this shit right here, this shit fuckin’ goes..

  • Electrotherapy

    Btw, who’s behind the boards on this? The beat is ridiculous.

  • ThaTruth

    This shit is hard as fuck!

  • 74Hcg


  • ziplockp

    ab-soul killed that hook for real tho. and how many people are with me that this beat sounds like some dre shit?

  • b.

    who has an mp3 of this?

  • Electrotherapy

    “ab-soul killed that hook for real tho. and how many people are with me that this beat sounds like some dre shit?”

    Sounds more like DJ Khalil but yeah there’s some Dre on there too..still lookin for the mp3 of this anyone got it?

  • YaBoy

    @electrotherapy go to google and type in YouTube to mp3! Or just wait til the 11th so you can buy setbacks

  • YaBoy

    I think “SounWave” did the beat. He does a lot of beats for TDE

  • @Electrotherapy you know what fuck it here’s the link man i just downloaded it click the name bro

  • Baby Milo


  • Bapps Meir

    @Electrotherapy they have a dope engineer name mixed by ali over at TDE im pretty sure he’s behind the boards on all of their songs

  • YaBoty

    Yeah SounWave and Ali do a lot of their beats

  • Electrotherapy

    Thanks for that link bro, this is some certified heat.

  • DrewDogg

    this shit is raw as fuck.

  • This is what the fuck I’m talkin about!!!!

  • Lo

    Just to set the record straight… Kendrick is easily, HANDS MOTHERFUCKING DOWN, the best in TDE!! PERIOD, K-> (dot) (dot) (dot) … And Kendrick is in a few songs on SETBACKS… Check out ‘Birds and The Bees’ … TDE, HIGHER POWER CREW, Black Hippy… ALL DAY!!!

  • LonelyStoner

    dope im ready for kid cudi and kendrick to collab on the real

  • 11111

    wow….this is true hip hop
    i want more of this

  • mofo