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Show Tufli – Something To Say x We Rocking

blame it on Miss_Peas January 16, 2011

Show Tufli pays tribute to the late great Aaliyah. Happy Birthday, babygirl.

DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli – Something To Say (prod. Sha-leik) | Mediafire

DOWNLOAD: Show Tufli – We Rocking (prod. TheLetterC) | Mediafire
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  • 2cali

    Straight Fire.. Show Tufli 2011 .. Happy BDAY Aaliyah

  • earl12

    woooowwww Tufli is killing it

  • Thanks


  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    Sha-liek is garb. TheLetterC too. Just fucked up two Aaliyah classics. Smfh…

  • lil wayne cousin

    This dude is hating–> the upper Comment.. Dont listen to Show Tufli then.. SHow is Fire so is his producers.. Its Just a Tribute and U hating smh.. Happy Bday Aaliyah Haughton By The Way..

  • mystalkerisfat

    can someone fucking TELL ME …… HOW DO YOU PRONOUNCE THE SECOND HALF OF HIS NAME got damn. no one ever answers

  • Yo Yo

    Tufli = too Fly

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    Don’t like amateur production=hating. It’s funny how if you don’t like something you automatically become a hater. This choopy looped up mess just doesn’t sound good. And please believe I don’t listen to Show Tufli’s garbage ass unimaginative lyrics either. He’s yet to say anything that hasn’t been said a million times before by other, better rappers.

  • lil wayne cousin

    But U Keep listening To His Music.. Its Ok Dude U can Become a FAN it ok.. U dont Have to be a hater .. @ Taylors get jacked

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    This nigga must be retarded. Show Tufli gets no spins in my iPod. Dude is ass. Charles Hamilton clone minus the imagination. Ain’t heard an original thought from this clown yet.

  • lil wayne cousin

    Ok U dont have To Spin SHow In Ya Ipod.. Its Thousands Of People That Do so Fuck Off Eat A Dick.. And Go Sit In The Jail Cell Wit Charles Hamilton & Wash His Balls since U like it so much.. @ Taylors get Jacked.. lol U a The Clown Dude

  • Taylors get jacked-Steroids

    I don’t listen to CH either. It’s just obvious to see where Tufli got his flow from. You must know the nigga or somethin…the highest review of Show’s music I’ve ever gotten from people who’s opinion I respect was “Meh. He aite.” Deep down you know the nigga’s average at best. Clown.

  • mypoint

    he better then alot of young rappers coming up , is it like 2fly??

  • polo lolo

    yeah its pronounced 2-Fli

  • TJ

    Hes dope

  • last dragon

    @taylors get jacked steroids yall going back and forth , what new artist u like ? and homie better then half , no 3/4 of last year and the year before last freshmen class , he aight he 19 with more music then vets , and just got put on last month

  • whitepower

    I like this

  • aGray

    It’s a tribute its the thoughts that counts fool I don’t like every Tufli track but hey he wants to pay respect so let him. And just for future references everybody has their own style of chopping and sampling. If you dont like the track just simply never listen to it again. Dont try to verbally assault each other on a blog. lol

  • aGray

    I personally like letter C’s better which is probably “Charles Hamilton” as another alias “hint, hint”