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Curren$y – Return to the Winner’s Circle (Mixtape)

blame it on Shake January 1, 2011

Fuck New Year’s Eve.

Tracklist + Download link after the jump…

DOWNLOAD: Curren$y – Return to the Winner’s Circle (Mixtape)

  • KennyD

    Lets go…. Hot Spitta

  • JWB

    Leave it to Curren$y to open up 2011 with a new mixtape. (and it’s good from start to finish)

  • Realshit

    I know ima sound like a hater but this nigga is bordeline average..his delivery is weak and his lyrics arent all that

  • SwishasNKush

    Oh damn what a surprise!! Wasn’t expecting ANYTHING of this magnitude…

  • #returntothewinnerscircle fool 2001. 100

  • Nathaniel

    Why can’t I see the comments until I comment?

  • jet life

  • Solo


  • Swag

    cant wait till cudi & kendrick collab


  • Mike

    Always dropping new music.

  • Dorian

    Spitta wit the first mixtape of the new decade!!!

  • The secret service of hip hop

    Currensy stesdy bringing is value down but hey you got some free shit ill take it

  • New Spitta to kick off the new year? Why the fuck not! JETS!

  • dd

    Did this all in one day….and damn near everysong is a qoutable….this nigga is killin it…underground or mainstream it dont fuggin matter fool….JET LIFE!

  • leutrim.rexhaj

    liek i said hardest worker in hip hop 2 albums and 2 mixtapes in 1 year, plus like 20 guest appearances? this fool has THAT work effort for real

  • Izilluh

    JETS!! god damn thank the hip-hop gods for Spitta!

  • Good Way To Start The New Year

  • jefferson hines ya bitch

    Jet life

  • tim

    hahaha jets fool

  • Fuckin shit. Already.

  • david


  • evan

    @Realshit if your gonna hate get the fuck out of the c-section. I swear I don’t understand why people come in c-sections just to hate if you don’t like the artist then don’t click on the post.

  • XB

    currensy is gonna rap himself too death

  • jee

    drop knowledge, no less,

  • milly

    track 11 prolly the best of the trio collabs.

  • Dorian

    I’m a huge Curren$y fan but this ain’t a track by track play but it’s a mixtape so fuck it I’ll Just. Enjoy. The. Shit.

  • shane

    wow what a suprise…curren$y is top 5 for me instadownload!!!

  • worst GOAT ever

    what is no. 5 called? boardwalk monopoly or empire monopoly?
    cause they cover says one thing, the mp3 file says another..

  • BillyClintBackwood

    [email protected] track being quotable..lol
    i liked currensys 2 albums cos of the cohesive production
    the mixtape is obviously gonna b wack hes just gonna use dope beats of which id rather listen to the original. dont take offense its just my opinion.

  • treeeezy

    Im diggin all the comments….hardly no hate

  • C. Smoove

    Come to 2dope to see whats good and what do I find?

    My boy Spitta releasing that Return of The Winners Circle. Even the name of the mixtape is boss.

    Happy New Years indeed.

  • iHateWackRappersLikeWale

    Really???? Wow what a way to start off the morning, and new year! Dl-ing right now

  • AjaxFan92

    Have to have this new spitta but usershare is not cooperating.
    Any chance of an alt link? (mediafire).
    ✈’s fool.

  • mark Geez


  • keith of PHILLY


  • KEV

    Boardwalk monopoly is CRAZY

  • keith of PHILLY



    I got drunk and made out with two girls all night whilst chilling with my best friends (whom I haven’t seen because everybody, myself included, has been at college) and then I get home to a brand new Curren$y mixtape. BEST NEW YEAR LIFE ROCKS

  • jc

    lol new year 2011
    new spitta

    -don’t use usershare

  • Stephanie

    New link, por favor?

  • Rezo

    Kind of ironic how a rapper with NO kind of flow calls himself spitta and on top of that lyrically he is on some Soulja Boy/Waka Flocka level. This dude is another Wiz, they use their “image” to be relevant, rather than actual talent. If they didn’t have their little Jets/Taylor Gang thing they would just be a couple more sub par rappers. They talk about the same shit in every song because the weed and bitches talk is the only thing keeping them relevant. They don’t have the lyrical ability or creativity to be versatile rappers. I don’t know if it is too much weed but they both suck to listen to if you like actual emcees.

  • RezoGoCommitThat

    This nigga rezo enters every curren$y or wiz post just to say the same shit over and over.. Move the fuck on you lame, didn’t no one say you have to hear they shit or let alone pay it any mind.. What kinda dough you bringin in at your occupation that you continue to hate on the next nigga? Hit up that careerbuilder.com find a new job besides hatin

  • HermesThiefGod

    Are you fucking serious? Wasn’t expecting this to drop so soon after PT3.. Cot damn!… What a way to start off 2011

    Jet life till the next life. Biotch!

  • HermesThiefGod


  • Rezo

    ^^ Truth hurts huh? Sorry that you’re not mature enough to handle the truth, but since you think I am such a “hater” why don’t you go ask other REAL hip hop heads what they think of those to chimney heads? Bottomline is I would bet both my testicles that you’re some suburban white kid who thinks Wiz/Curren$y is the future of hip hop haha

  • Scala

    fuck UserShare, and wtf is up with the stupid codes we have to enter on UserShare to DL shit from there now

  • Rezo

    Hip hop was started and created for the urban community. All you white middle class douchebags need to take your opinions over to your own lane like MTV.com. You think you fit in but you really don’t. On the internet everyone can fit in, but in reality you get laughed at by the REAL hip hop heads. Now go hate on that haha

  • HermesThiefGod


    I always see you hatin, not just on a wiz/spitta post, but in general.. So what if they’ve established a strong Jets/taylor gang brand/movement? and how the fuck can you say that curren$y has no flow man?.. listen to “daze of thunder” for example, the first track on this mixtape, and then you tell me Curren$y has no subject matter and a weak flow. saying they rap solely about weed and bitches(which they don’t) is almost like saying Nas only rapped about gangsterism on illmatic. Fuck outa here.

    You hate way too much man. way too much.

  • Rezo

    ^^ Refer to my previous comment….

  • Rezo

    Even Eminem said “if I came from the suburbs or some middle class upbringing I would have never have made it in the game, nobody in hip hop can respect that”

  • rezo hang yourself

    @rezo ahahahhaah you are such a douche bag….. holy shit bro your a REAL hip hop head ….hahahaha cuz ur black thats funny man….you’re an ignorant fuck how are you gonna say white people get laughed at when one of the best rappers to every do it is WHITE. plus its music im pretty sure everyone is entitled to listen to whatever the fuck they want….and no im not a hip hop head i just like ….good music ….faggot

  • rezo hang yourself

    ahahahahahahaa so cuz hes from the ghetto means hes not white…. ever*

  • HermesThiefGod

    Refer to your previous comment? I’m not white you ignorant cocksucker. U are exactly what’s wrong with this world right now. Your racism reinforces the fact that you are just one ignorant motherfucker. Hip hop is not catered to a specific demographic by the way. Its has evolved as a genre and you being left the fuck behind.

