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Adventures With Blueprint ep. 1: The Story Of Radio-Inactive (Video)

blame it on Meka January 6, 2011

“Here’s a little story I’d like to show/of a Rhymesayers emcee trying to blow…” Excuse the shoddy rhyme; I never said I could rap anyways. Anyways, Blueprint recalls his story with one of the largest media conglomerates in the nation, and how it was the foundation for his song “Radio-Inactive.”

  • Mr Apples

    yeah sounds like a Meka rhyme. nigga always tryna blow sumthin. blow a dick mahfucka! let me find ya mom so i can give you a sibling nigga.
    niggas waitn on that mobb deep n u keep feedin us this bullshit.

  • b.

    thanks for sharing that. been a big supporter of ill and blue since the first greenhouse effect releases and esp. “unforseen shadows” in ’98. good looks and looking forward to seeing more of these clips.

  • :P

    Mekcudi’s rapping>>>

  • HarHarHar

    No this nigga right here is someone I can fuck with. This nigga right here spits real shit about real life. Fuck all that faggot ass Eminem homo kiddy shit, this right here is real nigga music.

  • danny_

    That was a great story. Fuck the guy who said Blueprint’s music didn’t fit the format. That’s some BS. Hip hop sounds best when creativity is put into it, fuck that watered down shit.

  • Chemist

    “Didn’t Fit The Format” is the fuel that artists like Print need! Fuck Radio 1 anyway… Maybe if Print sounded more like Waka Flocka he would “Fit The Format”. Everyone knows we need more of that!

  • Hell on Earth

    Mr Apples is waiting on Mobb Deep? Dude seriously? Mobb Deep held it down for NY cats for a longtime but everyone has their run. Expand your horizons. I’m a 40+ original New Yorker that still enjoys a dope emceee. Really don’t care where you are from as long as you can spit. I originally had the pleasure of stumbling onto Blue Print’s 1988 via Sandbox Automatic. Follow dude onto Soul Position and Greenhouse. He’s dope. Columbus has quite a few dope emcees. Expand your horizons homie.