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Diddy – Tomorrow Tonight f. Ludacris

blame it on Meka January 14, 2011

My advice? If you want this song get it now, because someone over at Universal will see to it that, despite Puff sometimes giving away the tracks himself, these shits get pulled off the Internets as if they’re illegal. When will these shitheads learn. SHAKE UPDATE: Added the official version (produced by DJ Snake), in case anyone actually cares.

DOWNLOAD: Diddy – Tomorrow Tonight f. Ludacris (prod. The Runners) | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Diddy – Tomorrow Tonight f. Ludacris (prod. DJ Snake) | Mediafire

  • BillyClint

    last train to paris actually quite good i think ppl were just a lil confused with it the music wasnt that bad but ppl kept crackin jokes cos of the “branding” in my opinion
    that song someone to love me ..is dope




  • Yeah I Said It

    who the fuck wanna d/l this crap. Luda fell off and Diddy is fucking a bitch

  • kingo

    808 and hearth breaks…this is sooooo gay

  • Maga D

    who the fuck wanna d/l this crap. Luda fell off and Diddy is fucking a bitch [2]

  • tylerg

    luda is the shit, and diddy is a icon, shut the fuck up maga d

  • Hpno

    Luda fell off?? FOH! lyrically 1 of the best in the south ~_~

  • go to myspace.com/isaac956 and check out my new song s.t.e.p written and produced by me i worked real hard on it please listen to it

  • Maga D

    My bad though.. He didn’t “fall off” but he definitely went soft now. Luda of 2002-2004>> Today’s Luda. YO but did you even listen to the song? Garbage.

  • k.Fierce

    So is that why OnSmash got shut down?

  • So Icy Boi!

    Y’all needa post some Gucci. GOOCHA THA G.O.A.T. NIGGAS BURRR!

  • nohate

    last train to paris was actually a good album..itll grow on u..chill cd with great production

  • Rio$

    this song is garbage. When will these shitheads learn

  • ummmm wat is that in the background!?! Head of Baphomet, perhaps!?!? Illuminati much?!?! watevvs though Song is ehh

  • AMP

    LouisTaylored you must be joking…

  • nachito

    that cool..

  • KidCassette

    this song aint bad Pretty good if u ask me i would definetely would rock it in one of my dj sets

  • eazy

    people that are hating on this song better get used to it, it’s gonna be all over the radio in for the next few months

  • Drew

    people love to hate…its catchy and dope, what more can you ask for? have to have balance

  • T.


  • pr0b

    why was the runners named the producers …when their signiture tag wasn’t there ???

    C’mon son .. if you aint gone put 2 and together to know for a fact who produced what records … DONT SAY ANYONE produced them …

    false credit should be a SIN! ..the runners are wayyyyy better than this.

  • Hater

    Fuck Diddy’s bitch ass and that horse looking motherfucker Luda.

  • 2dope

    Are you mind fucking me!!??

  • Hahaha

    @eazy who the fuck listens to the radio anymore?!

  • DavidT

    This some club ‘ish. Not really my type of music, but hey, if it works for Diddy then props to him.

  • OhSyx

    Man Luda needs to stay the fuck away from these House-Hop tracks and step back into his own lane. I can’t fuck with Luda makin’ these Akon-type songs. Luda used to be top 10

  • And Won

    Meka’s taste in music is terrible. 2DBZ is in trouble if they don’t get a blogger with some knowledge of good music.

    Shake posts most of the good shit but you can tell that dude’s got serious issues with himself. I mean he named himself after the character from ATHF.

  • 91&^UP

    shitty rebore david guetta track

    & Luda gone for good

  • yamanP

    the one produced by the runners was way better

  • 815

    this shit is gay as hell. diddy is garbage. luda is the only reason i even clicked on this wack shit and he couldnt even save this song…diddy your wack