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Rick Ross – Pandemonium f. Wale & Meek Mill

blame it on Shake January 4, 2011

Earlier today the CDQ version of the Drake-assisted cut off Ashes to Ashes hit the internets, now Rozay lets loose of a new one with his two latest signees. God Forgives, I Don’t dropping some time this year.

DOWNLOAD: Rick Ross – Pandemonium f. Wale & Meek Mill | Mediafire

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

    Ross tryna take over 2011, This joint is fiiire.

  • whatupsucka

    Yeah they were working on this last night on Ustream. Sounds fly

  • Daggers

    I don’t like Ross, but this joint is ridiculous

  • Cli-City

    Dude Rick Ross is a fucking beat….Meek went ape shit on this shit….and I think Wale blacked the fuck out on this….(fuck kid cudi)

  • hmmm

    This nigga never moved weight in his life besides when he walks around with his pregnant looking belly. Fuck this fraud ass nigga.

  • bob

    wale is the best in da game period.

  • McNyce

    look at Ross tryna make a fan out of me.

  • Sage

    As much as I am a Wale stan and I didn’t like the move to Maybach.. Wale’s soundin a bit more lyrical. I really hope he doesn’t lose himself in this gangsta, hustla BS, I hope he can spit some philosophy still.

  • smh

    what if wale didnt sign with maybach music?

  • dcstandup

    Wale merc’d this shit hard. Fuck Rick Ross fake ass he can eat a dick + he got killed on his own shit. Stop sleepin on Wale

  • dolo

    wale thrash.. ross needs to work with cudi he killed the “sky might fall remix” a tears of joy type record

  • Sage

    If Wale didn’t sign to Maybach I wouldn’t be confused about the move in the first place. If the move changes him completely then I guess he did it for gettin looks cuz he couldn’t do it on his own, but ima let nigga rock, lets see how it goes.

  • TE

    Good track! vocals are badly mixed though.

  • a

    i knew wale signin wit Ross wasnt a bad move, this shit gooooooeessss

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    I don’t like Wale.

  • a

    i knew wale signin wit Ross wasnt a bad move, this shit gooooooeesss

  • Cheat

    Watch All the People Hate on WALE and the Nigga Killed the track. Stop sleepin on wale hes ill. Ross and Meek went in to Great Track Quality Music

  • dolo

    Niggas cant even have a opinion these dayz without motherfuckers saying “STOP HATING” FUCK DAT!!!! I got a right to voice my opinion just like the rest of you motherfuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rio$

    it’s aight, im getting tired of these niggas acting like they doing something illegal rather than selling cd’s and doing concerts which is LEGAL…………hell i sell bootleg movies and cd’s, im doing more illegal shit than these niggas and i ain’t rappin about it to make money…………watch these niggas get mad tho

  • streetstreet67

    definately see y wale signed 2 ricky he jus gona ride his wave 2 keep the waka buzz goin in hopes of gettin his own hit smart move imo…any suggestion 2 get hip 2 millz music?

  • dion

    @street dl the flamerz series and mr philadelphia…mills best shit

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    Ehhh, Iono what yall boys hearin aint nobody kill shit on this record. Its aiteeeee

  • Terius Nash

    That’s really good, 2 good artists 4 Maybach Music. RO-ZAAAAAAAY!

  • chink

    damn the c.o still got some rhymes. This is real muzik ima put in my cadillac

  • The Truth

    This Beat is murder smh Wale tuff Ricky Fake but tuff Meek just ok I hate is punchlines tho they elementary and we both from philly

  • This the track they had in the background on Ustream lastnight,before Wale did his verse…good track

  • meek finally hits 2dopeboyz! good shit.

    unlike ross meek actually spits facts when hes on his illegal shit.

  • Chuck

    sounds like he had a cold when he recorded this… wtf.

  • sick shit!!!! wasn’t a fan of Ross before the Maybach sound. He should stick with it. Meek and Wale murdered it! didn’t know that Wale signed to Maybach. could be a good move

  • rob

    Yea….Wale just MURDERED Ross on his own shit…”my vision enormous, my bitch’s is gorgeous and I am dead serious, bitch I spit with embalming” google embalming if you dont know what that means….Wale had to much quotables on this shit smh

  • D

    Ross continues to improve lyrically, but you still have to be stinking rich (or do a lot of coke) to actually enjoy his “Maybach music”. Wale needs to work on his flow a bit more, he tries to pack too many punchlines in and clever twists of words rather than just spittin. Never heard of Meek, he was aitee.

    That is all.

  • I cosign D 100%

  • The Boyz N Da Hood sample in the beginning is CLASSIC! This track is way to dope too & Rawse really has an ear for beats because this 1 like a lot of his other tracks has a really epic beat that sounds like a movie! They all go in with the verses too got me looking with the ugly face from the dopeness!

  • JHarry

    DAMN WALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • d.

    im late but wale went in on this joint. i was disappointed with talk to me and that other song but this i like