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Pac Div – Your F*cking Song

blame it on Meka January 8, 2011

Pac Div is gearing up to drop one last mixtape, Mania!, before they unleash their major label debut Grown Kid Syndrome. Nice.

DOWNLOAD: Pac Div – Your Fucking Song (prod. Blended Babies) | Mediafire

  • might be the wackest shit posted here in a minute

  • abake7

    pac div is my shit ^^^you a hater son.

  • Dorian

    thanks for this

  • stating obvious facts is hating?? wow

  • Treezy F Baby

    they posted Lil B the other day and your gonna tell me this is the “wackest shit posted here” wow

  • Pell

    no just being a little bitch with nothing positive to say about music that most people on this site enjoy^^

  • YeaDat

    ^ prolly wackest comment made in the c-section today

  • abake7

    thank you fellas, its like people have nothing better to do than come on blogs and hate. music is such a positive thing, why be so negative? smh. yall be easy tonight fam.

  • Big Dee

    I’m new to them and they all sound similar to me. Can anyone help me and tell me who’s who? Thanks


    ^First to rap is Like, then Mibbs, hook and last verse is BeYoung.

  • i dont get it i make a simple beat its wack these guys make a simple beat it tight? i just dont get it?????????… :|

  • it’s cause your flow sucks.

  • Yee


    Just Another PAC DIV Banger!

  • Pac Div=Dope

  • JustSaying

    @basick your flow is trash

  • Coss

    Like merced it….yikes. Respect. Not taking anything away from Mibbs or B-Young, both repped properly, but Like’s verse was sickness…

  • MrCrockett

    this that shit,hope we get the album this year mixtape should be dope

  • nahmeen

    I don’t like the bass and how it distorts that shit makes me angry… But PAC DIV KILLS so idc

  • Nobody Famous

    if this ain’t hip hop what is pac div is dope

  • Teddy

    Im confused. Pac Div used to have absolutly no haters. Pac Div used to be able to drop a joint a mixtape a video and have nothing but love. I guess its true what they say. After you get to a certain level of success people hate.

    I mean this is by no means the best of Pac Div. This is nothing. But this is a hit record. Just a lil somethin they can spit fire on attract new listeners and in general just a fun song. If your lookin for that Backpack shit then you need to upgrade your view on Hip-Hop. Pac Div used to Backpack but realized that shit was whack.

    This is just a fun song. Have fun with it. Its not serious. If your really want to hear Pac Div go off, Listen to “Run” or “Pac Div (self titled).” Those 2 tracks dont impress you your expeecting too damn much.

  • This goes harder than a mfer


    what vans are those?

  • bucknasty

    pac div is one of the best up and coming groups, mang. this is one of their weaker records and it still knocks. Like’s verse >>>

  • Zinc

    Do you guys regret passing up Odd Future? You should. They are the shit right now and they kinda make you look bad

  • drew

    its dope but need strings on the hook


  • This would be a perfect radio single

  • Win M

    I am starting becoming a big fan of Pac Div since their mixtape don’t mention it ever since evry song I hear by them is dope. @rthrth your foolish

  • DK


  • d.

    pac div killed this, dam west coast is takin over. still waiting on a Kdot x curren$y track

  • Pac Div is one of few artists/groups that I DL without even listening to their tracks.

    Pac Div
    Dom Kennedy
    Kendrick Lamar
    Nipsey Hussle
    Schoolboy Q

    West West yall!

  • ace*

    ^^ that’s my muthafckin man!

    add casey veggies & Ab-Soul to that list and we’re good

  • Jay Stays Laced

    Forget the song (which is pretty nice, by the way)!


    Where can i get those Vans?

  • danny_

    I know the album is gonna be crazy. IT’S FUCKING PAC DIV. West coast in this bitch, we taking over the game. Y’all slow.

  • somethingtovibeto

    The west has so much talent these days…..ab soul is the best imo


    Ayo whattup niggas its that nigga Lovebug Starksy aka Ghostface. Word yo to be perfectly honest wit yalls niggas I aint really know who these niggas is. But they doin they thing n the god respect that. I dont mean no disrespect but yalls little rap niggas need to educate yallselves tho nahmean. Take yall little advance money n enroll in a university like Harvard or Hillman. Word yo them little niggas on the Cosby show went to Hillman and they was smart yo. Yalls need to do that n let us streetwise niggas do our thing nahmean. Cos I aint had them opportunities nahmean. Word yo the god was born on the shores of the river Nile n all that son. I aint had them opportunities cos a nigga was placed in a basket a sent down the Nile river to evade harms way nahmean. A nigga was a baby n shit. But yo the god was wrapped in divine fabrics so the niggas that found the god knew that they was in the presence of a majestic nigga. Even tho the god was only the size of a small watermelon nahmean. But yo the niggas that found the god said that the clouds parted n the sky turned to blood n locusts swarmed down n tried to destroy the god yo. This was some holy war shit with angels casting thunder upon the wicked nahmean. The god survived all that. Word yo. So being that the god went thru that shit I aint really sought no education past 10th grade nahmean. I aint had them opportunities like that cos of the mighty force of the locusts n the clouds opening to a bloody sky n all a that. The shit affected a nigga. It was like some post traumatic fetal syndrome or some shit. So yalls niggas take that into account when you decidin what to do wit yalls lives. Get wise n go to college n evade that shit.
    Aight peace.