  • CloudKicka

    yall keep arguing like 5th graders ima light some blue dream chronic and J.ust E.njoy T.his S.hit

  • @ Rezo, go smoking somthing my nigga and just enjoy this shit

  • Juice

    Are people still fighting about being black or white? Seriously?

  • Rezo

    It’s funny how NO Curren$y/Wiz fans on here are white yet when you see videos of their shows 98% of the crowd is white haha

    Btw hip hop didn’t evolve by choice, the white corporate people made it evolve to make BILLIONS off of it. Go ask the pioneers and old hip hop rappers what they think of the state of hip hop. Hip hop is a voice for a community struggling, soulful, grafitti, and most importantly STREET. There is NOTHING about the suburbs that has any relevance to hip hop other than those 4 or 5 white kids in your town who think they are ‘gangsta’. You can call me racist but I am just speaking the truth. I have nothing against white people in general, I just have a problem with white people acting like hip hop is part of them. You can’t listen to REAL hip hop, you know like the struggle of poverty, shootings, not knowing if you will eat that day, etc. and be able to relate to it. You think you can relate to hip hop because hip hop has become dumbed down so that EVERYONE can TRY to relate to it. Perfect example is “Distant Relatives” if you’re white and say you can relate to anything on that album then you’re the definition of a white kid who THINKS he is black. Call me whatever you want but 99% of white dudes can’t relate to actual hip hop.

  • Ace



  • teflon ron

    @ rezo..here goes an old curren$y verse “burn slow like joints of purple/hot spitta jet nigga yall know/roll 84 down bumpy roads/take kanye advice drive slow/niggas think they tuff,they not macho/they soft,soggy nachos/thats mine doggy not yo’s/style,gear,u got it from here/no worries raps i got plenty to share/im on top i did my groundwork last year/u can pass go u can pass the ball but dnt pass me the reggie that u growin in ya backyard/shit might hurt me fuck my raps off/aurora borealis make me blast off/i came i kicked that shit should have took my chris webber air max off..of the food 4 thought feat. mickey factz and amanda diva..dnt tell me curren$y cant spit

  • Mikee_

    I don’t smoke & I’m black and I enjoy Curren$y’s music .

    He doesn’t only rap about weed & bitches, that’s Wiz Khalifa & I never fucked with him .
    Curren$y has dope producers, unique bars, & he has his own chilled flow

    Instead of bitchin’ like children how about u (J)ust (E)njoy (T)his (S)hit

  • hbeasy

    yesssss!!! the sequel to the best mixtape ever

  • Ace

    @Rezo: You mad bro? You didn’t get any ass last night, that’s why you are hating on Curren$y and Wiz? Damn, Tough Break man. smh

  • HermesThiefGod

    @ rezo

    lol at you putting people in boxes and stereotyping them. I’m a 22 year old colored kid from motherfuckin AFRICA and can relate to both distant relatives and wiz khalifa.. Coz I smoke, live in the suburbs plus my folks fought in the struggle.. my whol fam on my dad side is from the ghetto basically. The world doesn’t work the way you think it does man.. What did rich surburban white kids ever do to you btw? How does the suburbs have no relavence? Well i know that my folks worked hard and literally fought for me to grow up in the burbs, and there’s a chance that back in the day your people did the same for you..

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Calm down Rezo. They can tell the people they roll wit whatever they want, but you and I know what’s goin’ on. I love white folks BTW. Jets Fool.

  • Dre Electronica


  • Monroe

    Nice! curren$y is the truth. wiz is super-whack

  • Dre Electronica


  • boyfromtheburbzbitch

    @ REZO Im White as Fuck and fuck with curren$y all day long. FUCK YOU

  • boyfromtheburbzbitch

    @ REZO Im White as Fuck and fuck with curren$y all day long. FUCK YOU SON


    JET LIFE FOOL!!!!!!

  • MoodMuzik

    I never liked Curren$y music and it’s probably because he doesn’t have any substance. I like Joe Budden, Lupe, Jay Elect, and other similar rappers so I guess Curren$y just isn’t for me. I can understand the whole white/black thing though that is being said here. It seems like white people prefer the simple hip hop or that commerical shit a lot more. As someone who is Black/Italian I have seen both sides of it and I feel like white hip hop fans attach themselves more to the likes of a Curren$y type of a rapper because he has that skater type of image rather than a street image.


  • Rezo

    ^^ Click his name, see what I am talking about? haha

  • Ace

    But that’s just one person, Rezo. Your statement is a logical fallacy because you haven’t really proven your point if there are “REAL Hip-Hop Heads” that are not fans of Curren$y and Wiz. You are not making any sense.

    @Mood Muzik, I see your point but why should that matter? Hiphop has become global now and reaches different people of different backgrounds and social statuses. Take it how you want it. To each his own.

  • MH

    Man go listen to MURS’ “And this is for…”

    Good music transcends all physical limits
    It’s more than something that you hear, it’s something that you feel
    When the author and experience and passion is real
    Used to feel I should be silent, I was scared to do this song
    But I want everyone aware of what is going on
    Yes it is jazz and yes it is the blues
    And yes it is the exact same way they did rock
    But I refuse to watch the same thing happen to hip-hop
    I refuse to watch that bullshit…

  • HermesThiefGod

    lol + cosign Ace’s.. “Your statement is a logical fallacy”.

  • c.lofton

    @Rezo Raekwon the Chief said Curren$y flows like a Vet in the game… so suck a dick and die

  • As long as when I’m at the concert, I don’t have to hear all the white kids saying nigga like they black, I’m good.

    As for the tape, I listened to it out of order, so now I’m a bit annoyed, but it’s Jets at ya neck fool.

  • dope shiid. jets fool

  • Rezo

    @c.lofton I think you mean Raekwon the Chef you newb..smh

  • JPD


  • c.lofton

    @Rezo But you got the point right? I dnt spell check shit on here, i worry bout that on college papers not blogs.

  • HermesThiefGod

    lol Rezo since when do black people use the term newb? *sarcastic tone*

  • Ace

    ^^^LMAO #Ether #DEAD #pwn

  • factormax

    all this race talk is really just stupid. is it me or are there just as many black racists these days as white racists? we really need to stop judging each other and let it go. “this for all of my peoples, negroes and latinos, and even gringos”. mos def must have been wrong though, he doesnt know anything hip hop.

    and i’m not a huge curren$y fan but hes gotta weird unique flow and is cool as shit so i’ll give it a listen. watch “mythblazers”

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    M.I.A. dropped a new mixtape y’all. Jets fool.

  • Ace

    ^Someone is making sense on here, good job bro.

  • Ace

    ^Co-sign to factormax for the great point.

  • nah_dude

    this link was taking foreve. some 40 min or somfa smh , i jumped to datpiff n it dl in less than a min. other than that im amped to hear some new spitta.



  • AyLOW

    On Rezo Saying “they both suck to listen to if you like actual emcees.”

