Hip Hop

Big Sean x 2DBz x Toronto

blame it on Meka January 7, 2011

The dopehouse takes Canada. More info to come.

  • Yes! Truly (2)Dope…Holla boys, I got a couple spliffs for you aha

  • Rio$

    canada is like america’s little shit……………..

  • H.A.M.

    Aw man, yall always talk ish about Big Sean on here, now you’re djing for him?

  • DopeBoy

    hey meka schoolboy q is about to leak a track with him and kendrick just giving u the heads up

  • T0KS

    HOLY SHIT IM THRE!!!!!!!

  • tde

    birds and the beez

  • Miles

    While we’re on the subject of Big Sean….anybody got Finally Famous Vol. 2 w/o a DJ? Does it exist? Just downloaded FF3. Dope.

  • lh

    wow big sean finally in toronto, been waitin for this!

  • BOi


    it aint no ff 2 its called uknowbigsean BOi

  • dinner

    meka and shake bout to do that tag team 90’s back and forth rap

  • XB

    aww 19+ event shake you won’t be able too attend unless you have a parent guardian…sorry

  • BuckFoise

    Can you guys upload that 50Tyson mixtape? thanks.

  • Brandy

    Where can I get tickets?

  • a2dopeboi

    what about MONTREAL

  • Peekay

    Revival’s 2dope.

  • IWantSean

    any love for the under age???

  • mau

    when do tickets go on sale and where can i get them?ÉÉÉÉ

  • Drew

    Sick I’m gonna be there…Hey Meka/Shake If you guys want an official photographer for the event hit me up..I shot the Black Milk concert at Revival, also Bun B, and Curren$y when they came to T.O.

  • Black Ryu

    Is that your stage name? “Meka of 2dopeboyz” ? LOL

  • cookie


  • Peekay…come on. Revival is only good for Shuffle, and even that has moved now.
    I do appreciate that Revival has brought some great hip hop acts through recently though, namely Pac Div.

    Hilarious that the big homie Tyrone is hosting. That’s my team! 1LOVETO all day baby!
    See you all there screaming “Oh my fucking god! Did you just see my closet?!”

  • rose

    come to montreal!!!

  • T0KS

    Word , Son right. MONTREAL had to be one of the places to.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    You gonna spin a Lil B record right? I say A record because two or three and the novelty may wear off lol

  • Jordan

    Really? January 30th? Now I gotta choose between Juelz Santana or Big Sean….fuck it Big Sean will be back DIPSET AYE!!!

  • red

    Great, I lost my passport, I just got an ACOD so I can’t apply for a new one, and now I hear that Big Sean is going to be hosted by 2Dopeboyz 3 hours from where I live.
    What a fucking great way to wake up.

  • Peekay

    $27? My lord!

  • projectpat

    fuccccck. atleast he’s in canada. hope he comes a bit farther west!

  • Ti$a

    thank god +19

  • lamescatchfeelins

    FUCK ITS 19+!
    im only 17

  • IllicitMC

    Maaaan! So pumped for this! I am driving down to Toronto that weekend anyway, and now I have a reason to take Monday off of work. Can’t wait!!

  • Jordan 2.0

    @Jordan – Dipset is Jan. 28 in Toronto

    This Big Sean show is gone be dope!!!

    Hip Hop Update will be in the house!!! Holla

    @mau they usually sell at Play De Records, but not yet confirmed

    Ottawa Jan. 29!!