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J. Cole Recalls Making a Beat in Tribute To Aaliyah (Video)

blame it on Miss_Peas January 16, 2011

“I had such a crush on Aaliyah. It was like a little boy crush but it was a true crush.” – J. Cole

While overseas on tour, J.Cole spoke with SoulCultureUK about his tribute to Aaliyah when she passed away.

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  • will.u.r

    enough of these bullshit interviews, release some fucking music J.Cole.

  • MarkGeez

    Yeah Cole needs to drop something.

  • Jake 101

    He just dropped a mixtape, get off his dick. Damn.

  • BillyClint

    er…friday night lights… like a couple weeks ago.

  • markGeez

    Try months ago.

  • Bob

    I starving for some new music too. Crazy how this dude became one of my favorites in only 2 years.
    Just for discussion what’s your favorite quotable from him yall ?

  • random

    yall fans is too greedy forreal son he dropped the mixtape not even close to 2 months ago smh 2nd single coming soon late Janurary or Early Feburary

  • markGeez

    Im waitin on the single

  • King G.

    This is totally unrelated, but didn’t I tell yall the Bears was going all the way this time? Nobody believed me. Chicago is winning two championships this year. NFL and NBA.

  • 9th Wonder Bread

    ya’ll some greedy muthafuckas in here…

  • Jurrien

    he highed up

  • Black Ryu

    J.Cole drop a mixtape like a month ago…whats the problem with this internet fan boys?

  • markGeez

    Nov 12th he dropped it. He needs to drop a single now or his album will delay once a fucking again.

  • aHometownHero

    markGeez, calm the fuck down. he just dropped FNL. find some other music to listen to forreal. dude cant just be releasing free music every damn month. hope off his dick

  • markGeez

    Dude needs to drop the single. Enough hype drop the single. Hes pullin a Drake. Talkn up his album sooo much. I hope he doesnt disappoint

  • risen357

    was that the beat at the end?

  • Young Stereotype

    Lol at markGeez thinking Friday Night Lights is old!

    You sound like a menstruating female you bitch made faggot ass cock sucker!

  • 1dopeguy

    i really hate j cole now i was a formal stan, idk i see drake 2.0 on the way =D lol

  • Musikfiend

    Who didn’t have a crush on Aaliyah growin up. RIP.

  • shzntt

    R.I.P. Baby girl.

  • B-Line

    ay real shit Aaliyah been dead for a while
    now that Drake samples her and talks about how he felt about her all these niggas want to dedicate songs to her in memory of her
    STFU for real…she was an amazing talent but leave it at that….none of these niggas even bought an Aaliyah album, damn she fine but I wasnt gonna buy no R&B chick shit, you gotta be kidding me…