  • Niggnorant

    ARE. YOU. HEARIN what this nigga sayin! ROFLMFAO! Big Ghost you the champ for real LOL!

  • teddy = dickriding faggot….HIT RECORD?? are u fucking kidding me queer??? this shit would never get any radio play so how is it a HIT RECORD?? stop riding niggas dicks u fruit by the foot faggot

  • sayWORD

    Yall niggas copy celebrities too much. Get your own damn style

  • gester

    :P :P :P I lov e this , i lov e my b oyfriend, he is a nice guy !.

    i met him via —– Bla c kw h it eF li rts. C” 0- M—-

    The most successful interra cial da t ing c lub. If you are still waiting for your sweet “milk” or “chocolate”, don’t hesitate to check it !! Don’t let your babies wait too long for you !!

  • kidcassette

    man this song is dope and they all did they did dope rhymes what more do yall want

  • DerrtyD

    this shit is hot, i wasnt really feelin Let Loose but i only listened once

  • red

    This made me a fan. It reminds me of The Cool Kids.

  • blahsehblah

    these cats used to be dope, church league champions was easily the best mixtape dropped in ’09(correct my year if im wrong), but that Dont Mention It mixtape was GARBAGE, which lost me as a fan. I don’t think anybody mentioned that mixtape in 2010?

    they aint consistent anymore and i dont support cats that think they HOLLYWOOD already, especially when they aint even from LA..

    listen to some real life shit from some real ass rappers, anyone from TDE is putting the west back on the map.

    not hatin, just typing my opinion.

  • amp

    What’s to stop me from listening to TDE and Pac Div?

  • Stéfon

    Man this joint goes

  • Jcore-easy

    Best New West Coast Artists:

    Nip. Hussle, Kurtis Blow Jr., Pac Div, Kid Ink… Uhh.. That’s All I can think of..

  • orangec+unty

    i don’t even see you little punk ass haters. never see you in the c-section give quality 2cents about quality music so i don’t see you now. before you post hate and all that mess establish your self as having good taste in music and giving constructive criticism. if not you won’t be taken seriously and all you do is stink up the c-section with your hate. faggot ass. i see you @red. word up to @BIG GHOSTFACE

    @blashsehblah listen to “our old shit is better than out new shit” compilation they had some old cuts that didn’t make “don’t mention it” and they are all sick, better than “don’t mention it” in my opinion

  • bucknasty

    do people really think Don’t Mention It is garbage? or are y’all being haters for the sake of being haters? Cuts like It’s On, Don’t Mention It, Don’t Forget The Swishers, Shine, etc. more evolved style of what’s on CLC. smh

  • oh i thought i could flow LMAO, im keep workin on it though

  • thisSHITsucksDONKEYballs

    wow this shit is straight WACK!!! oh lordy nice beat but no lyrics…..

  • Teddy

    Damn over 360 likes. That comes full circle and then some.

    And anybody asking for then Vans. Good luck. Those Vans are mad old. Those Vans been out ever since I think around 06′ 07′ so yea. Good luck. And know they
    re that old cause that Pic was used for their first website and Myspace page and you know anything around the Myspace age is mad old. Good Luck.

  • Roe

    Aw Shit Hell yea str8 Ipod tunes

  • wtf

    is it me or do they have no identity? it’s like every song is a generic take on whatever concept they decide to rock….no honesty. its like the cliche. what happened to Pac Div? somebody tell them niggas to stop chasing hits and stop letting the label fuck their creativity up cause right now they sound like they’re stuggling to make the label happy.

    also….they aint even on the universal records website, so i dont think an album is coming out for a minute.

  • Chipz

    ya’ll stay sleepin on Coss…dude mos def should be on that list of ill up and coming westsiders…

  • fuckthewhat


    Its you.

  • CAKE

    BIG GHOSTFACE is the funniest dude..i love looking through c-sections for shit he says



  • Joe Mike

    Pac Div is nice! Save 20% on your Karmaloop.com order with the rep code IVTHREADS.

  • mac d

    this shit bumps
    i definitely need to cop their mixtapes and shit

  • Dopesir

    nigas are straigh stupid



    nobody on 2bz has enuf kick game to know that? sad, i don’t even wear sneakers like that.

    fucking lames….

  • Good to see ’em do their thing. Win the day…http://goo.gl/qDC41

  • Kizzy

    Pac Div>>>>>The Cool Kids

    Still their best song to date is Overcome…I’d even throw On Off Switch in the mix.

  • califreshness

    those aint vans losers…plus that pic is over 3 years old. all u PacDiv haters should crawl under a rock & die, u have no ear for music. FREE SG!

  • pgeek

    yo those are vans if you pay attention to the style of the toe those are exactly how vans are made they can’t be supras because Supras don’t have a tag on the tongue of the shoe……..just saying

  • KidCassette

    it doesnt matter whos better cool kids or pac div those dudes are like brothers they feed off each other


    anyone know whre can i buy those vans?

  • Max

    wow theyre no VANS OR SUPRAS THEY ARE ALIFES from like 3 years ago

  • Astro

    Damn this song goes in…….

  • eyeluvhiphop

    yea those are alifes