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Tassho Pearce – Love vs. Life f. Kimo James (prod. Slapp Symphony)

blame it on JES7 January 1, 2011

A day late, but no need to fret; it’s well worth the wait. Production by the Lake’s own Slapp Symphony, vocals by Kimo James.

DOWNLOAD: Tassho Pearce – Love vs. Life f. Kimo James (prod. Slapp Symphony) | Alt. Link

  • The Dopeness


  • MPC2000

    YES!! Been waiting for this!! Definitely worth the wait.. Aloha Friday FTW!!

  • Ye_Day


  • hisistah

    love this song! hot!

  • KushkillaCA

    Another HEATER!! Sho = Blake Griffin of da game right now. No one go harder in the paint.

  • wordlife

    shit smooth, played 1se my girl n the m00d…

  • NYC2MD


  • Maineframe

    Smooth my dude. Shout outs from the people in Philly. Peace

  • MOiLL

    Liking this joint, smooth flows/ Nice beat!

  • solo

    I love everything about this track. The production is HEAVY, Tassho’s flow is hella smooth, and that hook is just killin it. Good work guys.

  • TheLevel

    Sho is ready…dope collab! Slapp…real music, real talk! Waikikimo back on the track, way to start ’11!

  • Davzilla

    cigar Music >> this

  • Kelly Lynn

    This is DOPE!

  • CaliLuv

    ShO staYz Winning!!! This makeS me want to hear more shiT from HAWAII now…

  • m. eezy

    #JIMKELLY, skrate fiyaaaaaaah!

  • HIst8 HIP hop

    aight I live in da HI st8 n i heard way better hip hop come out of hawaiii then tasho.

  • church

    Dope track! Hawaii doin it for 2011… Les go!

  • Just sayin

    Sho > Most rappers Today. Just Sayin.


    @ Hist8 HIP hop you are a fucking IDIOT. btw Sho made up the name HI St8. LOL your name itself pays homage him so STFU.

  • Mr.Rager

    This is the best Aloha friday track yet!!

  • Yo !

    This is the moment for #OriginalSunday,
    I Offer an Original and Cool, Instrumental, or a other thing every Sunday

    Thats Certified by Kanye West Today ^^

    Click on my name ! thks everybody


  • rooster cogburn

    ^ quit advertising for free fucka, anyways sho, u have done it again braddah, sick track!

  • TRINA O.

    niiiiiicceeee….i pick life

  • Kwalified

    Too smooth. Very Jim Kelly. Haha.

  • kidd

    nice smooth track, great contrast from previous #AlohaFriday drops.

  • SickSickCIX

    this shit is magma, Tassho. stay moving…


  • Creedence

    Loving this new track from Sho… Gotta be my favorite so far! Aloha Fridays!

  • Meeann!


  • hihater

    this song is fresh…. slapp symphony is super smooth and kimo james has been that dude for years. incredible combination.. why didnt you guys link up earlier?

  • goodshyt

    @ HnLfam umm …Tassho did not make up the phrase “Hi St8″…@HIST8 kill yourself…. bottom line the track is dope Tassho does his thing once again SlappSymphony on the beat is an automatic win and Kimo sounds great as usual..

  • weouthere

    this shit goes!! right up my alley..props to Tassho Kimo James and SlappSymphony!

  • hardhitnhwnz

    everyone killz it on this one! whenz da album coming out???

  • That Is All


  • NYC2MD

    one of the best songs I’ve heard in a while.. why would anyone give this a bad rating?

  • Ms. Print

    H E A T !

  • Dopeshit!

    Sooo DOOOPEEE!!

  • Automatixxx

    raps go hard as fuck, beat is bangin, nice hook all around dope record!

  • J

    Great record!

  • Mase

    Lovin it, this track is sick. This is def one to groove to, dope concept.

  • automatixxx

    GOOD shiT!

  • juicymoufded

    wack… this dude should not be affliated with grity fifty.. he does not belong.. the beat is bangin tho.. slapp always do it fresh.

  • KushkillaCA

    @juicymoufded you mad he rappin circles round you and your crew? sorry thats life. pussy.

  • Streetness

    Man this shit go hard!! Keep killing shiT. FTB!!