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Kev – Homerun

blame it on Shake January 4, 2011

Reality Music 1.5: The Growth, dropping at the end of the month.

DOWNLOAD: Kev – Homerun | Mediafire
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  • mystalkerisfat

    Lol. Yes ‘Kev’, we see your neck tattoo. #Sigh

  • dswag

    guys you know kev has a sick neck tattoo from his hardcore days? almost reminds me of shakes dope ass lip ring

  • necktattooswillleaveyouobless

    sounds like this could be a weezy reference track.lol

  • hes dope i dunno what u guys listenin to

  • theseaboardscholar

    generic beat, unoriginal “i’m better than…” lyrics, bland similes, and the chorus makes my ears bleed. I really hope your trolling up there jakefromthebean

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