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DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood f. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain

blame it on Shake January 13, 2011

I swear I’ve heard this song… like 10 times already.

DOWNLOAD: DJ Khaled – Welcome To My Hood f. Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Wayne & T-Pain | Mediafire

  • funnel

    same subject as every other song, but still lil wayne kills it of course

  • leutrim rexhaj


  • NikeSBerlin

    Fucking DJ Khaled. The song is called “Welcome To My Hood.” All of the verses are about driving ferraris, flying first class, and luxury shit. BECAUSE THAT’S FUCKING HOOD RIGHT? That’s not even the worst part. T-Pain on the hook? AUTO-TUNE IS NOT GANGSTER.

    Fucking shit

  • JM

    All I do Is Win/ I’m So Hood/ Out Here Grindn’

  • red

    Wait what is this? Have I just gone back in time?

  • Wack with a capital W

    don’t need to listen to this garbage to know it’s Wack.

    word to NikeSBerlin

  • Dj

    weezy verse > this song

  • Jay

    Damnn… Young Money/Cash Money empire is going to be unstoppable with Khaled… I mean they just had two rookie artists go platinum Drake and Nicki. Carter 4 is about to drop, Dedication 4 on the way, new Khaled album, new Drake album… It’s a wrap in 2011.

  • y silv

    ross was nice on this . . . @shake we need Plies-less version of this that boi is terrible

  • hmm

    You’d figure Ross would of gone harder when he’s talking about real life experience(Police shit… not being hood). And why THE FUCK IS PLIES YELLING ON EVERY VERSE HE DOES NOW. HE SOUNDS TERRIBLE. Sorry, didn’t want to go Plies right there but the situation called for it.


    JAY ARE YOU ON DRUGS? Khaled’s last album sold like 60,000 albums. Nobody is checking for Khaled anymore at all.

  • Jay

    I do gotta say though Khaled should have experimented with something new. If he’s trying to make another “We Takin Over” this is far from it. This song is a re-hash of “I’m so Hood” from 2 years ago… T-Pain on the hook – verses from Ross, Plies, and Wayne… He should experiment with some new types of songs because the times are changing

  • Bitch!.. Im Livin Lavish.

    These niggas dnt stay in the hood no more smfhh

  • Mark

    Lol. Funny Shake.

  • iDre

    definitely similar to most of his songs. but he’s all about anthem style beats… plies needs to eat a dick with that verse.

  • Jay

    @HAHAH It’s not about album sales fool it’s about influence. Khaled is a influential figure in the rap game and that’s why it adds power to the YMCMB camp. On top of that we’re talking about a DJ selling 60K albums… That’s a feat itself. DJ Kay Slay and Drama have both tried to copy his formula and failed.. So what I’m saying is they got the most powerful rappers in the game and now they got the most powerful DJ in the game

  • BOi

    ross killed it,someone needs to kill lies i mean plies & wayne has fell off..

  • darealist

    -___________________- (no words)

  • sdsdsf

    Fake bloods and C.O’s on a tarck called hood. Thats funny shit.

  • ipoop

    someone kill dj fagged

  • The Muslim Stoner Who Fucked Yo Bitch

    DJ Khaled gonna change the game with this one. I can’t get over how Khaled always finds a way to change it up, but yet it always works. He is like the present day Elvis. I know that the world will be waiting to hear We The Best Forever because Khaled promised that he’ll be spitting some verses. I have a feeling that Khaled will have a flow like Pac and lyrics like Nas. Muslim Rap is the building, blaze some kush while reading the Qur’an!!

  • yeeeee

    ymcmb haters go kill yourselves

  • hollaatthatkid

    a million times better than ham

  • airyeezy

    Song about the hood is always a fuckin good thang
    u know its gonna be bumpin out every crappy and fly ass ride
    but they all got 16ns so u gonna feel it in ur livin room

  • :P

    way better than 99.9% underground hip-hop music being played.
    Time to blast this ish. FRUCK YEAH!!! *Insert Waka Flocka Head Nod*

  • King G.

    Fuck what ya heard. This shit is decent. Might be the Remy talking though. lol

  • 11111

    Digital Crack vol 25

  • StayFreshJF

    this song is kinda redundant as hell.. but i’ll sat this, if a know nothing bama from the hood could spit, he would sound like plies. he kinda brought his A game, considering he’s insanely wack..
    Ross was consistant
    Wayne was dope
    Khaled was irritating!

  • … this shit was annoying at first since it’s like every other DJ Khaled track. But this track is fucking awesome bro!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plies went ham as fuck. We The Best Forever >>>>> Detox. OMG Khaled you can fuck my bitch, and Ross already fucked my bitch so it’s cool. YMCMB X 2DOPE 2011

  • Damn BIG GHOSTFACE hasnt been around in hella deep. I was expecting a post here haha.

