Fortilive - Mic & Me

Art By: Greenblack

The Kings drop off another heater, on some microphone mathematics shit. Happy New Years!

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  • leutrim rexhaj

    yo where are the best of 2010 lists?

  • The Dopeness


  • holla if ya swalla

    shits straight fire

  • TheLevel

    These guys are a staple in Hawaii Hip Hop...keep it movin!

  • Kimo James

    This is so sick y'all. Fortilive keeps making that fire.


    Fortilive is so raw.

  • born to roll

    Man..these dudes are a fuckin PROBLEM!

  • Clockwork Carnage

    this has got to be my most favorite track from FORTILIVE! well, all their shit is dope, no question! reminiscent of that Boot Camp era... lovin it!

  • johnny

    fire. u cant deny it. fortilive is the shit. illmind murders it

  • headnodic

    @clockwork carnage I have the SAME problem! Everytime I think I've heard my favorite fortilive song, they release something that makes me change my mind again! Lol, The consistency is refreshing.

  • yugang

    This dude continues to impress me. Man i hope he gets more exposure out their


    Ughhh... this is hella philthy uces!

  • G50

    @yugang its a group consisting of !llmind, mush, and slo-mo....and you're right, they are consistently dope!

  • yeahbuhddy

    ^ stop it mush. dope song though

  • Rec

    Shits dope.

  • ronnie brewster

    64 thumbs up and 7 down? Crack must be cheap now or something cause you would have to be on crack to not like this one, real hip hop is alive!!!!

  • Kwalified

    Consistently dope. Another heater, fellas. Blessings

  • Gotit

    Let's go!!

  • hiphopsince1982

    They need to get Buckshot on a remix, that would make this song a certified classic.

  • tribe called flex

    If you gave this song a thumbs down, you either: young, deaf, or have a horrible ear for music....this is the kind of music hip hop was built on. Do the knowledge, keep speaking to the people fortilive...we're listening.

  • hi-hater

    incredible.... great work homeys..

  • weouthere

    who the fuck thumbs downed this???

  • uptown swuite

    bra bra's said from the get go yall had it! mothafukaz aint been ready ya digg! one love from the stay chozen--big uptown swuite out the villa valley!! 707!! 2011 the seed/fortilive/flip the bird/blessd/etc...island mc's funkin up the turf real bigz! one love!

  • RealTalkVancity

    been trying to look for a tape by them and did a past history search. I couldn't find anything else next to this track, anyone got a tape for them or have they released one?

    Any links would be sick.

  • tweezie

    Can we get a release date?

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