    That’s not exactly true. I don’t listen to different emcees to get the same style and skill levels.

    Riding Dirty by UGK is one of my favorite albums, and they may not be as good in the technical aspects of emceeing as Nas on Illmatic (another favorite), they still put out another fresh perspective.

    Same goes with Curren$y. I like his music for what it is.

    Not everyone has to be extra fucking lyrical to enjoy.

  • Ace

    Aye, Rezo, that Muthafucker LAUCE!!! #BoiseState lol

  • ;)

    Talib Kweli posted the link to this on twitter. I’m pretty sure he’s a hip hop head… what say you?

  • crosby connolly

    Peep BeN GZ. The blogs are sleeping on him


  • spoof

    Hot spitta! So all these comments and such little mention of favorite tracks, actual quotes.. Damn ppl need to light up more blue dream Whatup Portland.
    I’m into frOst haven’t heard entire tape but damn I cannot wait.
    Lol at ace eating up the troll and askin for dessert but not bein able to stomach it all. Troll is troll..trolled is trawled.
    And yo shouts to the man who havin best new yr ever Keep enjoyin this shit.

  • Koopaking45

    Why the hell are people talking about races and flows and shit. Hip-hop is just a way to express yourself reguardless of background and ethnicity. Hell, i’m asian an i rap. Just be on your bambi shit. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say nothing at all.

  • Ace

    @Spoof……WTF, bro? lol Are you high right now or something? lol It’s cool with me. I just needed a translator for what you said. lol

  • thughippie

    its funny how this rezo nigga says curren$y relates to “middle cass/suburbans” when clearly u should know that he is from new orleans nd was with no limit as a team. now do u think master p would spend time nd money on a suburban nigga…..NO! nd can ppl PLZ stop with this tgod/jets shit, i use2 fk with wiz HEAVY early 08 nd started getn heavy on spitta late08 nd NOONE was yeln “heavy hustle” or “FS Jets” b4 09

  • Ace

    Oh and Co-sign to Koopaking45

  • masterbake

    @Rezo Everything you have said has been rascist as fuck saying &99.9 of white people cant relate to hiphop saying white people dont know about struggle bitch my whole life has been nothing but it ive been broke as fuck with nothing to eat and no lights on my dads been in prison since i was 5 back in the snap era all i listened to was “REAL” hiphop i know what flow is and i know that spitta/wiz are FAR away from sb/flockas level espically spitta he killed every track on pilot talk 1&2 and on all his mixtape WHEN THE FUCK ARE “HIPHOP HEADS” GONNA REALZIE THAT YOU CAN LISTEN TO WHAT EVER THE FUCK YOU WANT WHY ARE YOU SO WORRIED ABOUT

    I swear reverse racism is starting to happen more and more

    and bitch its JET LIFE

  • JETS
    Click the name

  • BillyClintBackwood

    1.lol Rezo has managed to make the whole post about him u guys actually take his comments seriously.
    2. from el-p to alc to eminem to static selektah i mean is a discussion really needed…im done.
    *exits c section

  • BlindSidedXIX

    I can’t believe that people waste their time hating and talking about black and white on this website. It’s 2011 fools, who cares if you are white, black, hispanic, or asian hip-hop is for everyone man. If you don’t like Curren$y then keep it moving b. It’s that simple. With that said dope tape. Jet Life til the next life.


    anywhoooo while niggas are still bitching and hating and shit….i think there should be an alternate link made. its goin stupid slow.

  • BillyClintBackwood

    masterbake < *enters c section
    1. you dont have to explain ur whole life to the c section/troll(s)
    you know who you are and you know ignorance when you see it.
    2. reverse racism? do u mean the oppressed are being more racist to the racist opressors more than ever? is that waht you mean? cos isnt racism just racism?

  • BlindSidedXIX

    And white people are the ones actually buying records and going to shows. So jump the fuck off that they are keeping some of our favorite artists afloat more than we are. Keep it 100

  • BillyClintBackwood

    thughippie < #iheardemfirstsyndrome.
    ppl can say what they want. if there a real fan there a fan.

  • Brocho Cinco

    I don’t like to brag, but listen to how my 2011 has been going:
    Hit a beer pong shot to win a game right at 12
    Had my first threesome
    Woke up naked in a hottub with the two hotties and had my second threesome

    2011 > 2010

  • spitta on that lex beat

  • Brocho Cinco


  • factormax

    sure i’m white and middle class and can’t really relate to alot of whats being said in the music that i listen to. but how many poor black people from the hood can relate to selling kilos of coke, having to push women off, and having the money to smoke the dankest killer all day.

    nobody? hmmm that’s what i thought….
    and on that note i mostly listen to that conscious shit anyway which is something we should all be able to relate on.

  • SayItLikeYouMeanIt

    factormax <REALEST comment award.

  • Tone_Ikasu

    Nice to wake up and see that ignorant ass niggas are still ignorant ass niggas in 2011. Why does skin color matter. White people dont grow up in the ghetto no more? Last time I check there was more white people on welfare then black people. Hmmmm I wonder why that is…. Maybe because there are more white people in america then blacks. Truth be told if white people didnt listen to rap it would be a dead and non profitable art because all the “ghetto” and “street” niggas are too busy getting they shit for free. As for Curren$y he has proved his versatility time and again. You cant tell me that he rappe like he does now when he was still with cash money and no limit. His content was totally different. Even Wiz used to rap about other things so I know he has skill to. Both of his Prince of the city mixtapes were mostly about the “streets” and the “struggle”. They only do this kind music right now cause 1. it sells and 2. its still truthful cause they live that shit. Cant base a rappers career off 1 or 2 mixtapes. Successful rappers make necessary changes to stay that way.

  • Ace

    The Academy would like to congratulate Factormax on having the REALEST post on the C-section of 2DBZ. You deserve it.

  • GeeZuP

    @Rezo ur a hatin ass faggot nigga go eat ah dick bitch and this is coming from a real nigga…Jet Life til the next life

  • MarkG

    Why is Curren$y so overrated

  • Ace



  • jkredding

    rezo go choke on a dick and kill yourself, ignorant faggot

  • Rick James 2011

    @ Ace u right ignore these trolls these people have no lives lets not give in to their stupidity

  • bckpck T

    hold on… lemme find sumin ta roll up on

  • thughippiee

    @billyclint nahh i never said i heard em 1st! i met wiz at a car show in 08 when say yea/prince of the city2 was out! nd i got on curren$y heavy after his young money departre around indipendance day…ummmmm they had plenty fans b4 08! but you cant tel me everyone hopped on their wave AFTER kush nd orange juice! not dissin fans jus stating facts!! i say this because ALOT of ppl are all of a sudden sayn “what was i thinkin listenin to borrin ass curren$y, that nigga cant rap! wiz is wayyyyy better! TAYLORGANGORDIEEEE” lookin ass! that pure sucka shit nd i was addressing every1 that does that

  • Weava

    JETS FOOL join(t) the refferlution or suck a flocka dick

  • JxRadxB

    I fucks with the music, but what’s with the glamorization of 70’s all-white culture? I respect the unpredictability of the cover because that’s art, but what’s the message being made with it?

