• mystalkerisfat

    Never heard of them. Worth a download? Art screams "NO!"

  • truth

    ^^^ NO it is not!!

  • cho butta

    ^^ If you never heard of RJD2 you need to step your underground hiphop game up.

  • lindai87

    Hey…… You will have a gre at tim e at __ Bl ack whit eCup id ℃○M with many other si ng le bla ck, whi te gi rls, men in your city … My friends recommended it to me sin ce its ser vice is pr etty prof essional and useful ….

  • red

    You've never heard of RJD2 or the featured artists? Seriously you should Pandora RJD2. It is instrumentals though, but it's great music to play low in the background.

  • Pow

    Oh this is nice. People should also check out the album if they haven't already.


    not that it matters cuz this is the internet, but my dude was number 2 on that Glow remix contest and that Paola Palazzo guy cheated the shit out of the contest spamming proxy-votes.

  • Me

    My homegirl put me up on RJD2 very dope. But this feels too rave-ish for me.

  • BillyClint

    rjd2 is a person but theres others involved in this
    check out
    rjd2 album the horror and deadringer