Random Acts Of Fuckery: Mixxie Edition

blame it on Meka January 3, 2011

Mel and I were briefly talking about this bit of tomcoonery yesterday, so why not make it the first RAoF of 2011? I’m sure we’re going to get a lot worse with time.

  • Jezzynigga

    Ben GZ isn’t bad at all. cool.

  • MIXXIE, haha lmfao poorin liqour on your mothers carpet, i was waiting for his mom to enter the room and fuck his shit up haha

  • cc

    jeezynigga!!!!! ITS MUCH APPRECIATED. BeN GZ literally used his last $500 to buy a recording studio for his home. Mixtape art looks like shit because we are dead broke. Trying to promote BeN GZ. Hes legit as fuck, but sadly, because hes NOT signed by a major label, his debut gets little to no love!

  • yurp

    haha it had to be water becuz nobody can be that retarded… evn these clowns… and im guessing they got that ‘mixxie’ shit from Lil B’s cooking… come on now *facepalm*

  • papaflowmonsta

    cooking >>> mixxie. foh fellas

  • dashboard


  • Juice101

  • red

    I’m going to give Ben GZ a listen too partly because I’m tired of your spam and secondly because I’m bored as fuck.
    I’ll let you know how I feel about it.

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    That was water and they takin the based god’s Cookin dance smh

    Based God >

  • Ryuk

    Popcorn Ceiling Rap.

  • Jengo

    I only got one question: Where can I buy these guys album?

  • denzelnigga

    nigga thats your house’s floor. do not throw water(ciroq) on your carpet

  • Black Ryu

    Low Budget Rap FTW!

  • kanyesFAVORITEtoast

    are this guys triyin a DIGITAL UNDERGROUND jokes style¿

    i want tihs album

  • KennyD

    Damn……This shit is mixie

  • Not one video hoe huh? Thats why they ain’t getting no love. They ain’t got no bytches.

  • smack-a-ho

    dumb nigga rap FTW

  • Marly



    “we are in everywhere like nicki minaj and drake”


  • killa

    @1:00 Gretzky is a hockey player not a baseball player.

  • BillyClint

    i think this is dope.
    now gimme sum ciroc.


    These niggas is gay

  • I Blame @OfficialyIce and his crew for promoting this garbage on twitter and not in a good way lol…smh

  • Rio$

    isn’t this like every other mainstream club song? or new dance?

  • @Killa Yes that is true that Gretzky is a hockey player. But he said he “hits them with his stick like Gretzky” which he is referring to a hockey stick. But I see how you came up w/ that conclusion when he swung like a baseball bat.

    These dudes are officially garbage.

  • random axe

    who the fuck still wears aeropostale???? that shit was played out like seven years ago

  • ThatDude

    Nothing says you’re G like some coconut flavored Ciroc…

  • zeke

    the second guys verse was actually tight

  • Lonestar

    Straight trash, but it was still better than that Wacka Flocka bs that was posted the other day.

  • ZSmoke

    Funny as shit..

    @random axe
    high school niggas down here in Atlanta rock the fuck out of that shit for some reason

  • #OhUMixxieHuh

  • MaxxieIsForFags!!!

    this shit is garbage!!! I like how they change their names to leave good comments for this shit! Man I only wanna know where I can get my 3 minutes of my life back!!!

  • xDesmond

    I’m confused, should we thumbs up to agree with the fact that this shit is terrible, or thumbs down because it’s fucking terrible in general?


    His mom is going to be pissed when she finds the liquor spilled on the floor.

  • mmkayy


    WestCoastAggie said this on January 3rd, 2011 at 9:06 pm


  • SnIpEs

    LMAO..I dont even have to make a comment…everybody else made it for me…

  • The Chicagorilla

    *DEAD* @ 1:00
    Did this nigga act like he was swinging a bat when he said Gretzky? lmao wrong sport genius

  • BrokenEmpires

    I heard that BenGz shit its wack. He needs more blunts to the throat and maybe a few felonys under his belt. Maybe he need to move outta Bel Air too.


    This is what todays rap inspires IN ITS YOUTH……thanks for making two dumb ass kids wanna write this garbage…cuz its all about bottles of Ciroc right diddy? Have fun livin at your momma’s house for a very long time…Does anyone out there remember Fight the Power?

  • Ello76

    I’ll bet anybody $5…that one of these guys walked on the carpet where they spilled the bottle, with only a sock on LOL…and thought to their selves, “WTF did i spill the vodka on the carpet” hahaha