  • Rezo

    I still wear Timbaland boots, Russel sweats, and believe in the power of Reaganomics.

    1980s-90s >>

  • Per

    Will give this a chance, but everything I’ve heard by dude is average.. Actually, most of the blog generation of rappers are average. And am I the only one thinking this concept looks a bit too much like what Yelawolf did on ‘Ball of Flames’?

    Hopefully he proves me wrong.

  • J Hoss

    link issss mad slow, its 2011, wtf?

  • where’s the 2010 best of list?

  • BillyClintBackwood

    thughippiee< i hear u .

  • yurp

    @Per Curren$y isn’t the savior of rap or anything he’s just a cool dude that spits some witty shit that a lot of niggas can relate to..

    And he already did “Welcome to the Winner’s Circle” tape back in 08 so this is just a sequel to it.. He def aint coping Yelawolf… Spitta big into muscle/racing cars

  • pimpnastyfunk

    To the Rezo. Your a Faggot. I am a poor white kid who relates to tons of hip hop lyrics because of the struggles they describe. and if you don’t understand that then fuck you.

  • hellraisah


  • AjaxFan92


    new link jets

  • DayO

    \m/ FOOL

  • blackkidfrombrooklyn

    @ Rezo… hip hop didnt evolve by choice? …so Rakim, NWA, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas came through because corporate america wanted it… I get what your point though about hip hop being more commercialized than real as of late, but thats a broad generalization that completely ignores the work ethic niggas like J.cole or Kendrick Lamar or Lupe Fiasco and so on.

    Not to be coming at you, cuz i get where your going by saying white kids cant get the black struggle (its the same between men and women,you can understand the issues, but it doesnt mean you can really grasp how they feel) but hip hop has evolved from just being the voice poverty stricken blacks expressing there distaste in there condition, to covering a wide range of content. To be accurate, one of the key factors of “real”, old school hip hop was party music, and parties as we all know transcends racial boundaries. If you can get down with the music you can be down to party right?

    Saying Curren$y/ Wiz music only relates to suburban white kids is like Jay Z or Lupe only makes music that relates to sub. urb white kids (check the statics at their shows, largely a white showing), not that it matters though since these artists aren’t really trying to appeal to people on terms of race, but on quality of their music. Essentially, Im saying your comments about race are completely irrelevant, and it makes you look like your just stuck in the “good ‘ole days”.

    we learn from the past, but it doesn’t define our present, nor does it dictate our future.

    wow, now that that’s out the way, this sh*t is dope ya’ll, definitely the way to start off the new year

  • empire monopoly, thats the shit!

  • Zeus

    “liek i said hardest worker in hip hop 2 albums and 2 mixtapes in 1 year, plus like 20 guest appearances? this fool has THAT work effort for real”

    You do know that crazy ass Charles Hamilton did like 23 mixapes this year right? nd i dont think he had features on them either

  • blackkidfrombrooklyn

    @ Zeus, but thats only cuz nobody wants to work with CH’s crazy ass lol



    Curren$y is light years ahead of fools like @Rezo….you should be vibing not whining… JETS

  • link is stupid slow…

  • blackmamba


    just because some people can’t relate to some of the stuff in hip hop songs doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy them. you make it sound like to only way you can listen to hip hop is if you can relate to it. that like fucking saying you can’t watch movies or some shit unless you relate. its just bullshit. stop hating and thinking your opinion is better than others. grow the fuck up

  • Rezo = friendless teenage loser who sits in his room blasting boot camp clik all day, lamenting on the good ol’ days he wasn’t around for.

  • nah_dude its jets foo

    dat piff .com link there works hella quick

  • Tiago

    I’m from Portugal, I’m white and I live in the projects, I relate to a lot of shit said in hip hop, my father abandoned my brother, my mom and me still when I was at my mom’s belly, when I was a kid I heard shots fired around here, in the morning I walk to the school and I see a building being searched by the police.

    I know that the reality in USA and in Portugal is different, but saying that White people doesn’t know the struggle of black people, or doesn’t relate to what is said in hip hop, is wrong.

    I agree with the fact that white people can’t say the “n word” like black people can.

    But forget all the racism thing, it’s 2011 !

  • Troll

    Just so you guys know , when you see a totally ignorant comment being made. You dont have to take it serious because its a troll using another persons name just to get your reaction. Im sure that wasnt the real rezo and after I leave this message , its gonna be a bunch of more shit said using my name and others. Just ignore it.

  • masterbake

    this shit is so dope perfect way to start off the new year

  • I know that some of these are freestyles but are all of them? if not i want to know if anyone knows what the monopoly and the trophy case songs were. thanks.

  • blackkidfrombrooklyn

    @ Tiago, I wasn’t saying that white people dont get hip hop, its more of a universal thing nowadays than it is anything. But as a general rule most white people do not get what it is to grow up as a minority, what it is to grow up in some of the shittiest conditions, all while it seems your gov’t is trying to keep you in that shitty spot your in, all while any and every authoritative figure of that caucasian persuasion seems to discriminate against you purely based on the color of your skin? Do you know how many white cops have pulled their pieces out on me in ’10 alone, when I was pulling out my id to show them for a routine “you fit the description stop” ? While a niggas was on his way back from campus? And that still doesnt add up to all the gats a nigga had waved in his face cuz some hood nigga wants to pop off.

    I dont agree with what Rezo was saying, but I definitely understand the thoughts behind it. There is an undeniable racial/social divide in the country. Personally, I feel like hip hop is what is bridging that gap, but that includes everything that hip hop has to offer. That includes that outlandish money blowing lifestyles that most niggas dont really/will neva have (Wayne, Drake) as well as social conscious messages ( Kweli, Mos Def), to that damn ditry gutter shit that shows how niggas feel like they have to live, even though I dont rock with it (thats u Lil B, Piles) that party/dance/club shit (Soulja, Wakka Flacka), That real shit (J.cole, Kendrick Lamar) and that chill shit (Curren$y, Cool Kids)

    Lupe’s first Album was Food and Liquor right? Thats how the world is, full of the good and constructive as well as the bad destructive. Ideally you you should except what the world is so we can work towards a better place, but dont act like the bad shit dont exist. Forget racism? just because you forget about something doesnt mean it no longer exists. White people tend to think im a nice little nigga when the sun’s out, but after dark its a different story kid.

    I really do see hip hop as a means of expressing angst towards some many different problems, and theres no doubt that theres something for everyone. but if someones mad at you, your bs’n if you say you understand completely how they feel, especially if you come from different walks of life. Shit even though im african american, I’d neva be able to say that I understand what its like to be african in rwanda, you get it?

    all that shit about racism aside, Im been pumpin this curren$y all day, truly some dope sh*t… though nothing stands out to me like Mazaltov did on that Smokey Robinson Mixtape

  • Teddy

    I wish he had Ricky Bobby on the cover so this quote would make sense.

