• And Won

    Worst rap name everr.

  • 91&^UP


  • milly

    ^rlly waste a first spot on some stupid shit like that.. SMH
    anyways downloading solely based off hearing that cruise control track. the booth usually has a ear for dope artists.

  • http://www.facebook.com/AD1986 Ay, D!

    Good artist right here. Been waiting for the tape to drop.

  • http://twitter.com/kidnova7 kidnova7

    Mike is a beast..i fucks with his music..n be on the lookout for our collabo when those drop

  • rod

    this guy is dope, i cant wait for this to finish downloading

  • rod

    Drunk off your love is my favorite track right now

  • mercedez

    how is his name worse than waka flocka??? what is a waka flocka?? total waste of a first space. this kid got HEAT!

  • HIGH-light.

    The Hip-Hop Stevie Wonder [minus the blindness].

  • iDre

    been waitin on this to drop. last 3 songs have been dope as hell

  • tabosko

    very solid project!

  • Zeblon

    Yo..this dude is everywhere and this mixtape is damn near a classic if not a classic!