• Cross

    rocks wit a wu tang vibe to it. i can dig it

  • urkelbiatch

    kinda like a karl winslow?

  • R.N.S.

    Lazlo that dude...fuck them nuthuggers 2Battyboyz, this is def dope...Fucking Shake act like he know real shit, son prolly a college boy...faggot.

  • J. Parnell

    Lazlo is a beast! Don't sleep on that guy!

  • http://www.aol.com M The Joker

    Anyone know anything else about this Karl Lazlo guy? I'd like to hear more stuff like this.

  • https://twitter.com/soundboysoul soundboysoul

    "but new C-Rayz always gets placement at the dopehouse"

    That's respect to my fam, Walz always shine's.. even in the dark, no matter the light!