    “Listen Im the best there is, plain and simple. I wake up and piss excellence.”

    No I dont think he’s the best. Its just funny.

  • lanticq

    i’m a white kid from a suburb outside of new york city.. i might not be able to relate to some of the shit that a lot of emcees talk about DIRECTLY but that doesnt mean you cant relate to it in other ways..

    for example i feel like i relate to a lot of the shit cole talks about on friday night lights and not bc i’m from a town like the ville or have been through the struggle but because i’m a human being and he’s talking about human issues.. sure hes talking about “wavin gats instead of american flags” or talking about not having food on the table or whatever but everyone struggles in their own right..

    i thought we were over the hip hop is black music and white people cant like it deal but i guess not

    i love hip hop with my soul and to see comments like that how i cant relate and basically that i shouldnt be listening to it or have a passion for it like other people do makes me pretty angry

    “I dont do black music, i dont do white music, i make EVERYDAY LIFE MUSIC” — kendrick lamar

  • tybasedgod

    currensys ok but overrated as fuck

  • “Guest”

    Is there a fucking non-Usershare link, what is this wackness

  • Troll

    I take it in the butt!

  • Jojoba

    a chorus of angels just sang in my face when i opened my internet and saw this

  • Guys

    Guys – Lets stop comparing Whiz to Curren$y.
    Curren$y is backed by one of the best producers in hip hop history and put out two great albums. Curren$y improved 10x once he departed from Lil Wayne (back when Wayne was trying to market him as a skateboard rapper). Lets give this guy some credit. Whiz? hasnt earned a thing.

  • BuddaMasta

    Wiz can’t compare to Spitta becuz that nigga stole Spitta’s whole swag and now he’s running with it tryna go mainstream…fuck Wiz it’s all about the Jets

  • fifththird4ever

    its crazy how people have these “concrete” opinions and only prolly listened to like 1 or 2 songz outta the JETS tupac-like catalogue…to say spitta only talk bout trees is like sayin jay only talk bout sellin dope..”the REAL say im on it/the HATERS say i aint shit”…LMAO… JETS…

  • j-j-jetsfool

    man i’m 17 years old, half black and half white from the suburbs in jersey. i like rappers who actually talk about some deep stuff like kendrick lamar, talib kweli, mos def, jay electronica, cole etc. etc. but the second curren$y drops something new imma kick back and bump it for months. i dont care about the topic, i recognize good music and hard work so all i can say is jetssssssss fooooool!

  • Alex

    DAMNNNN SPITTA STARTED OFF THE YEAR WITH A BANG! Every song on the mixtape hard as fuck. Sick as beats


    Another dope tape by the homie spitta…..Shake we need some new Artwork for this one. I expect that real soon.

  • fifththird4ever

    and anybody and i mean ANYBODY who has an opinion on any music or anything JETS related and listens to, follows, pays attention to, breathes the same air as a nigga named the BASED anything needs to go take a acid bath RIGHT NOW…!!!…hahaha

  • masterbake

    i hope in 2011 yall will finally understand the basedgod and stop the hate towards him he has cosigns from lupe, jay e, comega, he is one of the realest rappers ever(and im not talking about his swag shit thats for fun)

  • DP

    damn this is why hip hop is supposedly “dieing”. you fools need to just enjoy the music and be happy. if you don’t like the music, go listen to what you got and tell your favorite artist to put out more shit.

  • fifththird4ever

    wiz co-signed that based bullshit too…and…what!…buddy ideals may be on point as far as goin against the grain…but if u that attention starved that u go to faggotry to try to get sum attn ur terrible..not to mention that its all bout the music anyway and that brand of music sucks MAJOR DONKEY DICK…

  • DP

    and I know this rezo niggas gets no chicks. too damn uptight on the internet homie. if you do have chicks, those bitches are ugly as fuck i bet.

  • goomba

    this dude doesnt stop working man

  • feining liquor often

    jets fool.

    lilb for lil boss bitches, based life.

  • Kookiedh

    this nigga rezo said newb….and then talking about white ppl can relate to black ppl…well i guess you can relate to white ppl..cuz newb is a white term ignorant ass nigga..smh..JETS all day…what about the rappers “method man and redman” that were rapping about weed before wiz and curren$y..i guess they aren’t hip hop either..smh get the fuck off your high horse bitch.

  • SeanTryingToBeReal

    Sorry, but I love this discussion and gotta add something.

    I have to say that part of what Rezo says is the truth. Hip hop did originate from the projects…but it’s an evolution from soul/funk which was an evolution of r&b/rock/jazz which was an evolution of southern gospel/hymns/slavery songs. Music evolves…hip hop evolves.

    I am with Rezo. I am saddened by part of the evolution as well, but to expect it to always be a black only music with an appeal for only people in inner city struggle is like asking that it always stay in BX or Brooklyn. It’s not possible. I can empathize with you Rezo on your distaste for much mainstream “hip hop”. Like Bambu(great artist, check his mixtape posted here last month with DJ Muggs) said it’s Republican rap. Talking about $, wealth, killing minorities, pushing drugs….etc. I also can empathize that seeing little teenager white suburban kids yelling “Jets Foool” is ridiculous at best. It’s an unfortunate evolutionary cycle.

    But to say that white people can’t relate to the music is ridiculous. I am white. I grew up poor in a gang ridden, violent city. Not in a mansion, nothing handed to me. I had guns pulled on me, windows shot out, friends killed, dealer friends, young people funerals, cleaned toilets and worked any job possible to pay my way through school. I related to Grand Master Flash “The Message” cause I saw that. I grew up with hip hop and it will always be a part of my life. I used to cop BDP, EPMD, Wu, Redman, Das EFX, Jeru, Cypress, NWA, Mobb Deep, Nas, etc… We never could afford cable but I’d sneak to my friends to see Yo Mtv Raps, or Rap City. So to deny me my right to say hip hop was and is a part of me is wrong. No, I don’t try and copy what I see, no I don’t yell “Jets” or “Taylor Gang”, no I never tried to perpetrate and wear FUBU or anything like that. I don’t call people “ni–a” and never would. But hip hop is me.

    Now, on the Curren$y…is he lyrical? Yes. Is he diverse in flow? Yes. Doe his lyrics reflect a wide variety of topics? No. He raps about women, cars, cribs, weed. But, who listens to him solely? I listen to him because I love the production beats, flow, mellowness. I also listen to a huge variety of other ARTISTS…Talib, Mos Def, Jay Elec, Dead Prez, Wale, Tanya Morgan, Che Grand, Stalley, K Sparks, Stron Arm Steady, and of course old school guys like Buckshot, Raekwon, Ghostface, Kool G, Jedi Mind Tricks, etc…

    Bottom line, we don’t have to love it all, but it exists, whether we like it or not. We have no choice but to deal with it, either ignore it(like I do to soooo much garbage) or get pissed about it(like you’re doing Rezo). Chill homie, let the kids do their thing. It doesn’t represent you or me.

  • fifththird4ever

    to most of what this dude just said…chuuch!…lol

  • Braniak

    Thata what Im talking about. Jets Ova Everythang.

