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Dirty Money – Hello Good Morning (rmx) f. Eminem [NoTags]

blame it on Shake January 5, 2011

DOWNLOAD: Dirty Money – Hello Good Morning (rmx) f. Eminem | Mediafire
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  • Rezo

    This was wack with tags and it’s still wack. Em needs to hang up the mic, he is like the Brett Favre of hip hop at this point. He is slowly tarnishing his career.

  • Rezo

    The only thing he has going for him is a slimmed down figure and a defined jawline. Other than that, hang the shit up, Em.

  • =P

    rezo hates so much he decided to post twice, hes pretty cool…

  • Seif

    Em needs to retire.

  • codyB

    maybe i will start to appreciate eminem when he stops shouting at the listener… fucks sake

  • Rezo

    J Cole would body Em. I think everybody knows that now. He would literally destroy him in a battle of words. Em cannot fuck with Cole Worlds flow, voice, physical appearance, gear, etc.

  • Kamikaze

    Is it reaaaaaaaally that bad? I’d rather hear this verse than the Barbie.

  • call it kiss n tell

    rezo, stop dick riding jcole. let rappers do them. worry about something else

  • MEKANOMiCS x101

    um… i didnt really anything wrong with that verse. not tryna say is was a perfect 16 or Em’s best feature ever, but… what’s all the hate for? It was just another Marshall Mathers verse to me.

  • MEKANOMiCS x101

    *didnt really find

  • Rec

    I hate to hate on Em but this verse is horrible, it reminds me of the T.I. feature on All She Wrote. It just doesn’t sound good to hear someone rhyming about fast food, hot dogs, hamburgers, McDonalds, Burritos, Fritos and Doritos. Dre fell off too.

  • Jezzynigga

    Rezo always talking about there appearance fag boy

  • Higgs

    see motherfucker, youre a straight up fairy rezo, everyone else sees you lovin on these rappers a little too hard

  • Rezo

    I am just trying to keep it one hunnid. I would not say he fell right the fuck off because yeah, he came a long way physically. He plumped up there for a bit, and now he came back chiseled, with some definition. He has a tight physique, but no more tight flows. Kinda aggravating, but whatever. *sigh*

  • MEKANOMiCS x101

  • Toby

    Eminem fell off years ago, he has a very similar fan base to Lil Wayne etc…. He’s in it for the money people, and considering he already has an immense amount, that’s just greedy, however he’s degrading himself by continuing to rap, whether he can actually write ‘real rap’ anymore is still to be seen, but considering masses bought that, i’d guess not.

  • yurp


  • yurp

    and Toby did u not hear “Recovery?” how is that not considered ‘real rap’?

  • Being frank..Sinatra!

    Eminem fell off? I love it, I really do when you all say that… Yet he still sells records and everybody still wants to work with him..If that’s what it means to “fall off” then dmx must be living the lavish life right now; must be nice. You can continue to exercrate the guy just because it’s Eminem and cause he’s still out doing your favorite rapper, which by the way nobody cares about or has even heard of, or both. End of the day to each his own and the verse was actually good..

  • Being frank….Sinatra!

    Yes somebody explain this real “rap” thoery you all love to cast into every post? Don’t worry i’ll wait….

  • Rock

    Why is Rezo critiquing Em’s appearance so hard? Are you a girl or a homo? Seriously – that’s some gay shit if you’re a guy. My opinion is Em would slay Cole in a battle. Cole can write, I’ve never seen Cole battle to the degree that em has cut his chops. But I digress, make good songs – fuck battling.

  • Rezo

    Nah Hollywood Cole would cream Em.

    And yo I am just keepin it one hunnid. You telling me you have never gone swimming, to the beach, or flipped through a fitness magazine before.

    I can just tell the dude gets busy at the gym. That was not the case 3 years ago. He was paunchy as hell.

  • Coroner

    The Beat is wack… ok I see it was a Dirty Money bullshit that’s why XD… Em shouldn’t rap on this one… though killed it.

  • Haktuspit

    Uhhhh Coles got flow and can put together a tight track, I dig him, but his lyrics wouldn’t win him shit in a battle. They’re very plain and very used. Like I said, I like his sound, but I’m blown away at how many people are sending him to the tops of lists and overlooking his lyrical flaws.

