Big Sean x 2DBz x Toronto

blame it on Meka January 8, 2011

The dopehouse will be in T-Dot in a few weeks to, among other things, present Big Sean live in concert alongside Def Jam, G.O.O.D. Music and ILuvLola.Net. Those interested in tickets can hit the jump for that information, and you can stay tuned right here for your chance to win tickets. And yeah, we’re gonna be pre-gaming beforehand also. More information on that to come.

  • nobody will be there enuff with this nosense post.

  • i was gonna be there so stfu


    fuck everybody! Just send those tickets to me…

  • s1oop

    “nobody will be there enuff with this nosense post.”
    now whut the fuck!?! said this on January 8th, 2011 at 8:57 pm

    you are a dumbass

  • Lionsfan

    im gonna be in the Tdot that weekend..i might check it out.



  • iTurtle & s1oop of course you two cocksuckers
    will be there, cause you live a boring ass life…

  • wreckstat

    lol why is it a 19 and over event….like yall are gonna blow every1 who is 18 lol.

  • 19+ because it’s in Canada … they have different drinking laws than the U.S., If it’s not changed over the last few years it’s 19 to drink and I think the smoking age is also 19 or 20 perhaps.

  • RealTalkVancity


  • Tw1sT

    nice, just down the street, Ima try to make it out.

  • OneBluntWonder

    Geeeeeez big sean in t.dot thats wats up! Reachin this for sure.

    Its 19 in canada to buy booze and smokes.