  • BillyClintBackwood

    SeanTryingToBeReal < *claps wildly

  • The Delorean Driver

    I think people miss what Currensys aim is with his music. Im not a huge fan and nothing im about to say is a diss , its a compliment. Currensy rhymes over certain landscapes of music because I think he wants the beats to tell you what kind of person he is , like a jazz player. He is not a topic based mc , hes a syllable spitta. Hes more concerned with rhyme scheme and syllable matching. That takes skill and practice to do over and over on beats. Sometimes he is on a topic but his style is about rappin in front of the beat. and putting words in a weird order that sounds dope when your high.

  • The Delorean Driver Is Pussy


  • **************************

    lol at rezo’s arrogant ass getting proven wrong then resorting to pointing out spelling errors and shutting up, hahahaha

  • Light bulb moment

    If your a white person who likes hip hop thats great and if you kick it with black people , cool but in 2011 please stop using the N word. I know you think since black people use it that its ok but when white people use it around people they dont know. It looks way outta place.

  • Ace

    SeanTryingToBeReal—— *Rounds of applause* Thank you sir, You win the Galactic Ether Award for ethering Rezo and this whole discussion. Congrats man, you deserve it.

  • fifththird4ever

    whoever rezo is…please..tell us what is on ur pod..or in ur deck..or player..rite now..as we speak…?

  • p1tt21lla

    check out the truck north mixtape.

  • Rezo

    Im listening to Dead Prez the lets get free album… Just kidding

  • fifththird4ever

    if so…..discipline makes things easier….LMAO…just stop listenin to music…cuz u just hearin it go past…go listen to wat u relate to…#basedmusicanyone…..LMAO…

  • Rezo


    so i was suckin on a nice cock last night waiting for his balls to drop. That dick was sweet like a candy cane and I just couldn’t stop licking it. Shit was great. Like it tasted really good. I was imagining that it was Eminems cock, you know how I like that white boy cock. After a little bit I started to gargle on his balls and finger his asshole. Damn, that boy had some fine genitals. After a while he busted his nut down my throat and I let him lick my ass crack.

  • FROST is fuckin clean

  • #JetLife

  • Rezo

    I find it kinda funny and flattering when people pretend to be me but I won’t repeat what I have already stated don’t get mad at me because what I said was the truth

  • T.

    ^^ lol
    since when did we have to relate 100% to the music we listen to. just because i’m a college white kid then that makes it wrong for me to listen to certain types of music? i might not be able to relate to most of this ghetto shit based on my own life but i can understand and feel for the people that have and its interesting to me.
    i guess what i’m trying to say is rezo is fucking retarded and thinks way too highly of himself. just because things sound perfect in your head doesn’t make them even remotely true. try thinking about what you’re saying before you say it so you don’t look like a dumbass.

  • cya

    awwwwe shit this’ll help the hangover JETS

  • ace*

    rezo, you’re a faggot

  • Curren$y over wiz anyday. Also wiz is going to sell out even more probably in the near future. I mean his older shit is good, but now wiz’s lyrics are just dumbed down. I mean shit the dude started a whole movement based on cheap crappy shoes haha wow. The usershare link is taking forever Im going to datpiff to download this haha. Cant wait for it. Oh and click on my name for another link.


    yall take music and yourselves too serious

    why even entertain Rezo’s comments, he’s an established troll..dude hasn’t said anything positive about anything lol let alone commenting on every spitta post with hate..I think, if you don;t like it, why waste your time preaching and reaching?

    meanwhile, I’m waiting for this to finish downloading so I can enjoy it’s greatness..thanks Currensy for the consistency, that ALOT of us do appreciate..I can care less who doesn’t, they aint got my ears

  • fifththird4ever

    1st off chucks > cheap crappy shoes…2nd..currensy IS over wiz..(no homo) but thats largely attributed to age…wiz bout 3-4 yrs in…currensy bout 8-10 yrs in…so its a maturity/experience thing…its good for both really tho…wiz gon cake up..and spitta is cakin up for his means…so its a win/win…#fuckconformin

  • Koopaking45

    @Ace what does co-sign mean?

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Thank You Based God!

  • solger

    I can’t even front. I’m a curren$y fan and this shit was buns. deadass.

  • the third ear

    the only music Rezo enjoys is J. Cole..he’s a stan..end of story

  • Rezo

    Har Har. Not true. I branch out into different genres too, jackass. I listen to, tons of rock (Coldplay, Kevin Rudolph, The Beatles,Jack Johnson), experimental shit (Lady Gaga, Daft Punk, Tenacious D)and even Jazz (Miles Davis…etc, the list goes on and on). So, no, I don’t only listen to Cole World. I love Hollywood Cole, but I, also, love the many other types of music, that the world, itself, has to offer. That’s like saying, that, out of the hundreds of colors in the rainbow, that, I only like yellow.

  • blackkidfrombrooklyn

    Gotta agree with fifththird4ever. The Wiz Curren$y thing is definitely an artists maturity thing, but I definitely mess with them both as they both put out good music.

    And Jay Tee why did u try to shit on Chucks? Cheap crappy shoes my ass dude, CT’s been on point since before Wiz came on the scene, they’ll be on point long after…

    And after bumping this all day I’ve decided:

    Return to the winners circle < Smokey Robinson

    but even so, definitely a good way to start off '11

  • Light bulb moment

    @Rezo so you can listen and relate to all those types of music but you dont think white people should listen to hip hop cause they cant relate ?

  • Light bulb moment

    And you listen to lady Gaga ? You can relate to her ? Wtf

  • the third ear

    correction: the only hip hop Rezo enjoys is J. Cole..he’s a stan..end of story

  • Jus

    shut up all u niggers

  • Angry Black Man

    ^^^Too white people , this is why we are stiil feelin the racism in america.

  • Angry Black Man

    If you are not that kind of white person ok but this is what hip hop and black people fight against everyday of our lives.

  • yaowa

    don’t see what the hype is about.. dude sucks.

    beats r sick tho.

  • AnT

    JeTs f0000l..

  • bja15

    dope as FUCK! waited till 3 AM for this

  • AC

    I like Curren$y he has some hot tracks but this seemed to just be random freestyles someone put him on the spot for..

    I’m not trying to be negative or anything but this mixtape was alright at best…Moon and Stars remix is the best track on this but that was already out before….Role Model was another good one

    As for all the worthless bickering which I haven’t read much of after a few posts it needs to stop guys but ya know what you can’t change peoples opinions that’s life even if they’re just trolling or not…

    At the end of the day none of our opinions matter cuz its just the internet fellas….

    Stay easy hope all of ya’ll had a great new years and have a great rest of the year…

  • sam


  • AnT

    why niggas gotta hate? who else puts out good free quality music like this nigga? Who else spits real shit in there ryhmes and doesn’t try and be all up in the media like a clown?
    you haters r gas..go listen to more drizzy and minaj

  • Dope, can’t believe he’s already got another mixtape out … hardest working rapper in 2010?

