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Young Chris – Devil In A New Dress

blame it on JES7 January 16, 2011

Photo: Crook Robbins

Chris Ries kicks some bars over Ye’s epic track.

DOWNLOAD: Young Chris – Devil In A New Dress | Mediafire

  • dgoc91

    From the man that has been loyal to a fault, has had his flow jacked, and been left for dead.

  • 9th WonderBread


  • HoesOnMyDickCuzILookLikeKenMasters

    Co-sign. Young Chris should’ve been on a long ass time ago.

  • marty mcfly

    Please dont start the whole Jay z jacked Young Chris flow thing. Jay z put out 6 records and sold ten million copies before he met young Chris. Jay z was already called one of the greatest before the young guns came out so downgrading to a lesser flow would make no sense. Chris is dope though.

  • Satan, Satan, Satan

    ^man shut the fuck up. he obviously jacked his flow. listen to a young chris song and then u cant front about jay-z taking his flow. it aint hard to tell

  • ^So dope Jay jacked him.

  • eskimo

    yeah it’s pretty much indisputable that jay jacked his flow. dont see how people deny it. just because jay has had mainstream appeal and sold records and had hit singles and shit doesnt mean his old flow was superior to chris’ and he ‘downgraded’ his flow by taking a less ‘successful’ rappers flow.. lots of less ‘succesful’ rappers have doper flows then mainstreem popular rappers. definitely stole his flow. definitely was an upgrade.

  • T0KS

    it’s a known fact jay’s been stealin flows since the beggening of times.

  • marty mcfly

    So how come Young Chris aint putting out better music then jay z ? Since J took his flow right. Should Chris be better ? I think Chris is leaning on Jays flow since Jay been around alot longer then young Chris. What about young Hov…

  • peacexpiece

    I dont remember Jay even callin him Young Hov till blueprint (around the time chris was signed).

  • llmnh

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  • casper wordsmith

    I don’t care whos jacking whose flow, but that instrumental sounds f*cked up. Thats like blasphemy … *smh*

  • he killed this

  • 7 star

    hov woulda done better on this track :/

  • Chris has so much talent, flow, delivery, content… are all above average. Jay needs to do something about his deal with def jam and put him on already!

  • Sev

    This ain’t great. As far as flow jackin’, Chris and Hov just got similar accents, not flows. If they did, I probably would’ve liked this, even though I don’t like EVERYTHING Jay-Z does. IMO of course.

  • well argue who stole who’s flow….he’s nice i like and yea he shud been put on but still ross killed this already chris was nice ross was epic on this and i dont even like ross

  • dgoc91

    Why was Jay successful with Chris’s flow? Because he is Jay-z and he already had a name established in the early 2000’s. Jay has the machine behind him. But Chris is Jay’s artists. Chris has the talent (see his catalogue) and the marketability (see Young Gunz success). Jay just won’t set him up. Chris could blow up tomorrow if Jay would put him on a hot record. But he won’t. Simple as that.

  • marty mcfly

    Why would Jay do that after young Chris Boss Beanie Sigel betrayed him. Plus Jay put promotion money behind two young gun albums and why is Jay responsible for making Chris more successful? Chris is a man with two feet and connects in the game. How come people cant believe Chris flow was influenced by Jay. Reasonable Doubt and IN MY LIFETIME and HARD KNOCK LIFE had many didnt styles of flows from Jay before he signed young Chris. So if it aint broke why try to fix it. Jays formula was killing everything in the game flow wise before young guns. Why would a 32 year old vet take the style from a 17 year old rookie?

  • marty mcfly

    I meant many different styles of flows. I like young Chris but he cant do 22 twos , feelin it , friend or foe 98 and Jigga what Jigga who. Those rhyme schemes are too complex for Chris.

  • dgoc91

    Its not that new of an idea. Big well to do artist (in whatever field) feeds on new up and coming youth to stay relevant. Its an idea as old as the sun. Jay had to stay relevant and he fed on a lesser known artist to do so. Its a cut throat business move and smart one at that. Artists have to evolve (nobody would want to listen to 10 Jay-Z albums with the same reasonable doubt flow). But Chris has suffered because of it.

    I know Beans is a disgruntled old man at this point but what he has some things to say, “People gotta understand that you got Chris and Neef, who had two poppin records, they had a record that was number one record, Can’t Stop won’t stop, in the country. They got nominated for a Grammy Award, nahmean and you paying them 1250 dollars not a piece, they splitting it.” That Young Gunz album saw no promotion money. Thats right around the Leor Cohn invasion of the Roc. Dame wanted to push them but Cohn and Jay didn’t do anything. None of those artists saw anything. They were hungry rappers from the ghetto who were on the greatest record label with the greatest rapper in the world, they were willing to do things for free.

    Too often we side with the bigger name in an argument. Jay has the bigger platform so he must be right. This doesn’t make me not a Jay fan, but you’ve got to open your eyes. Look at an artist like Drake. Sure he had quite a bit of success by himself but how many co-signs did Wayne give him? A lot of those early records had Wayne on em. Look at 50’s career, same thing with Em and Dre. The bottom line is that it won’t deter me from listening to Chris, but its just a shame that he won’t ever get the promotion he deserves. Lets see how far he is pushed before he makes a diss record. And then who’s left? No one. Every former Roc-a-fella member gone.

  • marty mcfly

    I hear you and understand what your saying BUT the artist who come in this business have to understand that its very very very difficult to be successful and that in rap music only the strong will survive. Jay and B.I.G both wanted to give up before they ever really started because they saw how crazy the business really is. The Only thing Chris has to do is drop a hit record because he already has a fanbase thanks to the Roc. Sometimes you gotta take the good with the bad because of young Chris past , now he has the knowledge to navigate the game better. So he just gotta get on the mic and go in and everything else will fall into place. Jay cant go backwards and deal with the members of State Prop again because they had their chance and got to live their dream because of Jayz already. He got a whole new roster of artist to help now.