    Also, I’ll admit Em fell off until he put out “Recovery”, I even stopped listening to his albums. You can say you didn’t like the Recovery if you wish (IDK how you could) but it put him back on and he’s not going anywhere.

  • DT

    first off, im def a J. Cole fan but Rezo you need to get his dick out ya mouth.
    everyone is still stuck on the old Em when he was mad at the world, but now that he on some new shit he “fell off”. Em still has one of the best flows in the game and is still one of the best with the punchlines.

    and as far as battling, and i mean a real off the top freestyle battle. Em would murder Cole.

  • SecondCousin

    Let’s be honest here:

    1. Eminem is one of the best freestyle battlers ever. He would murder J. Cole.
    2. J. Cole has put out more heat than Eminem has in the past two years. The Come Up, The Warm Up, and Friday Night Lights are better releases than Relapse and Recovery.
    3. Aside from Cole’s consistent releases, he has a VERY long way to go before he proves himself better than Eminem, who remains one of the best rappers to ever live.
    4. Em’s new style may not appeal to all, it doesn’t to me, but to say he fell off is ignorant. Hopefully he’ll remember how he spit on his earlier records and apply that to his new values as a rapper and human being. He can be as good as he once was without talking all that crazy shit, even though that crazy shit was what made him so incredible.

  • T. Smith

    i think it comes down to drugs… when em stopped doing drugs, his “appearance” and life in general was better except for now hes really angry and cant make music anymore

  • Second Cousin

    T. Smith:

    I agree. It’s an unfortunate truth that his past style is birthed from pain, addiction, etc. To go back to that may not be possible for Eminem as a person.

  • I mean I’m a huge Eminem fan and I still stand by him when I can but really….this is absolutely terrible.

    v Click Name!

  • XCPE

    Em is pure shit now get that shriveled cock outta your mouths

  • MF173

    SERIOUSLY?!?!?!?! Em fell off? He had the hottest album of 2010, Recovery & sold out concerts all equaling come back of the year. True he had to hone his skills, but NO rapper that was on one of his features, out shined him. So what does that say about today’s “hot & relevant” rappers?? As for J. Cole being hotter, I would put Joell Ortiz ahead of him. Joell has been more consistent with a better flow & slicker word play. As for how dudes look… Y’all can argue that amongst yourselves.

  • =P

    @call it kiss n tell …. my thoughts in perfect words =P

  • Rock

    I think ^^^ SecondCousin said it perfectly. Dead-on-point.
    Rez, that’s still sounded mad gay dude, not 100. For real.

  • yo

    he used the same happy meal line as “Dungeon Dragon” and exactly the same “cockblock” line as “Despicable.” Stop shouting. We ain’t Foxy Brown.

  • Poebroseph

    Yeah i’m starting to reaaallly dislike Eminems new flow. If only we could go back to the “Eminem Show” flow. I miss the good ole days. :[

  • RussDa59

    1) you can “fall off” and still sell records. because sadly a good percent of listeners dont give a shit how dope em is anymore, they see the name and automatically cop it.
    2) a dudes physique, gear, demeanor, etc do not have SHIT to do with how talented a dude is.
    3) when a rapper of eminems caliber does do a verse on a bullshit track does look bad, it doesnt make the rapper bad.
    4) idgaf, recovery was one of the most emotional hip hop albums in the past 5 years for sure. in my book being able to channel ones emotions into his flows like em does is amazing.

  • Nick d

    “get a knee to the gut and thats the only way ill say i need you” classic em. he fell off? hmmm sure recovery was twice the album of relapse so even if you dont like recovery he cant of fell of this year he must have just only slightly got back on. too many people see hes white and ignore his skill!
    Main point! everyone stop fuckin hatin on ppl there are a few rappers that deserve hate but none of the ones you all hate on drake, cudi, j.cole, em, b.o.b, jay and all the others ive seen countless hate given too, ppl need to accept that they all good maybe not to your taste but they are all good. fuck haters

  • Maya

    …and how was this remix necessary?