  • SeanTryingToBeReal

    K, so I finally got to listen to this. Gotta say, as I expected. Some dope beats, nothing abnormal, but dope for what it is. I’m getting an 01 impala this week on some 22’s, this’ll be some chill cruising music for sure.

    Oh, and for those who agreed with me earlier…thanks. Just trying to keep it adult and logical around here.

  • lou

    Currensy has 2 credible albums under his belt. Whiz has 0.
    Currensy has Ski beats. Whiz has no one.
    Currensy is a true MC after the Lil Wayne garbage.
    I dont know why/how its even considered ok to compare Whiz to Currensy ? Wiz has nothing?

  • reelmusiq

    i could drop mixtapes month to moth continously but i feel that my words will lose ther validity…spitta remember when u said tha bro?

  • Spoof

    Ppl are on wiz cause they coming down from the Wayne TI swagfest that consumed hiphop for one too many years this past decade. Once ppl stop Feelin themselves and look at their environment, logic and sensible decisions will be made e.g. Listening to curren$y.
    @reelmusik Spitta rarely contradicts himself as I’m sure you’re aware..I believe we are blessed by this one Keep speaking the truth

  • Rezo

    And you listen to lady Gaga ? You can relate to her ? Wtf

    Light bulb moment said this on January 2nd, 2011 at 12:36 am
    Uh,hello? Who says I have to be able to relate to Gaga on a personal level. She’s a genius. So’s Adam Lambert, and I obviously couldn’t relate to being a runner-up-should-have-won contestant on American Idol. Get serious. J Cole would use your favorite rapper as a bedtime snack if he got the late nite munchies. Face facts, you don’t know shit.

  • HermesThiefGod


    Adam Lambart and Lady Gaga just have talent (okay maybe not Lady Gaga) and good voices dude. Half the shit they sing are written by REAL song writers. What the fuck makes you think they’re Geniuses? You clearly think you’re worldly but you are one nescient, ignorant motherfucker. YOU DON’T KNOW SHIT


    @Rezo so there r no white people in da hood or no white people who have struggled? Stop wit ya ignorant self.

  • BillyClintBackwood

    “Uh,hello? Who says I have to be able to relate to Gaga on a personal level ” – Rezo

    “You can’t listen to REAL hip hop, you know like the struggle of poverty, shootings, not knowing if you will eat that day, etc. and be able to relate to it.” -Rezo









  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    ^^^^ All yall stop bitchin, and feedin in to arguin ova a C-section. My nigga its 2011 & jus vibe almost all of us adults here so act like some and goin on with these dudes with thes stupid ass comments nd debatin shit like congress. Just chill my nigs

    Thank You Based God

  • Wiff!

    @billyclint good job pointing out those contradictions. but i think damn near everyone is missing what rezo is trying to say. i dont know if he cant express himself fully cuz of his frustration, or yall havent been around enough ppl. to separate what someones saying and what they mean. bottom line, im white… similar life story to @seantryingtobereal. im fine with yupps loving hip hop…its them making music that pisses me off. maybe its cuz the game is so over saturated. meaning to many wack artists… growing up all i wanted for YEARS was a turntable… nowadays if your a square(trust fundee) and have a computer, you can make music. its the revenge of the nerds…

    and no ive never slumped the fugees, but i feel black history is american history and should be observed from all races.

  • anyone?

    gotta love the irony between the comments and the cover art.

  • CloudKicka

    “That’s like saying, that, out of the hundreds of colors in the rainbow, that, I only like yellow.” HAHAHAHAHA there are seven colors in the rainbow u fucking moron

  • Ace

    @Koopaking45–It means that I agree with you. And to @REZO IS A DUMB ASS…, Actually, Fayetteville is pretty rough, it’s just that alot of people don’t really talk about it. I have friends there and visited them, so It’s facts, but anyway, WE MUST ALL REMEMBER NOT TO ENTERTAIN THE TROLLS. THEIR JOB IS TO BE A HATER AND TROLL.

  • SMHatSmartDumbNiggaz

    “Btw hip hop didn’t evolve by choice, the white corporate people made it evolve to make BILLIONS off of it. Go ask the pioneers and old hip hop rappers what they think of the state of hip hop. Hip hop is a voice for a community struggling, soulful, grafitti, and most importantly STREET. There is NOTHING about the suburbs that has any relevance to hip hop other than those 4 or 5 white kids in your town who think they are ‘gangsta’. You can call me racist but I am just speaking the truth. I have nothing against white people in general, I just have a problem with white people acting like hip hop is part of them. You can’t listen to REAL hip hop, you know like the struggle of poverty, shootings, not knowing if you will eat that day, etc. and be able to relate to it. You think you can relate to hip hop because hip hop has become dumbed down so that EVERYONE can TRY to relate to it. Perfect example is “Distant Relatives” if you’re white and say you can relate to anything on that album then you’re the definition of a white kid who THINKS he is black. Call me whatever you want but 99% of white dudes can’t relate to actual hip hop.”

    There’s a lot of BLACK ppl that can’t relate to the shit you’re talking about. You sound pretty fuckin stupid. Ppl are gonna listen to what they like regardless of the politics involved. Take your preaching elsewhere homie. Go blog about it…

  • Ace

    @Koopaking45–Cosign means I agree with you and your statement.
    @REZO IS A DUMB ASS…., Actually, Fayetteville is pretty rough, I have people that are from there and have visited several times, so it’s no BS, that’s facts. But I digress, WE MUST ALL REMEMBER TO IGNORE THE TROLLS, THEIR JOB IS TO BE A HATER AND TROLL. So, let’s keep it moving.

  • SMHatSmartDumbNiggaz

    Although I agree with your comments on corporate America molding it into what it is today. Most of it sounded like you were angry at white ppl who take a liking towards hip hop. Change is eminent. I’m sure you don’t walk around with a boom box and a bag full of 20 D-fuckin-batteries like radio raheem. I’m sure you don’t wear a pager. You probably still fuck with Jordans as if we aren’t seeing higher prices for lesser quality. You still using dial-up internet son? Don’t expect the state of hip hop NOT to change and stop being a hypocrite.

  • xlakers520x

    @Rezo, you don’t think white people struggle too? or mexicans? or people who aren’t black you are ignant as fuck. rap isn’t about struggling and being poor, you act like that’s something to strive for so you can listen to god music, you need to suck a dick.
    how you feel when these rappers move out to the burbs. or black rappers who are sick on the mic, but are skaters. how aobut diggy, he can’t rap because he isn’t from the ghetto? damn dude the point of rapping is to make it out or make money in general, also do it because it’s your passion

  • seen like 100+ comments of yall arguing with REZO …..When its obvious that yo aint serious and he just want yall to keep talking to him…..

