• danny_

    Damn. . .that remix is better than the original. Gives it a whole different vibe.

  • Holmes

    @danny_ co-sign

  • http://gtfoh.com Starks

    Blu's verse fitted the beat PERFECTLY; everyone else did well too. The hook didn't blend too well with the beat though. Overall good shit.

  • will


  • A.T.C.Q

    The tape is dope.

  • Marly


  • http://www.2dopeboyz.com Chuck Engrish

    @Starks Fitted?

  • yurp

    TRON was a good movie to watch smacked... Olivia Wilde can get it too

  • ban

    test. 29

  • http://berpwillie.bandcamp.com Berp Willie

    dope so far

  • mountain dew

    this is dope!!

  • http://herfavcolooor.com herfavcolor

    the blu verse is on point.

  • Maga D

    I like this. Completely different from the original MSTRD, hard to compare, TiRon fans need to listen to this though, it's nice.

  • Zay

    Yeah this is definitely some smooth shit. Makes his lyrics just pop out, Dope Remix

  • holla if ya swalla

    better than the original beat....imo

  • John

    downloading now. hannibal king rules.

  • Unxpekted

    God Asher absolutely fucking sucks, snap pack wack rap

  • http://2ichard3rooks.wordpress.com RBTradition

    re-up on the link to the tape?