    Anyways, hit the name if you wanna check out his old posts though theyre funny as hell

  • Like Katt Williams says, if those rims are parked overnight at your apartment building … you need to get your priorities straight. #ignorance

  • 32424

    Schoolboy Q & Kendrick Lamar – Light Years Ahead (Sky High)
    damn 2011 hip hop even crazier

  • CT

    Plies killed it.

  • Ryan G

    I fuckin hate DJ Khaled, he is so wack, all he says is “we the best” annoying as hell voice. he’s the worst for sure. oh and this song is wack, they have already done this shit with the same exact rappers

  • mkyp27

    how come plies cant get the same love waka, gucci and all those type of rappers get?

  • DontGetIt

    At this point ya just gotta wonder when these guys are gonna get tired of making this record… Wayne can make songs miles ahead of this and even Ross’ songs are, on occasion, entertaining, but this shit is just boring.

    I refuse to let 2011 be a year of boring rap like 2009. 2010 was (2)dope for this shit.

  • getEm

    Ross- C.O.
    Wayne- Fake Blood
    Plies- College graduate, nursing degree
    Khaled- Fakest fuck in the game

    niggas aint hood, stop this. no real niggas checkin for this

  • JPM

    the only hood one in this song is Plies…

  • Plies: setting race relations back 500 years.

  • JuneBug


    plies is a college graduate with degrees & has never been to jail or the hood plies is a scary faggot who raps his brothers life sad but true….

  • VirginiaRhymer

    someone should mash every DJ Khaled star-studded hood anthems into one song…it would be one huge ass song, cause they do sound the same

  • c

    i didnt know that plies rumor ….thats funny! Well a little something about Mr Dj. Khalid…there is nothing hood about this cat. He came from MONEY his parents owned a very well off clothing company in Miami called Big and Tall which turned into some other shit with a trendy name.

  • c

    21 secs in had to turn that crap off same artist boring

  • LOL, this same song always makes me laugh…. but theyre kinda catchy… very corny yet catchy… theyre almost like a guilty pleasure but theyre really not that enjoyable… they cause a mindfuck indeed

  • vc

    damn wayne went in

  • Shy

    “Welcome To My Hood”
    But ive never been to palestine…

  • Dawg

    Khaled…hes my bitch.

  • Tree92

    Despite all the hate, this song is gonna be hella big.

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeJerrySeinfeld

    This that shit, Fuck that slaughterhouse garbage, this will be on the radio not that trash. Weezy went off

  • Duke Nookem





  • 561

    florida in this hoe

  • M0ns1er

    Man I’m happy that Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf signed to Eminem and J.Cole & Jay Electronica to Jay-Z because this trash is super boring and corny. Roc Nation and Shady will hopefully takeover the game again.
    “It’s not about the lyrics anymore, it’s about a hot beat…” Eminem voice off

  • Reggie

    If i can give this song a mill thumbs down i would.Same shit different toilet

  • red

    Plies must have jizzed himself when DJ Khaled approached him about this song. This is the first high profile thing he’s done since Lose My Mind.
    Either way…song is pretty wack only because it’s not 2007 anymore.

  • Rio$

    this…is….gay….what do these foo’s know about “the hood” anymore they have a LEGIT job selling music and that’s all, that’s not hood. What sucks about khaled with cash money is that his new “albums” will mostly include cash money members so they are gonna be even wacker………..#MUSICOVERALLISDEAD

  • Kamikaze

    Uh oh. Luda’s gonna be mad that he got put on the remix again.

  • FakirWise

    If this was 2007 this still wouldnt be hot!….Till this day, I’m still trying to figure out why people care to listen to Khaled’s music.

  • I love how people get on here & voice their opinions like its law… It’s called welcome to my hood, they obviously don’t live in the “hood” anymore. So what they talk about is obviously what there “surrounded” by now, or so their respective images project. Their lyrics are all lies, but you know good and well you’re gonna bump it on the radio, or dance if it comes on in the club. Y’all need to get over yourselves… SMH #internetmusicscholars

  • FakirWise

    You just did the same thing….
    “Their lyrics are all lies”
    Just as much added yourself to the group of people who need to get over themselves with that opinion.

  • haha @ kamikaze

  • Steve Spliffler

    so much hoodness so little time to make a decent beat and real lyrics, tsk tsk tsk

  • @FakirWise Ok, so then remove those four words from my point, does that make it any less valid?

  • alskolio

    i remember when this was cute back in 2007