    CurrenSy is dope becuz he knos his lane….and sticks to it and owns his lane….Its better than all this “GlamRap” that they keep force feeding us on the radio (GlamRap=Niggas talkin bout how much money they blow and spend friviously…Bars about watches, cars , diamiondsss, & other material shit that will be obselete in a year) i mean its cool if you got the bread to blow like that…. & its cool to hear that sometimes but the game is oversaturated with that type of rap & the average listener can’t relate to that type of shit …..”GlamRap” needs to die a horrible death like “GlamRock” did when Punk rock came along with bands like Nirvana…

  • The secret service of hip hop

    Rezo is prolly mexican by the name and I dont agree with what he said but I know where hes comin from. Im black and grew up in the inner city and I knew white kids with dreads and gold teeth who loved hip hop and im cool with that but for white people , you cant change some peoples mind. Just like people who still hate blacks like the whole Fox News Network does. If you are like the kind of white friends I have , the best thing you can do is when you see a racist act happing get involved and try to stop it. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Even look at the show Family Guy , its a funny cartoon but count how many of its jokes are aimed at black people to make us look bad. I dont blame all white people for the struggle but I still see and feel racism toward me and anyone who is black. So if your white and love hip hop then in your own life try not to judge a person based on color but judge them off their character and morals.




  • ……beack to the music people
    was this mixtaoe live or not?

    – Johnny Ciphe

  • TheRager

    Okay, rager time. Lemme tell y’all somethin. Curren$y was totally jacked by wiz. If y’all seen the interviews sports can go all day against Wayne freestylin, he also has a smooth flow(snoop style). Dude can completely rap. Wayne is commercial, wiz is comercial. Curren$y is like snoop. Chill ass rapper. I’m probably the youngest black kid here. But I know about the music before my birth. My dad and mom played that shit. I love nas, the whole wu, mainly 90’s hip-hop artist, I know my shit, rezo:you are wrong about white kids, I know plenty who ain’t got shit and bump illmatic with me. We all relate somewhat. Racism should be dead, Bur ignorance such as this keeps it alive. Niggas here dick ride wiz. I aint on with em. Curren$y/J.e.t.s is cool, I love that movement. Black kids sell into comercialism equally as whites now. Look around. Its a new day, its up to us to change it, if you don’t like the music, make your own. I studied my shit. I’m rappin myself. But i aint gotta come out all nas like n shit. But. Point is. This is good music protraying a nnenew lane, aanand iif yyoyou oon yyoyou oon iif you aaiainaintain’t ffufucfuck iit aanand llelealeavleavrleavleave, bbubut iI llolovlove hhihiphip-hop aanand wwe ccacancanscan sststostop tththithis acism.r. IImI’m 15, aanand iI hhahavhave tto ssasay tththithis.AALALL OOF UUS TTETEETEENTEENS AAIAINAINTAIN’T DDUDUMDUMB. P.S. IIMI’M IIN TTHTHE SSOSOUSOUTSOUTSOUTGSOUTSOUTH WWHWHEWHERWHERE AALALL YOU GGEGEAGEAGEARGEAGEHHEHEAHEAR IITIIS WWAWAKWAKA AANAND OOTOTHOTHEOTHER PPOPOIPOINPOINTPOINTLPOINTLEPOINTLESS CCRCRACRAP.

  • The Rager

    That last part got messed up but you get the point. No resolution, just evolution. And another thing. Nas is a major role model to me while these other dudes look up to Wayne. I know. These guys are bullshittin bad.

  • daniel 206

    Pilot talk 2 was such a dope album. Ski is definately a really underated producer. And I understand how some people say curren$y sometimes doesn’t have much substance like he did on” title track” on his fin mixtape( I think). He goes in all aspects. He’s got south shit. East shit. Westcoast shit. Everythinggg. And he’s soo consistent. Its amazing. 5 thumbs up for spitta and his grind. I feel wiz khalifa kinda jacked spittas marketing side of his brand jets and got famous off of it. Not saying that wiz is wack BUT still. But all in all curren$y is DOPE. Reall hip hop and he has HIS OWN STYLE. Which rappers nowadays LACK. It would be dope to see a bengladesh record. Or a a pete rock record. Just saying


    rezo im a huge hip hop fan but the condition the rap games in the closest thing we have to make signefigent return is these young guys like wale,lupe,asher,b.o.b,j.cole,just naming a few but curren$y is a very relevent artist who has a soulful spirit which wants to bring hip hop back but all hip hop heads should know from the o g’s is that never be a hater man white black purple or green rap my not be able to relate to everyone but hip hop is something to enjoy so roll up and smoke to whatever u listen to but this is da jet hanger so if u dnt waana drink like pirates and talk like pilots slide off b …………. JETS FOOOOOOOOOL

  • The Rager

    Man. You don’t even have to smoke to love the soundscape.

  • Fromthesur

    Excuse me, but, has Rezo called Lady Gaga “experimental shit” and Kevin Rudolph and Coldplay “rock”? WTF??!?! Man, you know shit about music. That remark ends any kind of attempt of musical debate.

    Oh, BTW, I’m white and live in Argentina. Am I allowed to enjoy hip hop? Yes, of course, because every one is allowed to enjoy good music, no matter where you where born.

  • Yessss!

  • bsheezy

    i’m white. wanna see my rap cassette tapes? my whole life i knew more about rap than any black guy i know. so just because the color of my skin i can’t relate to it? so my parents can’t be addicted to anything, money tight till the check comes friday, etc. keep listening to waka flacka and gucci mane type faggots, i’ll let you claim them thats fine with me. The same way blacks claim obama, my white ass is claiming J. Cole. Fuck all you haters. Get Money n 2011

  • mcmillib

    fucks wit it!!

  • the best from down south. jets over everything

  • The Rager

    Man…. curren$y is the only thing I’m Bumpin right now.

  • Contraband Jackson

    Listen to Lost in Transit by Spitta

  • Supreme

    Man 1100 people are a bunch of kids who can’t recognize game. I’ve peeped several Currensy mixtapes and he isn’t special. His fans are nothing but a bunch of fucking noob ass smokers still coughing and learning to roll. Dom Kennedy shits on Currensy, support a real artist.

  • T$


    Why check “several” mixtapes.. then comment on his latest just to hate…. *SMH Dom kennedy is dope, Trrue statement. He hasnt put in 1/2 as much work as Spitta..True statement.

  • Roe

    ^ agreed Supreme you’re stupid even tho Dom Kennedy and Spitta cool stop judgeing and just enjoy this shit if not dont check his mixtape out simple.

  • yungfuckinthrone

    If you sleepin on spitta fuck off yu kant spit betta then da man so shut do fuck up its da jets at yo muthafuckin neck fool

  • Rezo

    I just think somebody needs to show the guy some dumbells, maybe chin-up bar.

  • hensleyc.tumblr.com for some Jets related images.

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  • rjblaze23

    lol at supreme.. “noob ass smokers”.. me and my niggas must be the exceptions then..oh and the medical shops who play him down the street from my old crib


    Best track on the tape is PAYDAYS JETS LIFE TILL THE NEXT LIFE

  • Jamie

    is there a working link to this?

  • I Here Myself On This One

  • Centric

    if you think spitta is borderline average then it is clear u cant comprehend the level of his lyricism… jet lifee fool…