• danny_

    this is def worth a download. he killed it on the roots' album.

  • Tgang

    Lol le$ came out wit a mixtape with this name 2 weeks ago on nahright

  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2010/12/31/truck-north-quicktape-mixtape/ HoesOnMyDickCauseiLookLikeRambo

    staight fire

  • collegedropout

    I'm definitely looking forward to listening to this... especially with a Curt@!n$ feature!

  • Toby

    Not a lot of love for Truck North on 2dbz is there!?!?!? Shame, people sleeping!! Maybe if he got a co-sign from Dre people would take notice... sigh..

  • p1tt21lla

    truck north is better than 98% of the rappers posted on this site.