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Timbaland – Take Your Clothes Off f. Missy Elliott

blame it on Meka January 13, 2011

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Tim, the only tracks most of us want to hear during this #TimbalandThursdays thing are the throwaways with Jay-Z you have. We all saw that scene in Fade To Black.

DOWNLOAD: Timbaland – Take Your Clothes Off f. Missy Elliott | Mediafire

  • timbodaking

    timbos always got bangin beats

  • Terence Chill

    @1.45 what happened to the instrument??somebody knows?sound familiar to me

  • i aint really a fan of missy, but theres no denyin that she makes hits especially with timbaland… they just sound good together no doubt…

  • BillyClint

    missys first 2 albums classics!

  • Thumbs down to the song, THUMBS WAY UP to Meka’s commentary. Good call. Seriously, are those tracks ever coming out the vault.

  • normally i would agree w/ you, but i do miss the missy/tim combo. #nostalgiatalk

  • knowtheledge

    Timmy has been tryin to call himself timbo. lmao. THERES ONLY 1 REAL TIMBO AND HES THE KING

  • jeff

    yo meka and shake…why are you always hatin on timbaland, swizz beatz, game, 50 and i dont know who…all i know is they did songs you did bang in your stereo

  • S

    Shut the fuck up Meka.

  • killahpriest

    ^ co-sign

  • lol

    I think it’s becoming clearer with each post that Meka is out of touch. First he didn’t understand the Yela song calling it ignorant. Then he comments with some negativity on the same day on a track that 6 of 7 people are feeling. Just post the music and stick with your .GIFs or something.

  • Mr. 2012

    @zany blunts
    cosign everything u just said

  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Missy Elliot is ill! She always come wit sum crazy shit. Jets fool.

  • sabdog

    Beat similar to Put you on the game by Game

  • jeff

    SWIZZ BEATZ: “People don’t understand that hip-hop got started from being rebellious to any rules. Hip-hop has no rules…”
    looks like some people forgot

  • Teddy

    It sounded kind of short to me. I think thats only half the song. He’s gives us one half and when the album drops we will have to buy the other half Im guessing. Im fine with that.

    I’ll PAY for GOOD MUSIC UNLIKE some people on this blog.

  • Greg

    Is this the same Meka who used to be on hip hop dx? If so then when did he become such a douche?

  • A “George Clooney” Stan fka Answer Me!

    This that first-draft beat for Game’s “Put You On Game” instrumental.