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Kanye West, Jay-Z & Chris Martin – Homecoming Live (Video)

blame it on Shake January 2, 2011

During Jay-Z & Coldplay’s NYE show in the City of Sin, Kanye comes out and performs Homecoming for the first time live with Chris Martin. Shouts to COS, who also has some other clips.

  • Kanye West & coldplay = greatness

    tupac for prez on 2012

  • Exxille

    That was fucking terrible. Hov saved it at the end when he made them cut the drums and ye picked his energy up.

  • dd

    I think Jay really thinks hes Frank Sinatra now.. Im not hating Im just sayin.

  • cam

    Chris Martin was drunk as shit.lol

  • bigwill

    Anyone know if they did “Beach Chair”?

  • 2:27…..
    TALK 2 EM!

  • Jay should’ve added a verse.

  • haha looks like chris martin didnt want to be there.

  • Kev

    Kanye always killin it. Why is Chris Martin’s singing so off? I know its live, but… hahaha always tremendous with Jay and Kanye tho

  • Mikel

    haha Chris forgot the words & shit

  • XB


  • YeahMan

    It’s new years Chris was obviously drunk. He can usually sing his ass off. Ah well Coldplay + Jay-Z + Kanye = greatness…usually.

  • maddix

    man that shit was lame! no energy and why was jay z in a suit? he is on some other shit ppl hype him too much

  • UhHuh

    Chris Martin can’t remember shit about this song.

  • Independent Thinker

    Damn, people need to stop hyping up Jay-Z. He sucks. I wish people would like someone else if they like Jay-Z, because he doesn’t even know how to rap, and he has no swag.


    So did anyone tell Chris Martin that he suddenly had to perform this song? Or that he was even on it to begin with? Because I gotta say, my man looked confused as shit. Like, he didn’t even know the words. Half of the video he was just humming. “Hm… HOME… Home again! Hmmmmmmmm, now and then…”

  • mmkayy

    aha everytime i see them perform… jay always tryna get 2 close and chris martin always tryna runaway

  • There was hardly any energy on stage wow.

    and that white guy at the end who thinks Jay-Z’s about to give him a pound hahah

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  • JAyP

    you welcome… you welcome… you welcome

    LOL fucking Jay Z -___-“